Long distance relationship in university

long distance relationship in university

Dec 13, Three-quarters of university students have a long distance relationship at some point. Tips for surviving from someone who knows. Mar 12, Everyone says it, your mum, your mates, your teachers – even UCAS is advising it in their brochures: don't got to uni with a boyfriend or. Dec 13, A long-distance relationship can be difficult, frustrating, and emotionally draining. However, if you put the effort into making it work then it will.

We actually managed to get through the whole of first year and sadly broke up over summer. Do you think that long-distance had a lot to do with the break up?

Long-distance relationships: How to make them work in university

Partly yeah, but also he was just a massive dick. What was the biggest challenge for you? Not seeing each other, and feeling like I was speaking to someone who was living a different life to me. Dealing with someone who was jealous that I was having a good time. After you broke up, did you feel your uni experience changed at all? I think I was much less worried, which meant I was much more myself and I made way more friends.

I was way less worried about making friends with girls as well, because I was worried my girlfriend would think it was crossing a line.

5 Ways To Cope With A Long-Distance Relationship At Uni « Inspiring Interns Blog

People have commented that I seem more present this year. Do you regret not being single when you first came to uni?

So would you advise other people to do the same? It can be done. I would say you need to communicate very well, and see each other as much as you can. Be honest, and make as much effort as possible.

long distance relationship in university

Absolutely try to make it work, because you can make it work. You just need to figure out the best way to do that.

The reasons for the prevalence of these relationships come down to two factors, I think. First, long-distance relationships are now more feasible, thanks to technology that helps keep couples in touch.

While women once saw marriage as the ultimate goal, my peers and I largely entered into long-distance relationships because both partners wanted to pursue their own, separate aspirations. So, what can you do to make your long-distance relationship work? Here are my best survivor tips.

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Always have a plan Develop a strategy for visiting, accounting for both distance and the cost of travel. Who is going to come to whom? Who is paying the bill? These conversations can be awkward, but they are important and will ultimately strengthen your bond. My top advice to people starting a long-distance relationship is to never end a visit without having booked or planned the next one. There is nothing more depressing than leaving someone you love without knowing when you will see them again.

Express your needs To make long distance work, you need to think about what you require to stay happy and functional.

long distance relationship in university