Oga and aoi relationship goals

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oga and aoi relationship goals

Once Aoi had started officially dating Oga she'd been 'properly' introduced Then he'd lean down and claim her lips in a searing kiss that would have her become as close to fried chicken as humanly possible on purpose. You are also allowed to submit a solo fanarts of Aoi or Oga =3:bulletblue: You can post OgaxAoi. Oga and Kunieda kiss by Shawnfan Aoi and Oga by. She doesn't answer and simply asks the relationship between Oga, Hilda, and .. However, when Ringo suddenly targets Nene, Aoi, who already deduced that.

Aside from his rare comedic entrances usually as a relief from an intense situationhe is usually very calm and actually quite aware. His eyes are alert and he seems in control of his emotions. Beel does not transfer this emotion, however, and is usually shown in a maintained and alert state. His hair is green and he is sucking the pacifier Baby Beel uses.

He is the same height that he is in his original state, and wears the same clothes. While he wouldn't start fights, he would take deliberate pleasure in inflicting the most pain possible when facing his opponents, regularly resulting to cruel and unusual methods of punishment for his defeated enemies, showing a high amount of sadism.

It is because of these qualities that he was initially chosen to become Beel's parent. These traits sum up most of Oga's personality. As the series continues, it should be noted that the trials Oga has faced and the new friends he has gained have somewhat altered his personality. But later on, when Himekawa, Kunieda, and Natsume arrived, Oga smiled, knowing that they have his back. Though he retains his love for his cruelty, he is now much calmer and easier to be around than he was at the start of the series.

Still, in his own twisted, roundabout way, he seems to care for the people that are close to him. When Furuichi was gone during the summer vacation and left Oga alone, he called Alaindelon to transport Furuichi back home just so he could hang out with him.

Since he knew that both Miki and Kiriya would move to Nara at the same time, Kiriya would've attacked Miki in Nara where Oga wouldn't be there to protect him. When Hilda and Beel went missing and his sister Misaki threw him out of the house, promising to not let him back in unless he brought them back, Oga acted as if he didn't care.

Instead, he complained about the heat to Furuichi and decided that they should go down to the river. Furuichi realized that the river was where Oga had first met Beel, also realizing that Oga meant to look for them after all. Oga doesn't seem to have any sense of appeal for or opposition against girls, unlike Furuichi, who is easily seduced and will not hesitate to pick up girls.

This was proven true when he only dodges during his fight with Aoi, and more recently when fighting the female Pillars he held back when he realized he was about to hit a girl. It is also hinted that he disapproves of underage smoking and drinking. As much as Oga hates it, he tends to listen to lectures very well.

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Another example of Oga paying attention is when Saotome was lecturing him about using Super Milk Time for no more than 5 minutes. When he uses Super Milk Time later, he only ended up fighting for 5 minutes after using a huge blast that knocked him unconscious. As the series progresses, Oga learns how to put his pride aside and knows when to follow orders.

An example was when Saotome said that the Ishiyama students were going to need training with him. All of the delinquents didn't want to train with him because they thought he was an "old geezer", and that he was weaker than them and it would damage their pride.

Oga was the only one who stepped up and agreed to train; instead of being arrogant, he listened to reason and sought to become stronger. History Oga waiting for Santa Claus as a young toddler. Oga still believed in Santa Claus during his toddler years. One Christmas, he waited all night with a camera by the front door hoping to see Santa Claus. He eventually developed a fever afterward. Later, he dreamt of seeing the old man with a red loincloth across the river, and apparently swam toward him to get presents while the old man was telling him not to come yet; apparently, the old man was his deceased grandfather and Oga actually had a near-death experience.

Oga eventually learned that Santa Claus was not real when he was three years old. During the fifth grade, Oga headed to see his older sister but was approached by a classmate, Takayuki Furuichiboth of whom were in Class Upon being asked whether they can walk home together, Oga simply told the boy to not stand behind him and continued on his way.

Being unable to correctly pronounce his name, Oga inadvertently insulted him. Oga also told Furuichi to put "it" away, while also warning him about the dangers of the city.

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However, after the boy relented on staying with him, Oga decided to let him stay anyway. However, he did warn Furuichi not to stand behind him. The two boys went to the arcade where the Red Tail were at. Oga went to meet his older sister and dropped off a magazine for her, only to be subsequently beaten through kicks for being late.

