4 of cups relationship trust

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4 of cups relationship trust

Does this mean to have a new opportunity to correct a situation? Like having a second chance due to something not seeming desirable to you. Detailed Tarot card meaning for the Four of Cups including upright and You may have had a relationship end in heartbreak or experienced failure in your. Four of Cups (R) - Results are happening - people are hearing you - allow yourself to "feel" when a new relationship is possible. Awaken to the world and Trust and believe that your ideas are good and have a little more patience. Believe in.

Gilly had, with a heavy heart, ended the relationship. Since then, she had been trying to support him emotionally, as his work was clearly taking a toll. I had rebuilt her Third chakra numerous times, cleared past life blocks, and I asked her now if she was ready to finally clear their soulmate contract. So we did a three card Tarot reading. One card was for her, one for him, and one for the energy around staying involved.

To my surprise and hers, the third card was the Ten of Cups. Often this card is a symbol that a situation or relationship is bound to be happy and fulfilling, and this could be the case here. But the Ten in any suit can also show an actual ending of a cycle, the fulfillment of energy, and the subsequent need to move on.

This is a card that must carefully be read in context with the other cards in the spread. She had a lot of perceptions, hopes, and even fantasies about her relationship with Tom. It was unclear which was the right way forward because of the different faces he showed her and her shifting feelings about him. She could be his friend, she could be his lover, she could leave the relationship entirely, she could give him healing—on and on!

He was in a mental hell of his own making, exacerbated by whatever it was he was doing for his secret job. With him choosing to stay in a stressful career, there was no way Gilly could make an informed choice about him. He may not have the answer to that at present but right now he just wants to be left alone in his state of moodiness or depression. He finds neither interest nor pleasure in anything.

If he could just be left alone for long enough under his tree, he may be able to figure it out and then form a plan of action. If he is aware of the Cup extended towards him it is only the lower half that catches his attention and this is very symbolic for how he views life at present.

Lacking the energy to motivate himself into action, he may prefer to live in a fantasy world rather than face the harshness of reality.

Four (IV) of Cups

Something has definitely happened here since we last checked in with the Cups in the Three Card. There we saw them dancing around, drinking, laughing and celebrating.

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He reminds us of one of the inebriated figures that may have been wandering around in the Reversed Four of Wands when he should have gone to bed. The Fourth Cup being offered to him may be one of his drinking buddies enticing him to even more indulgence.

The partying in the Three of Cups is over and he must now return to normal life and pull himself together. As he sits contemplating his life under the tree he may feel a growing sense of self-loathing. So let us look deeper into what else may be causing his state of being distant and aloof. Maybe he was too idealistic and expected more from his situation.

The figure looks upset and almost in a state of disbelief.

Four of Cups - Reversed

What could have happened to upset him so or is it just that his palate has become jaded with the life he leads and people he associates with? He may have been overly eager to get tied up with someone in the Three and got carried away with the excitement of it all. For sure, since he set off in the Ace, he has been looking for love. He can now regret or repent at leisure. Has the engagement being called off or the Wedding? One way or another it has left him very depleted and apathetic about his life.

More Than Just A Happy Face: The Ten and Two of Cups

However, his strong blue tights tell us that any energy left is going into finding peace within and being philosophical about his life to date. His blue tights also represent his desire to connect with his spiritual side and the brown shoes he wears point downwards into the ground. This man is attempting to come down to earth and stabilise himself. Trees, with their roots on display in Tarot symbolise being grounded but also the ability to connect with what is above and of a higher nature.

There he will draw upon the comforting stabilising energies of Earth while he connects with his Higher-Self to regain his emotional strength and stability.

We must remember, that he is caught up in his own world and really cares less about yours right now. To those around him this may come across as coldness and indifference to the plight of others.

For the time being it will all be about him and he will ignore any offers or attempts at bringing him out of himself. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, we will presume that when the time is right he will become aware again and when he does he will be ready to look at the contents of the Fourth Cup and if he likes what he sees he will rouse himself from his meditative position and run off down the hill to rejoin life.

Hung-over and wrecked you may have no interest in what is around you or being offered to you. The Four of Cups can suggest a time when you just want to be alone with yourself and your thoughts.

4 of cups relationship trust

It represents a time when you shun invitations or contact with friends and family. People accuse you of being in another world and hard to reach but for the moment that is what you prefer. There is a general sense of discontent within you and you need to find out where it is coming from. You are certainly feeling low but you may find it difficult to pin-point exactly why.

You can acknowledge that you have many blessings in life and have little to be worried about but you do know that you definitely feel bored and apathetic.

This may just be a passing phase but then again it may be a sign of more. You really need to spend some time meditating on this as you may need to make some changes in your life so that you can feel emotionally stable once more.

Some of the changes you need to make may be quite drastic and may cause a lot of upset and hurt but this is your life and if you are not happy then you must do something about it. You may raise a few eyebrows around or indeed cause a scandal or two but this card asks you to address these areas of your life for you are wanting in many of them.

4 of cups relationship trust

When the Four of Cups appears for you in a reading then it generally suggests boredom, apathy and disinterest. You may feel that you have just cause for feeling so low. What in particular has happened to make you feel this way? It is as if someone has pricked your magic bubble balloon and left you deflated and forced to face a reality you may not wish to be a part of.

The Four of Cups generally brings with it the blues and moodiness. In some cases it can highlight depression or even just a period of not feeling very well. This signifies his desire to look deep inside himself and find the answers that he needs. The things around him are merely distractions.

The Four of Cups as Feelings in a Love Reading

The Four of Cups usually crops up when you are feeling boredom or dissatisfaction with your current situation, which is in contrast to the Nine of Cups wherein there is a deepening in relationships. You may be feeling uninspired or unmotivated, and life has become a routine. The Four of Cups tells you to reexamine the situation and look within yourself to find a new meaning and perspective.

The Four of Cups also signifies that an offer has been put forth for you and you are delaying making a decision until you have had more time to ponder on it or to consider it.

Just like the young man in the card.

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He has not taken the cup, but he has not turned it down, either. A decision will only be made if the time is right, and after all the pros and cons have been weighed. It can also signify disappointment over someone or over a certain situation. You may be dealing with the same thing for too long, so now, you just refuse to participate and withdraw to yourself.