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meet the robinsons villains wiki ultron

They didn't meet up for all those other times the world was about to be It felt like the Avengers were actually evolving as characters, and through a way that. Jul 12, Electric Eel - Villains Wiki - villains, bad guys, comic books, anime. With Jason Behr, Amanda Brooks, Robert Forster, Craig Robinson. .. a Faustian bargain with an unscrupulous sea-witch in order to meet a human prince on land. . Marvel Releases Official Poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron, Continues to. Heed my words, Goob; Don't let it go. Michael "Goob" Yagoobian (also known as the Bowler Hat Guy) is the central antagonist of Disney's 47th full-length animated feature film Meet the Robinsons. He is often seen wearing a bowler hat and suit.

meet the robinsons villains wiki ultron

The Avengers pull a surprise attack and trap each member of the Squadron Supreme one by one. Nighthawk is desperate to win. He tries blowing up the planet by having Hyperion absorb Nuke's powers and destroy the planet's core. Nighthawk tries to flee to find another planet. Iron Man defeats Nighthawk. The rest of the Avengers stop Hyperion from blowing up the Earth. The Squadron Supreme is imprisoned in a special section of the Vault. Ultron Revolution The Avengers are forced to cancel their expansion plans and Ant-Man goes solo again due to a lack of global threats.

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After dealing with A. Now Ultron is seeking revenge on the Avengers for foiling his plans with the Infinity Gems' power, while continuing his plot to replace humanity with robots.

One plot to eliminate humanity involved the attack on the Inhumans ' city of Attilan where he planned to use Black Bolt to power his cannon which ended with Black Widow and Hulk throwing the Terrigen Mist into the cannon resulting in some the humans who are Inhuman descendants to undergo their Terrigenesis including the fiery Inferno and superhero fangirl Kamala Khan who gains shape-shifting powers while taking on the mantle of Ms.

One subplot details Baron Helmut Zemoson of Captain America's old nemesis Baron Heinrich Zemofinding a working vial of the Super-Soldier Serum and uses it on himself to gain the youth and strength to face the Avengers defeat and destroy them in order to avenge his father's death.

But after being saved from death by Hawkeye during the robbery and seeing what it's like be a hero, Songbird convinces the rest of the team to turn on Zemo.

meet the robinsons villains wiki ultron

Together, the Avengers and Thunderbolts expose Zemo and defeat him. The Avengers must also contend with Kang the Conqueror when he arrives in the present following his brief fight with Iron Man in his time and discovering that some A. Agents have been using his technology to upgrade some supervillain gear like they did to Whiplash and Spymaster.

meet the robinsons villains wiki ultron

When most of the Avengers follows Kang the Conqueror back to his time, the Avengers team up with an elderly Thor, a future Black Widow named Layla, and a group of rebels in order to fight the forces of Kang the Conqueror. Marvel, and Vision as the Mighty Avengers. Marvel get mind-controlled through the disks by Ultron posing as Truman Marsh as he starts the Ultron Revolution.

When the Inhumans are freed from the mind-control, Ultron plans to collect radiation to "sanitize" Earth of all human life. With help from Doctor Strange at the time when Ultron takes control of Iron Man's body, the Avengers were able to place Iron Man in a no-tech dimension until they can find a way to drive Ultron out.

Setting up in an abandoned S.

Bowler Hat Guy

Secret Wars The Avengers' plans to bring Tony Stark back from another dimension experience a major setback when a new version of the Cabal consisting of LeaderArnim ZolaEnchantressExecutionerand Kang the Conqueror is formed, with Leader, the head of the group, destroying the communication link with Stark and planning to use his Static Expander device on the captive Avengers. Marvel, Vision, and Wasp.

Even though Leader is defeated, Enchantress and Arnim Zola reveal that Leader is not the true leader of the Cabal as they activate the fail-safe that activates the Static Expander to scatter the captive Avengers across time and space. Before disappearing, Captain America instructs Black Panther's group to continue in their place until they can be found and brought home.

The New Avengers work to find a way to bring the Avengers home while combating various threats in their place. After Jane Foster locates the Avengers, she provides the New Avengers special tether bracelets to send them to rescue the Avengers from each location where a member of the Cabal is overseeing.

Marvel free Thor from the Enchantress' control on her icy asteroid kingdom in deep space. Afterwards, both teams return to Earth to find that the Cabal's true leader Loki has taken over Earth with the Casket of Ancient Winters and the use of a swarm of dragons, an army of Frost Trolls and the World Breaker ships that will destroy Earth upon his signal. Both teams of Avengers defeat Loki and imprison him in their base as he vows that his plans aren't over.