Once the beating was over, Oga told Furuichi why he should not stand behind him and prepared to leave; however, Furuichi insisted on staying because of the girls, prompting Oga to call him weird. Oga's intentions to leave were then put aside after he learned that the girls are going to a party, which he excitedly wanted to attend. He and Furuichi both ended up joining the Red Tail to the party. However, the party was revealed to be a simply brawl between the Red Tail and a biker gang from Donbura High School ; despite so, Oga remained interested in the party and even partook in the beatings against the older boys.

Throughout the fights, he protected Furuichi from the delinquents and even warned the boy not to stand in the back, otherwise it would be hard to protect him. Nevertheless, Oga goes out on a rampage and grinned evilly while having fun. A group of boys then asked Furuichi to play dodgeball with them. Oga convinced Furuichi to go and added that he doesn't want to; however, while the boys were all having fun on the playground, Oga watched them from inside his classroom.

On the way, he was approached by Furuichi, who asked whether he was going to have another fight. Surprised by the question, Oga asked whether he had an issue about it. He was then told that Furuichi will be his opponent; [10] uninterested, he started walking away and added that he should not have to fight Furuichi. However, they ended up getting into a brawl anyway, after Furuichi stated that he would be the winner by default and that he would tell their classmates how Oga used a girl's bathroom.

After beating up Furuichi, Oga became surprised by the young boy's endurance despite his genuine weakness. Afterward, Furuichi told Oga that he wanted to be his friend, prompting Oga to smack him on the back of the head.

Oga revealed to Furuichi that all of the friends that he did have ended up dragging him down and later leaving him; upon saying this, he reflected on the dark comments that he heard from their classmates in the past. He then picked up his backpack and started leaving, telling Furuichi that he cannot concentrate on his own battles when his "friends" need his protection.

However, he then noticed Furuichi rise up and walk beside him, saying that he will stand beside Oga instead. This comment leaves Oga surprised but he ends up laughing out of happiness; happy, he let Furuichi go with him. As they go on their way, Oga mentioned that they will be fighting someone strong and was surprised to hear that Furuichi would hide once they meet him. One day, Oga and Furuichi went out "pokopenning" everything behind their school; they continued to "pokopen" things while heading home.

On their way, they were approached by a woman who asked whether they know about "pokopen"; thinking of it as a secret word that they came up with, Oga became suspicious. The two boys then watched as the woman left and stated that she was also a "pokopen". This incident would later be remembered as "The First Pokopen Incident".

Oga is defeating armed mercenaries and local thugs. As they pleaded for mercy, and with an off-screen tilt, he was shown to have battled them rigorously. Many were unconscious, and although it seemed the series was unfolding in an event-themed fashion, it was shown that it was really Oga's retelling of what transpired to Furuichi Takayuki. His story continued and he explained how a large man Alaindelon came floating upstream the local riversideand how he cracked open, revealing a small baby inside.

Furuichi is shocked by Oga's lack of storytelling abilities although the retelling was later revealed to be trueand the two continue in loud voices. Beel is completely focused on the conversation at hand, and he remained quiet through most of their conversation. Oga continues to rant about the Beel situation, revealing that he must take care of the demon baby because the child is so attached to his raw abilities.

He mentions Hilda during his conversation and Furuichi is quite taken by her. Oga grabs an easy win against Kanzaki. The next day, Oga takes Beel to school with him. Furuichi wonders out loud why he would go through that much trouble for the kid.

The story continues with Hajime Kanzaki 's mercenary forces coming in contact with Oga. Furuichi is worried about Oga's status among the students at Ishiyama High. The students are convinced Oga is the father of Beel and are shocked by their self-prescribed qualifications. Oga becomes aware of Hajime Kanzaki's status as among the four Tohoshinki. Being the somewhat sadistic and irresponsible teen that he is, Oga seeks out Kanzaki in an attempt to force Beel on him.

His logic was that "strong men" were most appealing to Beel, and that the most malicious of characters would satisfy his needs. When the two meet, the discussion takes a dangerous turn as Kanzaki sends one of his own men flying with a direct attack after annoying him. Beel was touched on the head by Kanzaki. Oga realized that Kanzaki was rejected as Beel did not react, and in retaliation, sent Kanzaki flying.

