Gran turismo 4 track meet scoring

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This page is for the race featured in GT4, for the events appearing in other games , see Evolution Meeting. "This is a race to determine the best EVO that brings. A GT4 race around Interlagos played host to a handful of noble scraps, . off the track or collide with the scenery and that score will plummet. Track & Trace 4. The rules governing the Competition are set out in Schedule 1 . 5. In order to claim the Gran Turismo™ Championships World Final (as . Entrants' final scores shall be calculated as the summation of the.

A-Specgraphics are greatly improved with more detail on cars and tracks despite running on the same PlayStation 2 hardware. The physics are also greatly improved, with the major upgrade that cars now experience body movement, such as pitching forwards and backwards rolling under braking. Barriers have considerably more friction to slow down the cars in GT4 in an attempt to stop the use of "wall riding"but there is minimal friction between cars, so the advantage obtained by running into the side of another car instead of braking is still present.

gran turismo 4 track meet scoring

Despite the lack of online gameplay, GT4 does support use of the PlayStation 2 Network Adapter, which can be used to communicate with additional PS2s to create a multi-screen setup.

In addition, the Network Adapter can be used to play games on a local subnet for up to six players, though player customized cars cannot be used in a LAN game. Vehicles[ edit ] GT4 continues in its predecessors' footsteps by offering an extremely large list of cars; the PAL version, for example, features cars from 80 manufacturers. There are differences in the car lists between the different GT4 regional versions, and some cars have different names, e. As was the case with its predecessors, several well-known sports car manufacturers such as Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini do not appear in the game.

RUF, a company that produces cars based on Porsche chassis, but is classed as a manufacturer in its own right, reprised this role for GT4. One vehicle, another Skyline, is the pace car from the "Guide Lap" licence tests and is also a prize car.

There is also the GT Edition, which was the pace car without the pace car lights, and even more power horsepower, the standard version packs Each vehicle model has over polygons.

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Some special prize-only cars such as the Pagani Zonda LM Race Car '01 are not visible in the vehicle showrooms, and a few do not have corresponding dealerships, and thus are unmodifiable, for example, the Formula Gran Turismo Formula 1 car.

Also, some concept cars featured in the game ended up becoming mass production cars, such as the Suzuki Swift. GT4 is responsible for a few vehicle firsts in the Gran Turismo series. It is the first to feature pickup truckssuch as the Toyota Tacoma and Dodge Ram. It is the first game in the series to feature the DeLoreanusing the stage II spec engine developed inhence the designation.

gran turismo 4 track meet scoring

It is also the first in the series to feature a diesel-powered car, the BMW d. A special edition of GT4 featuring the d and the rest of the 1 Series lineand three tracks were provided to BMW customers who purchased their 1 Series automobile before the release of GT4.

A first-generation Mitsubishi Pajero Paris-Dakar rally car, a winner of the rally, makes an appearance as the first SUV in racing trim. The Daimler Motor Carriageon the Grand Valley Speedway The game includes some prize cars of historical interest, such as vehicles from as far back as at the dawn of the automobile.

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Even some modern cars with complex body shapes cannot be raced against opponents, such as the Caterham Seven Fireblade. In Arcade Mode, these cars can be raced against a single opponent; this is the case for any convertible with the top down.

There is also a special car which is specially tuned and returns from the previous game, called the ' Shuichi Shigeno ' version of Toyota AE86which is taken from Initial Dand is licensed by Toyotaalthough Toyota has never used the name of the author of Initial D. Another Initial D car, the Sileightymakes another returning appearance. Comedian Jay Lenoan avid car collector, is listed in the game as a manufacturer; one of his custom cars, the Blastolene Special or "Tank Car", is included in the game as a prize car, available after beating missions This can be positioned to affect handling or used as a form of handicapping.

Another new vehicle tuning addition is nitrous oxide injection. This information is not considered 'official', so there may be some mistakes.

If you wish to obtain permission to use this guide, then email me with a link to your site for review, and i will check it out and respond to you with a response.

Any reproduction will get a report to your ISP, webhost, or the legal athorities. This worked for myself Also credit goes to the Original Japanese crew who have figured out The car list and tuning classes which have been converted for us all by the bunch of guys on the GameFAQ's forums. What is bspec racing? How to play bspec racing? Getting all the points maxed Wrap Up Section 1 What is B-spec racing?

