Milton soccer academy seniors meet

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milton soccer academy seniors meet

Additional Rules and Regulations applicable to Senior Soccer. Rule I: Name Players must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years of age as of. Additional Rules and Regulations applicable to Senior Soccer Any team using players not registered with Milton Soccer Academy shall forfeit the game Players must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years of age as of December. For parents who are unable to attend the meeting on Saturday at a.m.. GAME SCHEDULE. p.m. 3rd Girls' Soccer vs. Class III parents and students: Optional presentation on semester programs—Mountain School, CITYterm.

Teams have the choice of reporting to the Athletic Center at Milton to use the facilities or report directly to Cunningham Park.

milton soccer academy seniors meet

Please let Scott Bosworth which you decide. There are restrooms at CP but there are fewer than at MA. MA will have a trainer present at all races. Teams should locate themselves here for warm-ups, etc.

milton soccer academy seniors meet

The start and finish are adjacent to each other in the lower field below the baseball fields and park center. The start takes you through an open soft grass field to a small asphalt walkway along side the swimming pool.

Runners will leave this walkway heading out and around a large playing field being sure to stay on the outside perimeter of the fields.

milton soccer academy seniors meet

Staying straight the runners will ascend a short but fairly steep hill leading to an open park field. This hill is covered with pine needles and has some roots to be careful of.

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Runners will proceed straight across the field and road joining a wide path into the woods. This path starts out smooth, leads to some hard gravel and rocks and then onto soft pine bedding. Exiting the piney wood, runners will take a hard left up a grass utility strip through the woods. This wide open dirt path starts with a small hill then levels out nicely. The runners will then be directed to take a right back onto the path that lead them into the woods. Runners will stay on this flat park road, passing the lawn bowling facility, until they are directed to head back up the short but steep hill they ran up earlier.

milton soccer academy seniors meet

Runners must stay on the road until they take the left back up the hill. Runners will repeat the same exact loop from this point forward. It will be marked. The small road will proceed over another small bridge with white railings. This will lead runners back onto the field that they started in and through the shoot to the right of the start. Turn slight left onto Gun Hill Street.

milton soccer academy seniors meet

Turn Left onto Pleasant Street. Stay Straight to go onto Edge Hill Road. The assistant manager is to provide back-up in the absence of the team manager. Managers are responsible for ensuring all players are aware of the Rules and Regulations. Managers are responsible for all communication within the team and from the club, and must have regular access to e-mail to receive league updates.

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Team managers are accountable for the return of all uniforms to the club at the end of the season in good working order. Playing Rules The game rules for the end of season tournament are different than the regular season league rules. A set of tournament rules and regulations will be made available before the tournament. A team will be allowed up to fifteen 15 minutes after the game starting time to produce seven 7 players on a the field, and if at the end of this time, the team cannot produce 7 players, the game is forfeited, resulting in a loss by default.

In the indoor league, a team will be allowed until 10 minutes past the posted start time to produce 4 players. If after 10 minutes past the scheduled start the team does not have a minimum of 4 players, the team will forfeit the game with a loss. If a game is abandoned because a team cannot field enough players, it will default with a loss regardless of the actual score.

Each Team Captain is required to produce a completed Game Sheet before the start of the game to the referee. Completed game sheets include the full name of each registered player on the team who will be playing in the game, their corresponding uniform number and initials, the date, time, location of the game and the signature of a representative of the team.

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Home team is responsible for providing a game ball to Official before kick-off. Teams can substitute without limits at: Any offensive throw-in defending team can substitute only if offensive team does At a goal kick both teams can change Beginning of half When game has been stopped due to an injured player at the discretion of the referee and only the injured player can be substituted After a goal is scored There will be two 45 minute halves.

A shorter time may be decided upon by the 2 teams and referee prior to the start of the game. No slide tackling is permitted at any time. Summer rules will be in effect for the entire season. Summer rules are as follows: If one team is short players but not less than 7the opposing team may play up to 2 more players but not more than In the absence of a referee the teams may appoint a referee. The score and decisions of the appointed referee will stand.