Leaving Kanzaki's men completely shocked, Oga leaves the area feeling rather disappointed. Oga faces Himekawa, the second member of Touhoushinki.

The next step for Oga was handling the other menacing forces of Ishiyama. The second step was Tatsuya Himekawa, another thug who uses his money and influences to gain dominance. Since when had he become such a wuss!

oga and aoi relationship goals

Since when had he allowed what others said or thought to stop him from doing whatever he wanted! Well, enough was enough. Oga Tatsumi was a man! And as a man he would do and have what he wanted, and he didn't give a damn what anyone else had to say about it.

And right now he wanted Aoi Kunieda's lips pressed hard against his. So, Oga Tatsumi took what he wanted, and so deeply desired. Aoi let out a soft gasp that slipped easily into Oga's mouth, causing him to groan slightly at the petal-soft taste and feel of Aoi's lips pressed against his. Aoi's eyes slipped shut and she breathed out slowly, as she lightly moved her lips against Oga's. A soft moan threaded lightly passed her lips, as she felt Oga slip his free hand into the ebony strands of her hair, pressing against the back of her head, pushing the two of them closer together.

So deeply were Aoi and Oga kissing, and so enraptured with each other they were, that they failed to notice two very crucial things that happened simultaneously. One was the frying pan that was thrown with terrifyingly, deadly precision that bounced once The second and by far most important thing that the two had missed while they were so deeply engrossed with each other's lips, was the fact that Baby Beel was still being held tightly in Aoi's arms.

Alarm bells started wailing as Baby Beel's watery eyes began to spin, while small blue sparks of electricity began lancing off of him. Oga grabbed Baby Beel from Aoi's arms just in time to prevent her from taking the full force of Beel's electric-cry attack, while Oga himself cried out and twitched spasmodically while he was shocked to within an inch of his life.

When it was all over, Oga opened his mouth and let a small puff of smoke escape his lips, while he gave Aoi a slightly crooked, half-burnt smile. Aoi blushed prettily as she nodded, and reached her hands forward to once again take a now-relaxed Baby Beel back from Oga's lightly-crisped arms.

She gently ran her fingers soothingly through Beel's short, green hair causing the young Demon Lord to warble happily before his little eyes began blinking sleepily. Baby Beel then fully closed his eyes and drifted peacefully off to sleep.

Aoi smiled brightly up at Oga, which caused all the air in his lungs to whoosh out at the stunning sight. She then gave her boyfriend a quick wink, before she turned around and with a sashaying swing of her hips, made her way towards the kitchen.

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Oga found himself following that light sway with his eyes, before he shook himself lightly, and looked down at the half-melted bag of groceries still in his hand. He sighed deeply as he knew his mother She is later seen along with the Red Tail assisting Oga get to Toujou by using a wooden halberd, clearing a path for him from the delinquents blocking his way. He fails to realize she is Aoi Kuneida, only remembering her as the girl from the park, and invites her for ice cream.

She then, in a rush, came up with the name Aoi Kunie. He became interested and asked Oga to shake hands only to suddenly toss Oga before challenging him to a test of strength. Aoi butts in yelling at her grandfather, only to be interrupted when he realizes his package was stolen. Just as her grandfather was about to beat up the delinquents, she suggests he look behind them and seemingly falls from the cliff. He states that he sees potential in Oga and that he's free to come to their dojo and become stronger, accepting him as a possible grandson-in-law much to Aoi's embarrassment before walking away with her.

Tatsumi Oga

Due to the school being destroyed, Aoi and some of the students are transferred to the sister school Saint Ishiyama High where she is placed next to Oga's seat. When Oga and Furuichi stumble into Teimou territory and they held Kazuya and Azusa hostages, Aoi rescued them and assists in Oga's fight.

She and Oga were both asked to go see Kido due to this incident and both were forced to make sure to keep Ishiyama students from causing trouble otherwise they'll both be expelled. After their meeting Aoi follows Oga who wanted to visit Kazuya in class. When they found out Kazuya isn't there Aoi tried to get Oga back to class but he said he wanted to ask about the Rokkisei.

