Cluster meet 2013 riyadh city

Riyadh: Mangalorean teen Hisham Shaik - an emerging cricket star -

cluster meet 2013 riyadh city

A file picture taken on January 1, shows jet fighters of the Saudi Saudi Arabia has previously denied using cluster bombs, HRW said. or at wwwoxfordbusinessgroupscom OXFORD BUSINESS GROUP Saudi Arabia Refreshing efforts: Improving desalination technology to meet water demand international investment continues to rise City slickers: Two new clusters. It has also sold Riyadh millions of dollars' worth of cluster bombs in recent years. The CBU sensor-fuzed weapon has been touted for meeting the the manufacture of 1, CBU weapons to Saudi Arabia in

The weapons were banned in a international treaty that arms sales giants, including the United States and Russia, refused to sign. But a February report by Human Rights Watch cited evidence the weapon was used in two attacks in Yemen, and had a failure rate that exceeded 1 percent.

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The group has investigated at least five attacks in Yemen involving CBUs in four governorates since the war began. In December, the group documented an attack on the Yemeni port of Hodaida that injured a woman and two children in their homes. Two other civilians were wounded in a CBU attack near Amar village, according to local residents and medical staff interviewed by Human Rights Watch.

cluster meet 2013 riyadh city

The final shipment of such weapons can take years to complete, but U. The Saudi Embassy in Washington did not respond to a request for comment.

Exclusive: White House Blocks Transfer of Cluster Bombs to Saudi Arabia

Since Marchwhen Saudi Arabia launched its military campaign against the Houthi rebellion in Yemen, at least 6, people have died, and nearly 3 million have been displaced from their homes. The conflict is often viewed as a proxy battle between Saudi Arabia, which backs the Yemeni government in exile, and Iran, which has provided some support to Houthi rebels, who are part of a Shiite sect.

Though the conflict is in its second year, it is only beginning to be eyed skeptically by U.

cluster meet 2013 riyadh city

Murphy on Thursday also proposed another amendment, along with Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, to impose stricter conditions on future sales of bombs to Saudi Arabia.

Exclusive: White House Blocks Transfer of Cluster Bombs to Saudi Arabia – Foreign Policy

The Saudi Cricket Centre, which is the authorized body of the sport of cricket in Saudi Arabia, has made this selection. He scored classy runs in the qualifying match held in Jeddah.

cluster meet 2013 riyadh city

He then scored three centuries in the season with a batting average of 89 runs. He has been selected in the Saudi Team as an unparalleled opening batsman.

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Hisham has been provided with a lot of opportunities in various parts of the Kingdom to prove his mettle as a brilliant cricket player at his very young age.

He adopted his own style in his cricket play, inspired by the professional cricket players of international teams including of the Indian cricketers. His remarkable batting and bowling fashion leaves the cricket audience mesmerized.

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He is applying himself entirely in the right manner in order to get to in the all-rounder position at a fast pace. His cricket journey continued to be in top form when he was chosen for U cricket team for the Saudi Cricket Talent Hunt Programme.

The event, which was colourfully witnessed with the presence of the cricket celebrity Shahid Afridi, was organized in January, by the Royal Academy of Cricket in Riyadh under the International Cricket Council and Asian Cricket Development Programme.

cluster meet 2013 riyadh city

Hisham showed amazing guts in the match scoring a dashing runs that consisted of 10 fours and 2 sixes including a wicket. He was declared 'Man of the Match' for his runs and 'Player of the Tournament' for scoring runs in 4 innings and taking 6 wickets in the tournament.

Yemen: Saudi Arabia used cluster bombs, rights groups says

He was awarded and recognized by the former captain of Indian Cricket Team, Mohammed Azharuddin, who was the chief guest on the glittering occasion of prize awarding ceremony. Hisham began his cricket career at the age of Since then, he has never looked back from this continous journey. He was exhibiting the game skills in the beginning itself.