How did you meet your husband

how did you meet your husband

The point is, no matter how you meet your partner — past, present, or future " The fact that I met my husband on OkCupid doesn't seem so out-of-bounds to me He thought I was the most annoying person he had ever met. I met mine when i was 16 at Nottinghill Carnival he was trying to sell me a t-shirt lol what about you?. My husband and I met in February, the day before Valentine's Day. so we were young and hanging at bars is what we did lol) his friend spills.

Even though we had gone to all the same schools growing up I was a grade older thoughand at one point I was friends with his older brother -- who was my then-boyfriend's best friend. I thought he was cute, but he was in a long-term, long-distance relationship at the time.

So for the next couple years we would see each other at parties, bars, and camping trips. We were just friends, but would flirt occasionally. Then his gf broke up with him and a month or so later a group of us went out for my 25th bday And I ended up going home with him that night. After that we were together almost every day. But we didn't become an official couple for almost a year, because his ex would tell him she wanted to get back together and he had been with her for so long that he didn't know what to do.

I gave him space when he needed it to figure out what he wanted - I didn't want him to pick me just because I was local and she lived in a different state. But it was rough because I was falling in love with him!

There were a few times I told him we needed to just be friends, but within a few days we'd be back together. Obviously he eventually told her it was over for good, and it made it all worth it. We got married in Sept. We were both dating someone else at the time and I would always spend my lunch break just chitchatting with him when he would come out of the bar to smoke a cigarette.

How did you meet your husband/SO?

We were very casually dating for a couple months when he decided to move to Florida and asked me to go with him. I went on a whim and now were married we moved home home and just had our first together. We met after talking to each other for 2 months. After that the rest is history. After 3 months of dating he asked my family for my hand in marriage and proposed to me on our 9 m anniversary. Now we have been married for almost 4 years come Dec and been together for With a soon to be 2 beautiful children.

Couldn't have asked for a better story. I had never had a boyfriend before just because I didn't want one I was But that summer in I decided that I'd try to date more. So I'd go to class 5 minutes late because all the guys went late and I'd pick a guy and sit next to him.

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Met my husband a week later ; he was 23 almost We dated for 3 months, got engaged for 3 months and now have been married for 2. My mom had known him for years and kept saying one of her girls would marry him lol.

Anyway I met him during drivers training during the summer and then we started dating during the following school year. We've been together almost 11 years, married Expecting baby 2 ;- m maldonadofam We met working at Arby's he was my manager. Well our 5th together, I already have a daughter but he is the only dad she knows so we say our 6th Up until his little brother passed away and we saw each other for the first time in a good couple years instantly we got back together, got married and now gonna have a family together.

We hated each other also but then that changed when I saw him give his mother a kiss goodbye after she dropped him off at school one day. That's not so common in high school boys and I though it was sweet!

We've been together 14 years and this will be our 3rd child: Well I was a freshman and he was in his last year of middle school. I had pretty much just moved there and friended his sister. After about 3 years he asked me out.

And, man, does he have a good long throw! Ellen Wood My husband was dating or trying to keep dating my roommate when I began my sophomore year at college. They had dated the previous year and drifted apart over the summer, and she was ready to move on. During an argument, she flippantly told him to ask me out instead, so he did. I even met his mom that night! He proposed six months later, we had a long engagement 4 years and will be married for twelve years this August.

I remember our Pre-Cana starting at the Newman Center on campus and talking about our future family. I still get a flutter in my stomach when I see him across a room. Kate33 I dated one of his best friends which is how we initially met. It was 3 years later before we went on a date and the rest is history! Probably for the best, I probably needed that 3 years to get to a settling down point in my life.

He proposed by cooking me my favorite meal in his house which would become our house.

How did you meet your husband?

He had planned to propose on the night I yelled at him…. Kate33 not at alot of party…. Karee Santos I had a similar experience, where we met each other but he was the only one who remembered. Thank goodness he did! Steph Foster We met online — despite growing up in the same town and attending rival high schools.

We even graduated the same year! We talked about marriage from the beginning, that this is where the relationship was headed if we kept getting along so well 11 months later, he nervously and quietly, asked me to marry him while we were sitting on the couch at my parents. I tease him about it, but it was so sweet! Karee Santos So beautiful to hear you talked about marriage from the beginning. Lisa White My husband worked with my former college roommate and was complaining about the lack of serious girls to date.

We lived in different states. Then a couple of long distance calls before we finally met in a double date with my roommate who by this time had eloped and lived in yet a third state!

He proposed in a car with steamy windows during one of my visits. Short version is we met once crossing the street and then again at a party two years later. When he walked up to me at the party and said he remembered meeting me two years ago crossing the street, I worried that he was a stalker!!

how did you meet your husband

But it all turned out ok. Long version is here: As I was scouting my prospects in EnglishGary walked in and sat in front of me. Buckles assigned seats in alphabetical order so we were next to each other. We married after our Junior year and recently celebrated our 43rd Anniversary of becoming a family. We have five grown children and six grandchildren.

Thanks so much for sharing that. All the people going met at a church parking lot and left in two different vans. He was in one and I was in the other. I thought he was a little weird as he blessed the vans before the trip with holy water. While we were dating we often went to Pennsylvania on long weekends to visit his aunt and uncle. On one of these trips we stopped at a grotto at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish to pray for a safe journey and it was there that he proposed.

This October we will be married 24 years.

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We became friends first and then two years later, he proposed to me in front of the chapel on campus. All the other teachers had been there for at least 25 years so as the only young ones we would hang out a little like sit together at the homecoming game.

In a small town where your students work in the grocery story, at every restaurant and gas station our hanging out together caused quite a bit of talk amongst the student population. In addition I was Catholic, he was Lutheran and applying for the seminary. However, early in the fall he took me to his garage and showed me some restored tractors that his students had been working on. Before we left he asked me if I wanted to buy a Mary statue. I asked what he was doing with a cement garden statue of Mary and he said he bought it for his elderly neighbor whose had been recently stolen.

But before he could give it to her she had replaced it with a guardian angel. I told him he should keep it because he was going to need it. He officially proposed on my birthday June 21, became Catholic on July 13, and we were married Dec 21 during Christmas break.

how did you meet your husband

She would ask me about him over the months and at Easter when I told her he was becoming Catholic she was shocked. But I think I asked the Carmelites in the diocese to pray for him also.

He never stood a chance.

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Claire That is an amazing story! He was going to school with my cousins, and I had gone to visit them over my spring break which was not their spring break. Ellen, my cousin whom I had been hanging around with that afternoon, went off with her boyfriend who would become her husband within six months. They were to return in 30 minutes to the cafeteria. Two hours later when they returned, I was talking to my husband, the only one left in the cafeteria besides me.

He had been drinking, and he was eating. Even slightly inebriated, he was droll in his sense of humour. However, I found that disgusting that he was that way at 2: I would never see him again. I had met the girlfriend, so I said sure. I had changed universities for financial reasons, and I was living with our grandparents. You were drunk and gorging yourself.