As soon as Oga said Rokkisei the whole class got scared and Shinjo and Sakaki appear in front of them. As soon as Aoi tried to reason with them, they stated that they are doing this as punishment Sakaki attacks Aoi with his bamboo sword. Aoi managed to dodge but he still cut some of her hair. Aoi asks Azusa for a ruler and prepares to fight back. As Sakaki attacks Aoi, she easily cuts his sword. Shinjo then faces Oga, but Oga only ask him riddles while getting punched. Unable to dodge he ask Aoi to hold Beel and tells her he won't fight back but don't stray more than 15 meters away from him.

She misunderstands and assumes it means stay close to him. When Oga dodges and stops one of Shinjo punches, he answers his riddle correctly. Oga was hoping Beel was watching only to realize that Beel fell asleep in Aoi arms. When Shinjo and Sakaki walk away both Aoi and Oga return to class. While returning Aoi was wondering why were the Rokkisei able to freely fight back without and trouble from the teachers and Oga realizes that Beel is completely attached to Aoi and once again asks if she can just be his mother much to her embarrassment.

Aoi holding a ruler in the anime. When back in class they both realize Kanzaki is missing. When they were told that he went out to find the ones who injured Shiroyama so badly that he had to be hospitalized, they immediately rush and try to find him only to find him defeated in class by Miki. After getting Kanzaki out and listening to Miki telling them to meet in the rooftop if they want to fight. Back in class, an argument ensues between Nene and Himekawa. Aoi stops them, only to find both Himekawa and Natsume seem to just leave it be and 'go home'.

Aoi, Himekawa, and Natsume appear behind him, ready stand up for Ishiyama and their comrades. Sakaki attacks Aoi without hesitation, even though she was unarmed, only to be stopped by Himekawa and block one of Miki's attacks directed at him.

She manages to counter Miki despite getting hit. Before they could fight Oga steps in and asks Aoi to hold Beel for him. She tries to warn Oga of Miki's techniques only for him to ask if she believes he would lose, she tells him no. For the rest of the match she observes, and was surprised when Tojo, Izuma, and Shizuka appear. Tojo was ready to fight, but was forced to stop by Izuma, and Shizuka stated that the police was here. The next day she along with Oga, Furuichi, Kanzaki, Natsume, Himekawa, and Tojo were told to be expelled for fighting.

Aoi tries to convince them to not expel the others and at least punish the Rokkisei as well for fighting, only to be told that they were given the authority to use violence against anybody in the school especially the students of Ishiyama. They would have been expelled if it wasn't for Himekawa reasoning they no longer have any reason to not fight back against the Rokkisei and was postpone.

They made a deal that in a couple of days there with be a festival and they will have to face the Rokkisei in a sport match. If they win they won't get expelled and the Rokkisei would lose their authority in the school. Back in class, she get a shock when she realizes that Hilda has been transferred into their class and tries to argue with her for choosing her seat to be in front of Oga.

Later she was informed that the sport match would be volleyball.

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She at first tries to get everyone to attend for practice but fails. Hilda easily manipulate everyone to come for practice for revenge trick everyone in thinking that the Rokkisei were insulting them during practice.

Aoi as part of the volleyball team. During practice everyone was doing good but still working as a team as well as arguing who is the leader. Hilda makes a proposition that whoever can return her serves will be the leader. Everyone was intimidated by the speed and strength of Hilda's serve except for Aoi, who volunteers to do it. She missed the first one, but after focusing, she returned back the second one, only to hit the net.

Impressed, everyone willingly decided that Aoi was most suited to be a leader and started playing as a team. Over the next few days, they continued to train till the day of the match.

During the match they had a bad start, since Oga and Tojo didn't know the rules and cheated. They manage to make a comeback by using Beel as part their plan to cheat. It was successful at first but Izuma uses his demonic power in a serve that cause Aoi to stand down temporary.

When sitting down Hilda as what she thinks of that man Izuma but she misunderstands and thought she was talking about Oga. She stated that she interested in Oga and tried to hide it saying as a friend and it was nice doing things with everyone. She then came to realize that she enjoyed it when everyone was working together and she doesn't want them to be apart.

Due to Aoi being absent from the team, everyone starts to fall apart. She realizes this and quickly makes a comeback, encouraging everyone to win.

oga and aoi relationship goals

She stated that Izuma was strong but compared to Hilda it was nothing, not to long everyone seem to have improve and didn't even need to cheat.