Meet the presidentiables tv5 duterte announcement

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meet the presidentiables tv5 duterte announcement

Years after, I've found out that Duterte, who was then serving his first term as . The pressure to create works, meet deadlines through sleepless nights I thought he was not serious to run until he announced that he will finally run for office and looking at the lineup of presidentiables and the situation of the. The presidential candidates (not in order) – VP Binay, Sen. The forum was led by TV5's Luchi Cruz-Valdes and joined by panellists – Atty. Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in Go Negosyo's Meet te Presidentiables Forum. # negosyotalks · ABA · ABIS · All · Announcements from partners. LIVE: Miriam Defensor-Santiago meet and greet with supporters Miriam Defensor . After a long absence from the Senate following her announcement in July that she Santiago eyes Duterte, Poe as possible running mate for - YouTube .. to Duterte-Miriam 'love team' While some of the presidentiables traded barbs.

Motorists and peddlers negotiate San Andres Street in Manila after a sudden downpour on Sunday afternoon. Vergara ran for the third district of nueva ecija and won by a slim margin of 2, votes against Umali.

Piccio had since elevated the petition to the comelec and the court of Appeals. How can it declare the petition was lacking in merit and at the same time safely claim that it has no jurisdiction over the matter?

meet the presidentiables tv5 duterte announcement

Piccio said the Umali camp has found new documentary evidence that would prove Vergara and her party falsified documents to comply with comelec eligibility requirements. A recent study by the University of the Philippines school of economics showed that while a decrease in corporate income tax rate will initially lead to lower corporate income tax collection, the offset will come in the form of greater net collections given the projected increase in investments when corporate income tax rates are reduced.

Andanar said duterte, known for his simplicity, opted against a fancy presidential inauguration on June Andanar said the inauguration will also be historic as it will be the first ceremony of its kind in Asia to be streamed live via the popular social media platform Facebook.

A vendor sells tinapa smoked fisha favorite dish of local Muslims during the month of Ramadan, near the Golden Mosque in Quiapo, Manila. Duterte said that up to 12 phone numbers can be used anywhere in the country to access him 24 hours a day and will be manned by persons who will take note of their calls and complaints. Unlike before, Duterte said that even subordinates can now tell on the illegal acts of their superiors through the phone lines.

In previous speeches, Duterte reiterated that among the government agencies that he is targeting to rid of corruption are the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Bureau of Customs, Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Works and highways.

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The modules on TIP, being encapsulated, will allow us to leverage as a people. Traffic gets snarled for several hours along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City after a streetlight post fell down. Former Comelec Commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal stressed that the Comelec should not dismiss outright the petition made by Consla for the sake of transparency and truthful elections. Chong said he was baffled by the conflicting results of the tally of the PPCRV and the Comelec with regard to Consla considering that they used the same transparency server during the last elections.

Cases of this na- ture cannot be simply ignored or disregarded. Lente executive director, lawyer Rona Ann Caritos said it is the right of Consla to call for an investigation if it believes that it has sufficient evidence to prove vote manipulation in the recently concluded elections.

Caritos, said an explanation from the PPCRV and the Comelec on the supposed discrepancies would build public confidence not only on the process but also on the Comelec as a constitutional body. Why are these being withheld? Aside from asking the Comelec to conduct an investigation, Consla through its lawyer Rodolfo San Diego has also filed a letter-complaint with the PPCRV seeking an explanation for the discrepancy.

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The group anchored its claim of vote manipulation during the last elections on various documents and statements made by witnesses which include a representative from its fellow party-list group, Buhay. Requejo tHree justices of the Court of Appeals have been cleared of administrative case filed by a lawyer who accused them of impartiality.

The riders will ride on the new motorcycle to bring copies of the Holy Bible to public schools in the provinces as their mission. An immediate intervention from the incoming government is needed, tugade said, citing studies from the Japan International Cooperation Agency which said the country loses P2. Proposed emergency powers for the President-elect include favoring direct contracting over public biddings for transportation-related projects, opening private subdivision roads to traffic, and removing transport terminals and public markets located on busy highways.

Belmonte supported the proposal of former President and now Pampanga rep. Gloria Arroyo for the granting of a two-year emergency powers to Duterte.