Goob is shown as a much happier person afterwards, no longer having a reason to be so furious. He is seen carrying around his trophy and getting adopted by the Hendersons, a couple that had previously interviewed Lewis and having an amicable goodbye with Lewis when he leaves the orphanage. It's completely unknown what will happen with Goob in the future, but given thanks to Lewis that he won the baseball game and was saved from became evil, he never transformed into the Bowler Hat Guy and surely became a more nicer and succesful person.

Disney Parks Upon the release of the film, the Bowler Hat Guy made meet-and-greet appearances throughout some of the Disney theme parks.

meet the robinsons villains wiki ultron

He usually appeared alongside Lewis and Wilbur. Why are you doing this to me?

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I never did anything to you! You still haven't figured it out! Let's see if this rings a bell - Father of the future, inventor extraordinaire, "Keep moving forward"? That's not me, that's Wilbur's dad! Bowler Hat Guy stares at him expectantly. Lewis' eyes go wide in realization: Are you saying that Oh, Give the boy a prize!

You grow up to be the founder of this wrenched time So I planned to destroy your destiny!

meet the robinsons villains wiki ultron

Easy-peasy, rice and cheesy! Bowler hat guy removing his cloak revealing his tiny, filthy Little League Baseball uniform Yes! Yes, it is I, Mike Yagoobian! Lewis gasps I know, I'm disgusting. But one learns to love it. How did you end up like this? Well it's a long pitiful story, about a young boy with a dream. We lost by one run because of me. Goob wakes up and finds himself surrounded by his teammates as they began to beat him up Baseball kid: Goob angrily telling his day at the orphanage to many parents: If I hadn't fallen asleep, I would have caught the ball!

And we would have won!! For some reason, no one wanted to adopt me. Reporter over radio as Goob listens: Whiz kid Cornelius Robinson graduates from college at age 14 - This year's Nobel Prize goes to a young Cornelius Robinson Goob walks through the hallway as student greet him but was too angry to notice Student 1: Cool binder Hey Goob, want to come over to my house today?

They all hated me. Eventually, they closed down the orphanage and everyone left Years go by as Goob listens on the radio of Lewis' successes and comes to a realization. It was then that I realized it wasn't my fault. If you hadn't kept me up all night working on your stupid project, then I wouldn't have missed the catch, So I devised a brilliant plan to get my revenge.

Then, just as I was on the brink of destroying Robinson Industries, I met 'her'. We retreated to our villainous lair, where Doris spun a tale of deception and woe. Apparently, you invented her to be a helping hat, a slave to humankind But Doris knew she was capable of so much more! Doris' eye turns red and pulls herself over the lab assistant's eyes and controlling him However, you didn't see her true potential So you shut her down Doris reactivates herself, breaks free from the glass incasing and secretly escapes from Robinson industries We both had a score to settle with you, and while my plan for revenge was brilliant, Doris' was Showing her the Science fair flyer Together we made the perfect team.

On a stormy night, Goob and Doris arrive at Lewis' home with Doris putting her night vision goggles, spying on Wilbur Franny: Wilbur, make sure you shut that door tight, or else the alarm won't engage. Wilbur leaves without closing the door all the way I went to your house, snuck in the garage, and stole the time machine.

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All thanks to that pointy-haired little kid who forgot to lock the garage door. Mike Yagoobian laughs maniacally as the flashback ends And now, all that's left is to return to Inventco, where I'll pass off your little gizmo as my own.

But you have no idea what that could do to this future! I just want to ruin your life! Anderson, director of the film as well as providing the voice of Bowler Hat Guy, also did the voices of Bud and Tallulah Robinson. He was originally supposed to be voiced by Jim Carrey, who rejected it because he was going to star in the film The Number In the film, there is no confirmed explanation of what became of Goob in the altered timeline created by Doris, though it is likely that Doris either enslaved him or killed him.

The former, however, is extremely unlikely, as the only use that Goob had for Doris was that he was the only one who could present the memory scanner to Inventco because Doris was not going to be able to do so as it was a robotic hat. Having had possession of one of the two time machines, Goob could have went back in time and prevent his younger self from falling asleep during the baseball game as long as Doris was not watching him since this would cause Goob and Doris' alliance to lose purpose and Doris needed Goob to accomplish her plans.

It could be that Goob didn't have enough common sense or he found more satisfaction in following Doris. This was explored in an alternate ending of the film, when after Lewis emerged into the meeting room with the time machine, he brought the Bowler Hat Guy back in time to the day of the game. As the winning catch was thrown, Bowler Hat Guy yelled to his younger self to awaken, resulting in him making the winning catch.

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Bowler Hat Guy celebrates this, and realizes that all along, he didn't have to destroy Lewis' future, but only had to wake himself up. He shudders as he realizes how very little he thought everything through, but then sincerely thanks Lewis, who replies that it was his pleasure. Bowler Hat Guy then fades from existence, and Doris follows a moment later as Lewis says that he's never going to invent her.