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laura sigler relationship help

for a while — but it won't last very long,” Laura Sigler told the UK paper The Sun. “I'll be very surprised if the relationship lasts,” said Shaw. and reportedly spent time in Scientology counseling sessions in Sydney — and. Keith Urban Laura Sigler dating Keith Urban, Country Artists, Handsome Man, .. Is Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's relationship in trouble after Kidman. Does Keith possess the motivation and support to kick his Former girlfriend, Laura Sigler has told media that Urban has an addict's.

Before he turned two years old his family moved to Australia. By age seven, Urban was already thinking about emigrating to America and making his mark in Nashville. Urban began to learn the guitar at age six and began winning talent contests at age eight.

By twelve he was booking his band in local clubs, and at fifteen he quit school to hit the road. Inhe moved to Nashville to pursue the largest country music market in the world.

In the late 90's Urban battled an addiction to cocaine.

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After reaching a personal rock bottom inhe became determined to give up the habit and checked into Cumberland Heights, a treatment center in Nashville. Urban, openly regarded as a modern day guitar virtuoso, has performed as a session musician on albums such as Garth Brooks' Double Live and the Dixie Chicks' Fly.

In an attempt to gain more exposure, Keith then appeared semi-nude in an interview for Playgirl magazine's April issue.

Wild Urban sets sights on quiet life

The publicity attempt worked as Keith was on the cover of the magazine's readers' most requested issue. Keith Urban released Golden Road inand the success of the single "Somebody Like You" sent his career into high gear.

laura sigler relationship help

The single spent eight consecutive weeks at the top of the charts, remaining at No. Three other singles were released, two went to No. The album went platinum in every country where it has been released and is triple platinum in the United States.

Out of the five singles released from Be Here, three went No.

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He had moved to the US to find his fortune in the country music mecca Nashville, Tennessee. Struggling to find his feet, he drowned his sorrows in booze and masked his depression by using hard drugs such as cocaine.

laura sigler relationship help

I remember one night crawling around on my hands and knees, looking for these little rocks of cocaine at five in the morning, and I was drenched in sweat. Urban later admitted that cocaine "kills everything you need: Urban's marriage to Kidman is his first, but he has had a string of girlfriends over the years, including his partner of eight years, veterinary technician Laura Sigler. In January, Sigler told a British newspaper she didn't think Urban could settle down with the one woman.

Marriage Matters: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Face The Reality of Marriage

But I am not sure Keith will ever be ready to settle down. He was a drunk and a drug user. He has an addictive personality and always wants more. I am not sure he can make any one woman happy. The country star has a strong female following and after posing for Playgirl magazine in the US inrevealed himself as a member of the so-called mile-high club.

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The couple have taken care to keep their relationship as private as possible and only confirmed their wedding plans this week. They will marry in Sydney on Sunday. Two years later the Urbans took Keith and his brother Shane to Brisbane. A few years later the family moved to a 12 hectare farm near the Sunshine Coast town of Caboolture.