Arrroyo proposed the Metro Manila traffic Crisis Act oftaking note that the gridlock costs the country billions of pesos a day in fuel use and productivity losses. Volunteers from the newly opened tarlac branch of one network Bank, a rural bank of BDo, have participated in Brigada eskwela as part of community development initiatives supported by BDo Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of BDo unibank.

Buan elemen- tary school, san Vicente elementary school, san nicolas elementary school, the schools Division library and the schools Division records office. BDo branches in Bacolod and Albay also took part in Brigada eskwela. Arlene Dayao, MGB chief geologist, said four of seven cities and 90 of municipalities in Bicol are prone to floods and landslides as indicated by the geo-hazard mapping study conducted by the agency.

This means that more than half or 79 percent of the local government units seven cities and municipalities in Bicol are under threat of flood and landslides. Susceptible to high and moderate landslide occurrences are 52 towns and the cities of Ligao and Sorsogon, while flooding are prone to 43 towns—including the cities of Legazpi, Tabaco, in Albay and Naga in Camarines Sur.

In the moderate category are areas where dwelling and development of institutional, commercial and industrial sites may be allowed subject to detailed engineering geological and geohazard assessment. All of three cities of Albay—Legazpi, Ligao and Tabaco— are vulnerable to flood and landslides as well as 14 of its 15 towns, the MGB geo-hazard map showed.

Domingo, Pio Duran, Polangui and Tiwi. Manito and the island-town of Rapu-Rapu are also landslide-prone areas. In Camarines Sur, 22 of 35 municipalities aside from the city of Naga are prone to flooding and landslides. Magdalena are flood prone. In Catanduanes, prone to landslides and flooding are all of the 11 towns of the island-province: A father in Baguio City brings his children to school by carrying them on his back.

During the two-day congress, participants also discussed evolving trends in education where they examined both modern and traditional knowledge systems, along with partnerships among institutions in various countries around the globe. The typhoon hit over 25, teachers and employees and more thanlearners. Another lawmaker joins push for Mindanao rail system Morning commute. A boat ferries students across the Chico river in Tabuk, Kalinga. Fish under the sun. A man scatters his fresh fish for drying in Agoo, La Union.

Men from the Tuwali tribe race each other aboard their wooden scooters in Banaue, Ifugao. The deed of usufruct will provide the veterans free use and access of the provincial office and lot for a period of 25 years. Carolina noted that the most number of veterans in the country are in Pangasinan. Shabu fastest growing retail industry in Caraga By Alvin T. Shabu is also high in demand in mining areas in in the region due to the higher purchasing power of the people there.

Adults and even minors who dig tunnels for smallscale gold mining operations are said to believe they would not easily get tired if they are high on drugs. He added that drug use is also rampant among trisikad padyak and tricycle drivers, auto and electrical mechanics, electricians, vegetable and fruit vendors, some farmers and fishermen.

Navales confirmed that two young girls aged 10 and 12 years old were recently caught selling shabu on the streets.


They were married on November 16, at St. Pius X Chapel, Manila. They have two 2 biological children, namely Anne Marie, who was born on September 23, and Christine, who was born on November 14, His parents were married on March 3, They have another biological child, Cheryl Joy. He died on March 9, The adoptee, his biological mother and sister, and the biological children of petitioners had executed their respective Affidavits of Consent. Petitioners also allege that the adoptee started living with them on April 16, They provided for all his material and emotional needs.

Petitioners further allege that they have all the qualifications and none of the disqualifications to adopt under the law.

Finding the verified petition to be sufficient in form and substance, the same is set for hearing of June 25, at 8: The Court Social Worker is hereby ordered to prepare and submit a report on the adoptee, his biological mother and sibling, and the adopters and their children within sixty 60 days from receipt of this Order pursuant to Section 12, paragraph 5 of A.

The Petitioners are directed to coordinate with the assigned Court Social Worker for the conduct of the required home and study reports. The petitioners are also directed to furnish the Office of the Solicitor General with a copy of the petition and its annexes. The petitioners are also directed to publish this Order in a newspaper of general circulation once a week for three 3 consecutive weeks to be chosen by raffle, all at their expense.

