Best friends on snapchat wont change relationship

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best friends on snapchat wont change relationship

Tumblr Snapchat launched a new update on Tuesday that eliminated just because snapchat isn't showing best friends anymore doesn't mean you w/o seeing their snapchat best friends why r u in a relationship w them?. April UPDATE: Snapchat has released a new version of Best Friends. Read all about the new Snapchat Best Friends here. Snapchat is. UPDATE: Snapchat has removed best friends in January Being a best friend is the ultimate title and the most unbreakable of relationships. until you find yourself in this situation, and then it doesn't seem so casual.

Then, if you wanted to actually share the image with someone, you had to send it the old fashioned way via mail. The recipient of your letter would likely have appreciated the time and energy that you spent enclosing a personalized photo.

best friends on snapchat wont change relationship

The process required to share selfies in was far more complicated and time consuming than it is today. Snapchatting has become an impulse so effortless that often times, it's difficult to control.

One of my best friends is in a long distance relationship with his girlfriend from high school. He's madly in love with her and devoted to their relationship. He calls her every night before bed, but occasionally, she's busy and he's bored. Occasionally, he'll Snapchat his ex-girlfriend to pass the idle time. He doesn't think much of it.

It's just a stupid little selfie and it vanishes after seconds anyway. The problem is, his current girlfriend would not, by any means, appreciate the gesture, no matter how quick or harmless it may have been. In her eyes, this is a clear violation of trust. Sending anyone, let alone your ex, a personalized picture is a big deal.

It demonstrates to that individual that you still care.

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The larger problem is, my friend doesn't acknowledge any wrongdoing on his end. He thinks that he's living in a new world with new rules and that it's now socially acceptable to Snapchat your ex without thinking twice about it.

Sometimes he even sends the same picture to his current girlfriend and his ex. It's an effortless move and, in his mind, a brilliant one.

When Do Snapchat Best Friends Change or Refresh? - Wojdylo Social Media

He simply takes an audience-neutral-selfie and selects multiple recipients. Neither recipient has any idea unless, of course, she were to peep his Best Friends list, which, as of yesterday, doesn't exist, bringing me to my second story. I know this chick from work who's in a serious relationship and also has a ton of guy friends.

One of them was, until yesterday when Snapchat removed the Best Friends featurelisted as one of her Best Friends. This meant that he was one of the people with whom she interacted most frequently on the mobile app. Her boyfriend, and all of her Snapchat friends, for that matter, had access to her Best Friends list. So her boyfriend knew, as the rest of her friends knew, that she was sending personalized pics to this random dude on the side.

Now this is where things got messy.

best friends on snapchat wont change relationship

She also became conscientious of her Best Friends list prior to its removaland more so, concerned that her boyfriend had too. Consequently, she developed a strategy whereby she would send decoy Snapchats to her three girlfriends in order to keep her guy friend from appearing on her Best Friends list.

Essentially, she was covering her tracks with content designed to do nothing more than overshadow other content. For the life of me, I can't help but condemn the dishonesty of such behavior. At the same time, I understand that she's grappling with a rapidly changing technological environment. She's bound to mess up here and there and at least she's able to recognize when she's behaving questionably.

When Do Snapchat Best Friends Change or Refresh?

I'm sure that she, and many Snapchatters like her, would be overjoyed to learn that yesterday's update removed the Best Friends feature altogether.

Yes, you heard me correctly: You are who you surround yourself with, and this is especially the case as an adapting young adult. In what context is this statement applicable? The ones you hang out with in real life, of course, count as your real friends.

Or those you mainly interact with on Facebook? How about the people you Snapchat?

Snapchat Best Friends: Frequently Asked Questions

Snapchat best friends are described by Snapptips: Of the many features of Snapchat, the Best Friends list is the most talked about. It is both loved and hated almost in the same measure; loved because it allows easy access to people you exchange snaps with regularly, and hated because this list is displayed on your profile and can be seen by anyone who views your profile.

As a serial Snapchatter, I have learned that your best friends list can have serious unintended implications. Because the names are available to every single friend you have on Snapchat, there is no hiding who you are communicating with via the social app. I would also argue that Snapchat is a flirtatious app by nature.

The technological age has not only given us a million channels to communicate through, but it has also given us infinite more channels to flirt through as well.

Snapchat is definitely one of these channels. With a general understanding of Snapchat and the best friend list, the next step is to look at how this feature can single handedly infuse drama into your relationship. Nothing tells you your significant other is untrustworthy like a Snapchat top three full of only people from the opposite sex, and lets hope you made the cut. But millennials know, the list unfortunately matters because of what it implies.

Snapchat is the ultimate in-between because it feels harmless to send someone a ten second snap of you or your surroundings.