Sports meet inauguration speech definition

Sports Event Opening Speech

sports meet inauguration speech definition

CHIEF GUEST'S SPEECH GIVEN AT th PRIZE GIVING ON 27 NOV 10 BY The day she left was the day Mr. Mathur had difficulty getting full attendance. but not in the narrow sense of wanting to only impart knowledge and information so that his students could excel in class and sports. . It defined my working life. Speech on the occasion of. Opening Ceremony - th Session. Sochi, 4 February They are longing for their day of competition. after the dissolution of the USSR, no longer had a winter sports centre. Russian Respect means that we all fight together against any form of discrimination on grounds of. Southwest University of Science and Technology sports day opening ceremony. Field days (American English) or Sports days (British English) are events staged by many.

Sports Day We are all in this together! Students made their entrance in high spirits and took part in the opening ceremony as their parents watched at the side.

sports meet inauguration speech definition

Students were divided into team red and team blue, which are two theme colors of GIS. In high spirits students walked in, face painted with colored designs. Opening Speech Sherri and Amanda hosted the opening using English and Chinese respectively, which led parents into our international bilingual environment. Director Matthew Cox went on to give a very interesting speech, in which he encouraged students to develop the sportsmanship of accepting challenges and overcome obstacles.

Bring in Athletic Spirit Today is more than just a sports day. It is a day in which our students try to develop sportsmanship, build their body and learn to be life-long learners that are energetic, competitive and great team players. All participants finished the course with great interest and passion. Sack Race The Sack Race is a very intensive event.

Students enjoyed the sweating and had the opportunity to practice their vertical jump in the process. Long jump Each event saw our students did the best they could. We did not like all of our teachers; and I am sure they did not like us all the time. And Some of others who are not with us like mr Dalmal, the Vice Principlal and a quiet disciplinarian, my housemasters, Mr.

Chatterjee of Jaipur House and Mr. Saxena of Rajasthan, Mr. Joshi, the cricket coach whose ability to turn the ball was legendary and whose outbursts were less subtle than Mr. He of course intended to say I would be kicked out of the cricket eleven but the poor batsman thought it was directed at him and he started walking. He was promptly stumped. Joshi would be pleased to know that I did recover my length, pace and direction at Oxford and was for a brief while in the cricket team.

sports meet inauguration speech definition

Brief not because I was kicked out but because by then girls had become a more dominant priority than sports. When I reflect on these teachers - I have one thought — teaching was their profession but it was also their mission.

They took pride in the achievements of their students. They loved their students. Contrast that with what we occasionally read in the papers these days. School where Principals have been so harsh in their punishment that students have ended up in hospital. I have had a career that has straddled the Public and Private Sectors.

And on the rare occasion I am able to drag my 15 year old daughter away from her internet, ipod and the cell phone for a serious father-daughter conversation, I try and impress upon her three simple messages distilled from now almost 35 years of professional experience. I will share these messages with you.

I run a large business today. But business did not run in my veins. I come from a family of civil servants. Generations of my family have been in public service. First before independence for the state of Mewar or Udaipur and then after independence as diplomats and civil administrators. It was a surprise to no one therefore when I too joined the Indian Administrative Service in July That was always assumed to be my destiny.

It was however a great shock to everyone when 18 months later I handed in my resignation to the Collector, Jaipur.

I was then the Assistant Collector under training. They were shocked for many reasons. First I did not have another job.

Annual Sports Day Celebrated by classes III to V - Delhi Public School (DPS) Srinagar

I was in effect giving up a safe, secure and hugely prestigious career for unemployment. Second, I could not provide a satisfactory explanation to anyone for my drastic decision. I had not suffered political interference — I was too junior for that. I had not come across any instances of corruption and dishonesty — in fact my collector was an extraordinary person and represented in my mind the very qualities that attracted me to the service.

I had enjoyed the few months that I had spent in the field and was convinced that the IAS offered a unique opportunity for people at a young age to get meaningfully engaged with development. And last but hardly the least I had been assigned my home state — Rajasthan and so could look forward to a working life close to family and friends. Notwithstanding all of this I did resign and I did refuse to buckle under the considerable pressure put on me by family and friends to retract this decision.

Why did I do it. Even to this day almost 32 years later I cannot give a cogent answer. All I can say is that I knew in my gut that I had made a mistake; I knew in my instinct that while the IAS offered a fantastic career it did not suit my temperament or aspiration. Simply put I resigned because I listened to my heart and not my head. The important point is that was and is the best and most important decision that I have ever made.

sports meet inauguration speech definition

It defined my working life. And I have never regretted it not for a moment.

Annual Sports Day Celebrated by classes III to V

Had I not recognized it as such I would have spent my working life in the wrong profession. To find this next step even when the hopes with which one started out have been dashed; to not to panic but to look forward and to retain the conviction that there will always be a second chance — a third chance.

There is no universal prescriptions for meeting this challenge but I do believe two factors are critical. These were the reasons I found that next step s. One, education and learning and the second hard work and perseverence. My mother had always insisted that I should complete my education before settling into a career.

Her logic was simple.

Sports day

The world is changing; it is getting more competitive and whilst there are enormous opportunities to be had these opportunities will only be available to those who have the right skills and capabilities; the knowledge and learning to respond and adapt to the unexpected and the self confidence to take risks.

I did what my mother advised and completed my graduate degrees in Energy and Economics before sitting for the IAS. That degree and the specialized knowledge that I acquired gave me the self confidence that sooner rather than later the furore surrounding my resignation would subside and that I would indeed find the next step. Of course, education and learning can only provide the directions. They cannot guarantee that you will be successful in finding the next step.

For that you need hard word, discipline and perseverance. How many of you know that Thomas Edison tested different materials to select just one tiny part of the light bulb that he invented; that J.

Rowlings the author of he Harry Potter books had her manuscript rejected 12 times before someone finally decided to publish it. That Sachin Tendulkar combined 4 — 6 hours of cricket practice with his school work every day.