Makati City, February 12, The crosses and the coffins had been ready, and Mary Jane Veloso probably never imagined she would even see the sun rise again. Shortly before she was due to be shot by firing squad, however, the Indonesian government gave her a reprieve. She lives, for now. It cannot be denied that the surrender of Maria Kristina Sergio on Tuesday to the Nueva Ecija police had much to do with the reprieve.

It was because President Aquino spoke with the Indonesian president that the latter changed his mind, they claim. A sister of the President said she was proud of her brother. Lest we get lost in the jubilation, it would be good to remember a few things. The likely reason she was found guilty, however, was her inability to defend herself.

The Department of Foreign Affairs had no hand in providing her with a lawyer; her counsel was an Indonesian who was not conversant in English. Second, the conviction remains. And unless the Philippine government moves with the same urgency as it has in the past few days — only in the past few days — Veloso may find herself back in that island, saying her goodbyes again, and for real.

It would be doubly tragic if we lose Veloso anyway after this rare chance was given to her. Finally, there are numerous other Filipinos on death row in other countries.

PiliPinas Debates 2016 Round 2

What happened this week reminds us that waiting until the last minute should never be an option. Veloso was lucky this week, but relying on luck is never enough. The Palace should now stop congratulating itself; it must face the more tedious work that lies ahead.

The truth, however, has a way of coming out eventually. Indonesia has a sizable migrant worker population, much like the Philippines. And Widodo is very much aware of the similarities between the case of Veloso and many Indonesians in similarly dire straits. THE nation is in celebration mode.

Who ever thought that one woman would have such a uniting effect on our people? Mary Jane Veloso, formerly part of the faceless and nameless Filipino diaspora, is now in the hearts and minds of every Filipino. And for good reason. And to those who have doubts Sevilla was the third Customs commissioner HANOI, Vietnam—I am in the capital of on the power of prayersthink to leave the agency under the administration of Vietnam as a resource person in a again.

I accepted the invitation because of But the reprieve is just that—temof good governance. Sevilla took over in December aporary. Its before ittheinfiring squad. Congress then drugthe mules already ofput deathand in and simply announced his replacement, a person took appointment thetoChair China, government apparently has comments on FB posts—manythe of Commissioners BBL, underscored theCommission moral right from the private sector with extensive interests of the not learned it to lessons.

None of in several brokerage-related companies. But again, they to are the these points justice and theory First, we needoftosocial modernize respokesman assured the public that there would be Commission on Appointments. Lina, would divest himself of his interest that Chairperson Bautista her comhumble contribution inand saving Mary CALLANGAN nality, they sound the alarm to the in his brokerage company—but said nothing of his bishops were reminded that missioners were notrather among those public Jane was an Application with prayer AQUINO holdings in at least 10 other corporations.

These include the obvious illogicality, but if this judged the Binay case by her line of We can and oughtpower lations. Under this Treaty, the nearest in an administration with only a year left? Or is his investigate, the powerortoa issue is to how our countrymen, good questioning at the oral argument.

Somemake sure the ruling party stays in power after ? I gave resigned under a cloud of suspicion when 2, ofreasonability evaluating performance of set more stringentthe and should us andtask not when the the case wasmake already him onIy curt replies though he container vans vanished from the bureau inthe Commission.

Although seemingly trite, standards for the DOJ did attempt, by leading questions, was a close associate of Lina. International Court ofcan Justice to issue this assessment—an enticement I administration, before he left abruptly as part of the conviction rate, the CHR only investiTracing in broad strokes the hisspaces.

What I did, however, was the Aquino administration. Justice Adolf in their praise for Sevilla, but have shown none of their evidence and ascertaining therefrom the racy to long endure. When Archactually has roots in our democratic ny vs. Nowhere was there had in fact been consistently apa dynamic and factual well-funded encouraged—or compelled—to name names family and popular sovereignty. And there nothing any serious analysis ofis the arguplied by the High Court. The comprovide a detailed account of what on he knows.

HisEcijano failure tradition sions to the end thatinthe controversy may I consider consular every where his plunging popularity, he Novo of seeking notpriceless! Butadvanced, history and the ment no serious examiand The cause they were attacks on me, not ing a stay of clemency for her. This function, to repeat, the criticism, butpublic I am alarmed that thehim.