It's all about managing an artificla intelligent driver. Telling The driver to drive faster or slower and gainting skill points to improve those skills for faster turning, faster straits, better course recognition, better batteling skills against the competition in B-spec racing mode. How to play B-spec racing? It's as easy as selecting the track you want to play and choosing B-spec racing instead of A-spec racing: P this cannot be done on rally courses' unless you choose to use photo mode from the practice icons ie.

Well after you get past that its about managing your driver through the tracks Its not exactly easy, or I should say there is a method and a lot of thinking behind B-spec racing. It's not 1,2,3 simple. Secondly you have to choose the correct tires depending on the type of track and how many laps there are, not to mention the cars drive-train and tuning setup.

Their could be, but there isnt any guide for each track in bspec mode It would be alot of work, and pritty pointless in my opinion because its differnt for each skill level. I thought its the AI that does all the work for me?

Your the manager telling the driver what to do and when to do it. For endurance races you dont want to sit their all the time so you tune your car for max settings choose right tires and choose the right car and leave it at a nice skill setting, then goto school or work, come back and you have won! Thats not the case every time, and also if your B-spec score is low you may need to raise it more in order to allow for that.

So how do you control the car better on turns? Go "5" aka push on a straight and then lower it to 3 or 2 depending on your skills right before a turn, then after or mid way through the turn put it back to 5. Its just like A-spec racing for some in theory anyways, Slow in fast out, its better than going off the road in those turns going at the fastest speeds.

Once your skills are higher this will likly change, my scores are 90,90,90 and i can do sharp turns at speed 4 and 5 where as if i had a lower score i wouldnt be able to do that at all i would slide off the road. You will have to choose the correct tires for each race.

gran turismo 4 track meet scoring

This depends on so many differnt things. If its an endurance race with many laps you will have to know the drive-train and find out when you pit with differnt tires, for example rear wheel drive front engine FR The best choice may be Medium or hard racing tires on the front, and extra hard on the rear.

This depends on the car, and the ammount of laps, not to mention the track also, some are longer some shorter.

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Also remember your competition pits too. You may need to run the course a few times trying differnt settings to get it down right. Try to pit alot later than the other cars, anyways theirs differnt methods i hope you get the point. Thats not it, im not done yet. I always proceed to tuning my cars. This kind of adjustment will perform better on courses'. The setup you use really depends on yet again alot of factors, like the track your racing for starters.

The B-Spec driver can only do so much with what you give it, that includes the car and its tune, as well as your directions and trying to increase your points - in the other section it will be discussed.

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I would now like to point to the page with all the FAQ's and tuning guides you will need for help The Basic items to be changed are brakes this depends on the track and carLSD aka limited slip depends on track and cartransmission yup depends on the track, and car again, do u wana accell faster or go for a max speed or mix it upand last but greatest of importance, the suspention also depends on track and car.

Ohh ya plus if your doing endurance races do oil changes as often as possible, or your HP will drain and eventually not return to its max ever.

Also remember the LSD also affects the brakes settings ie. The transmission is the same as said above, but i will explain more. Tracks come in differnt shapes and sizes, some with more turns and winding roads, others with straits and large open turns If you have a winding road course with many turns, your not going to reach your top speed so choose an auto setting for the transmission for better acceleration.

So if you havent got the idea already Tune for a faster top speed for courses with long straits. A good place for tune's on trannies as well as everything else is www. Most of the time auto settings will do just fine, but some cars are picky for example the F1.

Make sure to do your testing with each track and car to make sure. The Suspension is a huge battle ground all in its own. Each car will have differnt suspension and its differnt for each track also. It depends on the car, the HP, the track and other stuff. The FAQ and tuning guides should help, also the forum talked about above should help.

I usually do a few major changes for all cars and then test for final settings afterwords. Spring Rate should be lowered abit remember read the guides. Ride Height within 10 marks or so from the lowest settings. Damper bound and bounce read the guides! Toe angle usually left alone but some use a negitave value depends on alot of factors like track and car - read guides. Stabilisers usually 5 to 7 usually even ammount on front and back roll cage ie refresh will help too read guides for explination Section 2 All About Points.

B-Spec racing points are divided up in a few ways. The overall B-spec Points and 3 sub catigorys Machine Skill, Course skill, and Battle skill.

gran turismo 4 track meet scoring

We will call those three skills in general. The max amount of points will look like this: To gain overall B-spec points you will want to race using almost stock settings with some minor upgrades. This isnt going to be easy. This is just my asumption sofar so mail me if you know otherwise. A few races will be a point race because the cars are better for one the opel speedster event This is all based off my own assumpstions but these all need to be tested and verified, mabe im wrong, if so please correct me, this tutorial is work in progress.