How did you meet your husband stories


how did you meet your husband stories

Oct 31, Our Stories of Love series continues with this lovely story of love. Sometimes, as was the case for this couple, love strikes and before you know. Sep 14, Whenever someone asks us how we met, my husband and I give each It's where you'd go to post a Missed Connection, snag a hookup, look. Oct 14, These couples who have "how we met stories" so ridiculously adorable, . My pastor suggested I make a list of my perfect husband so I did.

I didn't check after that. From time to time I would receive emails from Classmates at work, but I never paid attention to them. For the main reason they were blocked from our site. So I would just delete them. In February 29, I came back to work and saw an email from Classmates.

This time a feeling inside told me not to delete the message. I left the message alone and by the end of the day I was deleted messages and came across the message and again the strong feeling was there telling not to delete it. I decided to forward the email to my home email.

I opened the email and it said someone from Classmates is trying to reach you. It said Rick B. At first I didn't know who Rick B. It was my first love. I opened my email from Classmates and there were 13 messages from him. My heart started pounding as I started reading each one. We've been together 14 years and this will be our 3rd child: Well I was a freshman and he was in his last year of middle school.

how did you meet your husband stories

I had pretty much just moved there and friended his sister. After about 3 years he asked me out.

how did you meet your husband stories

We've been together 12 years and married for 8. Expecting our 3rd and final child on Halloween! He was kinda a player, I noticed him about a month before I actually talked to him, he's 16 years older than me. One night my girlfriend and I went to the bar because it was 3 dollar highballs and I was in my 3rd year or university so who wouldn't want to drink for cheap?!

Just as we were about to walk in he was walking out for a smoke and said "how's it going girl? And I had already been to Ireland twice before to which I politely smiled and said "I'm good, thank you. Not much later my girlfriend had met someone and left with him so I was standing outside waiting for a cab to come around and he happened to walk out came behind me asking where she went and if I was ok to get home, I have no idea where my lady balls came from and said "I would probably be safer if you made sure I made it home.

We kept it casual for a couple months until he went back to Ireland for a month and I was so lonely for him, we talked and skyped all the time and about a week after being gone he asked me to be his girl exclusively.

The rest is history, he took me home to Ireland to meet his family about a year later, and 6 months later we were married and now we're expecting our first son together. He has no kids previously and I have a daughter from when I was 18, who he treats as if she was his own.

Sorry for such a long post!! J Jenndeleon15 Mine is bad too, can't tell my daughter how we met We met at a club, I was 18 and he was 23, he was drunk, I thought he was cute so I started dancing with him because the guy I liked and had a thing with at that moment was at the club with another girl.

Anyways hubby and I made out that night and had sex 5 days later he was only using me for sex and was planning to leave me after lol 5 years later we are together with a house a puppy, pregnant and we go to church a lot, happy How am I going to tell my daughter that we met at a club and had sex right away lol sad story B BabyA My SO and I also met in high school, he ended up stealing my heart in our sophomore chemistry class.

We were part of the same church and youth group. In 10th grade, we were voted by our grade to go to prom as 10th grade representatives.

Although we were friends, we definitely did not like each other as more than that. I started liking him in 11th grade but he dated a different girl for a while. They broke up at the end of that year. Out senior year we were Homecoming king and queen!

He found out I liked him that night.

how did you meet your husband stories

After our second date, I knew we we would get married. After our third date, we were essentially living together. The truly miraculous part is that we ever even met because our lives did not intersect in any way. My wife was from Decatur, Illinois and lived in Evanston, Illinois. She was a professional singer-dancer who worked at night and rarely came downtown.

I was from a northern suburb of Chicago, living and working as a lawyer downtown. There was absolutely zero overlap in our lives. No one I knew, knew anyone she knew. On our 25th anniversary, we went back to N. LaSalle Street in Chicago and took a photo at that same 34th floor elevator with our four grown kids.

The rare customer service success story: I just moved into a new place and had FiOS installed, but it wasn't working on my computer.

16 couples who met in ways that'll give you hope that there's an alternative to Tinder.

Called the customer service center and spent four hours that evening with the CSR while he helped me fix my computer. We had lots of down time because I was constantly restarting the computer and we would chat about whatever.

We hung up with a plan to talk the next night because I had to get some antivirus software. He called the next night and same thing - talked for hours while he worked on my computer. At the end I was really bummed because I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him. I just wanted to be friends with him. For the next five days I checked that email account, hoping he would contact me. He sent a simple email asking if my computer was working well still.

I responded, and from there we began chatting privately.

Where did you meet your husband?

In two weeks he sent me flowers. We met seven weeks later, when we each drove two hours to meet in between our two homes. We've been together ever since. We would take turns visiting every weekend for a year. We missed three weekends that whole year.

Then he moved up to be with me. Advertising A photo posted by howwemetstory gmail.

How did you meet your husband/SO?

He photo bombed a picture I was taking with some girlfriends and then I said hey come here and I took a pic with just him!

We did not talk the rest of the evening, he left the establishment and so did I. We did not know each other, I just thought the moment was funny.

A couple days later I posted the pictures and a friend of mine tagged him on FB and said "how do you know Mason? He was cute and jumped in the pic! However the strange thing is we should have met way before now. We lived across the street from each other but never met.

how did you meet your husband stories

We were at a concert together 5 feet away and never knew one another, but he can point out where he was in a picture I posted! We were at the same theater showing of a popular movie on the same night, at the same time and there were 4 other theaters showing the same film. We both have chalked it up to the stars just weren't aligned for us yet, but now things are wonderful and for the first time ever I am saying "thank God for social media!

We both randomly went to a party at UMass Dartmouth. Neither of us went there, but we had friends that dormed together. We both lived in Massachusetts, but on opposite ends of the state, in towns that we didn't even know existed.

My friend and her friend both got drunk and disapeared, and we were left to ourselves. Brian's worst date turned into his best date. Is it awkward if he's staring? Ok, this is really awkward. But he was sitting next to another woman. Why would he be staring at me if he was with someone else? Maybe they're just friends. The man of my dreams was now leaving with his date. The wedding planner who coordinates the ceremonies to celebrate everyone else's love, and yet, I'm alone.

Twenty minutes later, I see him again. This time he's running back into the bar and B lining it towards me. Panting, he says, "Hey! I'm not sure if you noticed, but I've been staring at you all night while I was on the worst blind date ever. He continued, "I just walked her home and had to come see if you were still here. We then spent the rest of the night walking around Newport and learning all about each other. Unfortunately, I found out that Florida was home for Brian, and he would be leaving to head back in 2 weeks.