Ryan buell in a relationship

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ryan buell in a relationship

Sergey co-starred with Ryan Daniel Buell, as they went in search of live and spoke just a little about him and his new said relationship. Celebrity paranormal investigator Ryan Buell rose to enormous heights and his fall was just as spectacular and frightening. If you have ever heard about Ryan Buell, then you must know about his rumors of fake confessions about being diagnosed with pancreatic.

In that book, he stated about his sexuality that he was gay, but he was a bisexual and his struggle to reconcile that with his religion, Catholicism.

ryan buell in a relationship

Also stated that he was in a relationship with Sergey Poberezhny who is a co-star of the Paranormal State and he and his boyfriend were getting married. And I am proud that we are living in an age of marriage equality.

ryan buell in a relationship

Also, he has disclosed information about his family, siblings and early life. He has accumulated lots of sympathy from his fans. One of his fans described him as a nice guy on the planet. He added that he was really thankful his fans who supported him for saving him. He never tells anyone about his diseases, not even his family.

Inner Demons: The Sad and Frightening Fall of Ryan Buell - Paranormal Investigating

I say to all of you: I know the pain that you will feel. And the pain for treatment. Ryan was the executive producer for the feature film, American Ghost Hunter which released in The final episode of his show aired on May 2, He earns a tremendous amount f money through the television shows.

ryan buell in a relationship

He also generates extra money through events, tours, and his book sale. One thing I love are themes.

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ryan buell in a relationship

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ryan buell in a relationship

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