Logan lerman meet bill shower

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logan lerman meet bill shower

I thought the chemistry between Logan Lerman (the kid) and Aaron Eckhart (Bill) was fantastic! they both did a great job with their role, and stole the whole show. Meet Bill Reviews I think that Logan Lerman has a lot of potential to be a great actor and Olyphant plays the smug arrogant guy so well. a serious reverse Lolita thing going on with The Kid that makes me feel like I need to take a shower. Meet Bill - Logan Lerman Sexy Dance. Horoui. Loading Unsubscribe from Horoui? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working SubscribeSubscribed.

Bill is unhappy with his life and dreams of trading in his job at his father-in-law's bank for running his own doughnut shop. Then, two things happen. First, Bill is roped into being a mentor to a high school kid Logan Lerman. Second, Bill finds out his wife Jessica Elizabeth Banks is cheating on him.

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Let me digress for a moment. The high school kid in Bill doesn't have a name and is, in fact, listed in the credits only as "The Kid". If you ever write a screenplay, on behalf of everyone who might ever read it, I beg you to please, please, please give all of your characters actual names. You might think it's cute and clever to have one just be called "The Kid" or something, but it's not. It's stupid and aggravating.

logan lerman meet bill shower

People, whether close friends or relative strangers, call each other by their names all the time and it's both very noticeable and irritating when a script goes out of its way to avoid that. I don't care if you think the character being nameless has some thematic significance. Returning to the movie, Bill freaks out when he discovers Jessica is sleeping with a cheesy local news anchor. He beats the guy up and gets thrown in jail.

logan lerman meet bill shower

Bill also moves out of his own huge house and into his gay brother's equally huge home. He hangs out with The Kid, who tries to help Bill loosen up and enjoy life.

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Bill also takes up swimming and keeps trying to finagle his way into owning that doughnut shop. There's also a sex tape, a big party where everything goes wrong and a pointless subplot where The Kid keeps hitting on this lingerie store clerk Jessica Alba. Not that hitting on Jessica Alba is pointless, but it serves absolutely no purpose in the story.

The things that happen in this movie either don't make sense or you don't care about them if they do. It can be dull at times but it doesn't drag the movie down too much and the whole Alba-Lerman thing just doesn't work for me.

logan lerman meet bill shower

However, the biggest flaw IMO is the ending, or lack thereof. As a native St.

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It did not have a pat ending, quite the opposite in fact. I enjoyed where Eckhart ended up, just not the two hours it took to get him there.

logan lerman meet bill shower

The pacing was way off. For the first quarter of the movie I was just trying to keep a mental tally of all these characters they kept mentioning but never showing. He owns a bank, but is treated like a mail clerk?

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Who is his brother and why does everyone keep asking about him? Overall relationships were too long in being established, and even then some were fairly flimsy.

logan lerman meet bill shower

It's hard to root for a protagonist who is as whipped as Eckhart is through much of this movie. I understand conflict is necessary for character development, but utter spinelessness does not make a compelling everyman.

As if to make up for Eckhart's ever put upon loser, The Kid is unbelievably brash and unrealistically successful at it.