BoxManilaand Central P. BoxManila Post Subscription.

meet the presidentiables tv5 duterte announcement

Central Post Office, Manila. Domingo Ron Ryan S.

meet the presidentiables tv5 duterte announcement

Angeles Advertising Manager Anita F. Grefal Treasury Manager Edgar M. Valmorida Circulation Manager Rolando G. Estabillo Publisher Rolando G. Estabillo Publisher Jojo A. Robles Editor-in-Chief Jojo A. Robles Editor-in-Chief Ramonchito L.

Tomeldan Managing Editor Ramonchito L. Estonilo Senior Deskman Romel J. Mendez Art Director Romel J. Certainly, a country would not go out of its way to broker peace talks between the Moro rebels and another government just because it loves the faces of the main characters.

Santa Banana, Malaysians would not be doing all these for nothing! We must understand that government officials under Malaysian law are not prohibited from engaging in business. In fact, the Malaysian ruling party is one big Now why would a third party want to broker talks between another government and a rebel group? Malaysia is after joint ventures with the new Bangsamoro juridical entity in rubber and palm oil plantations.

Malaysia is also interested in mining and oil exploration. It all boils down to business. Vice President Jojo Binay, for one, will be the presidential candidate of the opposition under the United Nationalist Alliance.

Senator Panfilo Lacson is also thinking of running for President. But the ratings are not favorable to him. He may just end up as running mate of Binay. The transfer was requested by AmbALC Holding in a petition seeking declaratory relief from the Dagupan City government based on the charges that the sale of McAdore was illegal for not having been approved by the city council.

My gulay, would you believe that Fernandez obtained a court order for the return of the case to the Dagupan RTC? This is a clear case of forum shopping and a mockery and travesty of justice! Santa Banana, it also brings to fore the question: The High Court must do something to assert its supremacy.

It must be something personal. Mass media, after all, is now borderless. Juan Carlo Peregrina of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary in Quezon City, all wrote me their reactions, the gist of which can be grouped into three: With the many various television channels available to the public, I agree that censorship is longer the way to go.

meet the presidentiables tv5 duterte announcement

One was an American and the other was Italian. Both were aid workers. It seems that in spite of the huge budget of the intelligence services of the US that is even bigger than the national budgets of many countries, it failed to ascertain that the two hostages were being kept in the same compound where an Al Qaeda leader was targeted for a drone strike last January. In his TV appearance, President Obama took responsibility and blame for the mistake and apologized on behalf of the American government for the deaths of the two hostages.

This is in contrast to the way our own President handled the Mamasapano encounter. President Aquino has put the blame on almost everyone except himself. Had the President done an Obama, he could have spared the country so much anguish and trauma which is affecting the Philippine National Police to this day. We now have an organization that is manned by many officers-in-charge. Unless the rules have changed since my retirement, an OIC cannot exercise all his prerogatives as commander.

He cannot, for instance, fully exercise his disciplinary powers; there are other limitations. Why this is allowed to continue is difficult to understand. One other negative effect of appointing OICs is what it does to the careers of officers scrambling to be promoted before retiring, when weeks or even a couple of months are vital.

If this situation continues, there will be many officers who will be unable to fulfil their long cherished ambitions to become Police Generals all because of politics or indecision. It would be so short because of his projected retirement on July. But this could not be the only reason because there have been short stints in the past because of the retirement system of the Police and the Military. The likelier reason is politics. Ever since I can remember, the PNP has always been viewed by politicians making a run for national positions as crucial to victory.

Part of the reason for this was that there were individuals or groups who would make their services available to politicians seeking national office in exchange for appointments to senior positions in the PNP should those politicians win. This could explain why not all those appointed as Chief of the PNP were or are necessarily the best of the lot. Closeness is an important consideration— as we saw in the case of Alan Purisima. But the idea that a politician can use the PNP as an institution to influence the outcome of a national election is a fallacy, unless the effort is brazenly open and blatant.

With the stakes of the presidential elections so high, it is understandable that the President and his political allies are timing the appointment of a permanent PNP Chief so that whoever will be appointed will still be there during the May elections. This is a pity.