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rachel brody relationship glee wiki

The Puck-Rachel Relationship, most commonly known as Puckleberry, is the friendship between Noah Puckerman and Rachel Berry. Their relationship starts . The Cassandra-Rachel Relationship, commonly known as Julyberry, Casschel Brody tells Rachel that Cassandra can be tough, but her tough ways can sort of. The Kurt-Rachel Relationship, most commonly known as Hummelberry or Kurtchel, is the friendship between Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry. During much of.

At the end of the performance Rachel gives Puck a high five. Comeback Puck calls Rachel, "My hot little Jewish-American princess," and helps to make her party more fun by giving her some advice. Blame It on the Alcohol Puck never put his hand up to go against Rachel's idea of doing original songs and was the first one to get up to hug her when she won the MVP award and presented her heartfelt speech.

Original Song Puck tells Rachel that she shouldn't get a nose job because it makes her seem less hot, and because her nose is a symbol of their Jewish heritage.

rachel brody relationship glee wiki

He wants to convince Rachel to not change the way she looks. He then helps Kurt to organize Rachel's "Barbravention.

He is the one to tell Finn to take her on a date. New York He thought Finn was cheating on Rachel, when Finn asked him for advice on condoms, and said it was uncool. When Finn said he wanted to know because he wanted to have sex with Rachel, Puck said "Between me and you, always thought it would be me". I Kissed a Girl Rachel hugs him from behind in We Are Youngand he smiles when she sings "My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the empire state". Heart When Rachel is walking down the hallway, Puck winks at her.

She looked excited that he was going to her Anti-Prom. Prom-asaurus Rachel is one of Puck's friends waiting for his Geography test result. And when the teacher comes out with the paper, Rachel tries to take the test paper to see the result first.

Goodbye When Rachel catches the bouquet after Sue throws it, Puck can be seen smiling and looking at her. I Do They both come back to Finn's memorial.

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Also, they both sing a solos. She looks also a little sad. Probably because she thinks about Finn. New Directions Puck sends Rachel flowers for her opening night. Opening Night Puck returns with the rest of the alumni to help Rachel in recruiting new members for the reinstated glee club. He sings along, with the other alumni, in Take On Me. Puck walks in the choir room, as a harassed Roderick walks out. He tells Rachel that she scared him off.

Puck and Rachel dance in Home. Kurt tries to comfort her, but he doesn't do much to help her cause. He hugs her and tells her he loves her and she says she loves him too.

Rachel can be seen smiling at Kurt while he walks in, and he makes a hand gesture to Rachel, encouraging her to sing. They then discuss prom, and when they realize that they don't really want to attend it, they develop their own celebration known as the "Anti-Prom," which they open up to general public.

At the Anti-Prom, Rachel suggests that they have a fashion show, and Kurt immediately jumps in with ideas based on 'The Sound of Music', but Becky and Puck veto the idea. When Finn arrives, he convinces Kurt, Rachel and Blaine to come to prom.

Being last year's prom queen, Kurt gets to present Rachel with her crown and tells her to "Smile and breathe" while doing so. After, Rachel finds Kurt and Finn in the hallways, she tells them that the acceptance letters are coming this week and that they should all share the moment together and open them in the choir room.

They both agree and Kurt gets them to pinky swear. In the choir room, the three of them huddle around the letters in anticipation and fear. As Finn opens his letter first, Rachel walks beside Kurt and shares a tender moment of contact.

They share disappointment when Finn does not get accepted. Kurt opens his next, and also receives rejection.

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Rachel looks shocked and tells him that she's sorry. Rachel opens hers next, and gets accepted. She's happy she got accepted, but it wouldn't be complete without Kurt and Finn by her side in New York.

At the station, a crying Rachel shares a final hug and embrace with Kurt, and she walks onto the train. Rachel tells him that she is angry with the hook-up he had with Cassandra, but he defends himself saying he came onto her and that it was her who walked away from their plans for another guy. He then grabs her for foxtrot partners. During the dance, Brody gives Rachel a reality check. He tells her that they are now adults and that involves making adult choices, and that he made herself unavailable and that people can't be mind readers.

She fires back telling him that you don't need to be a mind reader to now that they are mortal enemies.

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However, Brody doesn't want to risk the friendship the two have developed and tells her that it won't happen again, which Rachel accepts. He then changes topics entirely, asking if she is going back to Ohio for Thanksgiving.

rachel brody relationship glee wiki

Rachel tells him about her plans with Kurt, and he finds that slightly depressing knowing her cooking. He tells her that he can't afford to go home, and invites himself over, but also offering to cook for them. Rachel appears caught off-guard for a second, but then agrees to his request with a warm smile. He then makes a joke about inviting Cassandra, and Rachel laughs at it, implying that all is forgiven.

rachel brody relationship glee wiki

At Rachel and Kurt's apartment, Rachel is smiling over the witty conversation that Brody and Kurt are having. She then speaks up saying that this is great, and Brody agrees, but adds that there is no singing.

Immediately Kurt looks to him in shock, and Rachel with humorous anger. Brody then gets Rachel to help butter the turkey. When she help, Brody insists that she's doing it wrong and holds her hands showing her the correct motion.

When dinner is served, Brody and Rachel sit beside each other. Brody then tells Kurt that he can start carving the turkey, but says that he's not going to eat after watching the two of them rub the turkey.

Brody is caught by surprise seeing everyone burst into song and choreography. Later on, Brody joins in on the fun and follows Rachel's lead in the dance. Afterwards, he holds her hand and tells her that she will be great. He then steps up the stairs past Rachel to leave, but she stops him and kisses him. He then asks her what the kiss was for and she explains that she is just going to do things like she's never going to get another chance again.

Kurt then interrupts them and tells Rachel that she is up next. When Rachel performs Being Good Isn't Good EnoughBrody is seen smiling at her and gives a standing ovation at the end of the song along with the rest of the crowd. Later on in the episode, Kurt is asked to perform in the Showcase. Swan Song In the beginning of the episode, Rachel reveals to Kurt that Brody spent the night because it was a long commute from his apartment to hers.

Throughout the episode, Rachel has become too busy to hang out with Kurt due to investing all of her time with Brody. Kurt explains that she runs off to help Brody with something that will no doubt have Brody shirtless.

Later on, Rachel cooks a turkey burger for Brody, but he arrives forty-five minutes late which angers Rachel. Brody apologizes for missing the dinner and tells her that she is priceless and he would go to the end of the world for her.

Mercedes-Rachel Relationship

The two later dance with each other during a montage scene to Ryder's I Only Have Eyes for You and Brody tells her that he will try to find a place closer to Rachel, to which Rachel asks him to move in with her. Sadie Hawkins In this episode, Brody comes out and sits in front of Kurt, completely nude, Rachel gives him a quick kiss. When Rachel talks about her topless scene in a student film, Brody supports her, but Kurt does not.

Rachel says she'll do the scene regardless of whether Kurt wants to support her or not. Naked Because of Rachel's insufferable attitude since the Winter Showcase, Kurt has decided to knock Rachel down a peg by challenging her to a diva off at an event titled 'Midnight Madness'.

rachel brody relationship glee wiki

When they later perform Bring Him HomeBrody is seen smiling at both of their performances, not showing any biased favor towards his girlfriend. Even when Kurt is voted the winner, he remains impartial.