Meet my flatmates new zealand

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meet my flatmates new zealand

Find a flatmate or a room to rent anywhere in New Zealand. If you need a flatmate you can list your ad here. There's nothing worse than getting two flatmates for the price of one. a great way to meet the love of your life, thus ensuring you never have to. There were three flatmates, two bunnies and a big garden that was, for the $ a week last year, I would have struggled to make ends meet.

There were three flatmates, two bunnies and a big garden that was, for the most part, well kept. In the tiny box of a room that could have been mine, sun poured through the windows.

How To Find a Flat in New Zealand

But it was still cold and musty. Only one of the three tenants was home when I dropped in.

meet my flatmates new zealand

She was also a young student, but, she explained, the other two flatmates were much older. This was not a student flat, she said. Everyone kept to themselves and had their own very different schedules.

6 Resources to Find a Room to Rent in New Zealand

I felt like this would be a solitary life. My family can afford to live in Auckland and for my first year of university, I lived at home, in Devonport. I balanced studying with working a part time job, as is the student tradition.

I even saved some money.

No-one wants a grey-haired flatmate |

So, I began searching for a rental on TradeMe, obsessively sharing links with friends, imagining the fun of us all flatting together like my parents and their friends did when they were students.

But renting a house with your friends tends to cost more than looking for single rooms in a pre-established flat on TradeMe. Soon, I became acquainted with grainy photos of grungy bathrooms in overpriced properties.

A lot of heating was needed during the cold, damp Auckland winters and a chunk of the cost came from paying someone to mow the lawn, that was bigger than the house itself, each month. Nationwide, the number of available rentals has halved in the 12 months since Decemberaccording to data from Trade Me.

In Auckland, there were 35 percent fewer rental properties on the market than at the same time inwhile in Wellington, there were 70 percent fewer properties for rent.

meet my flatmates new zealand

The author's father, David Slack pointinghorsing about in the s. A one bedroom inner-city apartment? A three bedroom house a long commute from campus?

meet my flatmates new zealand

Where properties used to cost three times the average annual income, they now cost 10 times that much. The amount that this adds to a student loan makes the idea of moving out seem completely unattainable for so many.

This is a rare find, given this person is usually found in said cave. But everyone needs a new house sometimes, which is what forces this enigma to emerge. If you're happy with a room in your house being designated to their entire being, and the walls rotting as a result, then you're in luck with this one. Mr Popular Watch out for: The one who's too cool to hang at home. Who even are you?

meet my flatmates new zealand

We wouldn't know, since you're never here. Look out for telltale signs such as talking about all the parties they go to, all the restaurants their friends own, and all their Instagram followers.

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The one with job perks Keep an eye out for: Someone who works in an area involving many free goods. There is no shame in giving someone an interview just because they work in Coca Cola's marketing department.

How To Find a Flat in New Zealand - Backpacker Guide New Zealand

We recommend sticking to hostels until you find yourself a job, then move into a flat close to work to save on the expense of commuting. You also might meet a coworker who knows someone looking for a flatmate, which will save you a lot of hassle. Make sure to ask about the following: Cost of the rent, power bill, and bond? What is the move-in date?

meet my flatmates new zealand

Number of people allowed in the place? Where are the closest bus stops? Is it fully furnished? For the smokers out there, where can you or can you not smoke?

You will also want to get a bit of information about your landlord, such as contact details, dates of the property inspections, how to go about maintenance, and what is the waste policy in the building?

Check that everything works, such as appliances oven, fridge, washing machine, etc. When you first move into the flat, make sure to write down any damage and marks to on the walls, floors or ceilings. Check if there is any damage to the furniture because yes, you will want a fully furnished place! Where to look for a flat?