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The Leducs: Back To Basics

anyone want to meet up and head out to the curt Leduc swap meet this weekend ? there is usually a pretty good turn out. all sorts or parts Join Date: Apr Hotels - CHEVROLET AVALANCHE LT 4WD .. Kurt Simon Coach, Red Deer Bantam AA Braves Red Deer. The image arose in my mind of a. 4x4s & Trucks. Chevrolet · Jeep · Ford · UTV & ATV · View All Vehicles Yes, we are talking about the “Leduc Swap Meet.” Today, the Leduc Curt Leduc came out of retirement to race at the TORC Series in Sturgis, South Dakota. In , Kyle won the Lucas Oil Off-Road Pro-4 championship. Last year.

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The Curt Leduc Swap Meet at Morongo Casino, Resort And Spa

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The Leducs: Back To Basics

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Crisscrossing the country in an old yellow van and a trailer attached to it with whatever race vehicle Curt was racing that weekend. As it pulled into the event, you knew the Leducs were in town.

The Curt Leduc Swap Meet at Morongo Casino, Resort And Spa

Curt got his start in motorsports at a very early age. His parents would bring him to the late-model races, and Curt began offering his help some of the racers. As Curt grew up, he would start delivering parts and product for companies.

He would bring his sons to sponsorship meetings. In the s when off-road Jeeps became popular, Curt had a welder and tube bender. He would use these tools to make vehicles safer, allowing people to race them. I learned very early on in stock car racing, if you are fast everybody wants to hit you with a jack handle!

In off-road racing, if you are fast everybody wants to get to know you so they can find out your secrets! It was trial and error for Curt.

He struggled with hillclimbs and sand drags. When it came to the obstacle courses and pitching it sideways into corners, Curt had found success. Curt is a family guy. He thrives on the family atmosphere of off-road racing.

After Curt returned home to his shop, he wanted to win the Baja Curt set his mind to it, learned the terrain, and met the racers; soon after, he secured a win. In the early s Curt was given an opportunity to race The Dakar Rally. Curt always remembers his roots.

He is always eager to give back. He says so many people have helped him over the years. Curt puts on two annual swap meets a year where people can buy and sell off-road parts. He also organizes a raffle that was recently held at Glen Helen. Many off-road companies and teams donated products that were auctioned off. The money was given to Chaplain Steve Hanson to cover travel expenses to get to racing events. Hanson volunteers his time at every racing event as the only off-road Chaplain representing nonprofit organization Racers For Christ.

These days Curt is officially retired from short-course racing. There was a retirement party held for him last year in Crandon with all the fanfare. I am busy racing [Vegas to Reno]. Kyle has claimed the top spot on the podium at almost every single round. Kyle now has over 50 short-course wins. A feat very few in the sport can achieve. Every streak does have to come to an end however.

The gremlins caught up with Kyle at rounds 11 and 12 in Reno, Nevada. Mechanical problems both days prevented Kyle from getting on the podium. There were some broken parts and missed podiums. Kyle looked up to his dad. Kyle says he learned everything about working on the trucks at the same time his dad was training the crew chiefs that worked at the shop.