How to deal with issues in a relationship

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how to deal with issues in a relationship

Aug 18, It's often tough to spot potential relationship problems when you're in And how do you plan to deal with this issue the next time it comes up?. Find common relationship problems and solutions from our Relate Counsellors. Use Live Chat for personalised advice, or visit your nearest centre. Do you and your partner go round and round about the same issue? Brainstorm for ideas about ways to deal with the problem – not necessarily to solve it, but.

Other problems are a lot harder to solve. Below, marriage therapists share eight weighty relationship problems that just can't be fixed. You have contempt for each other.

If left unchecked, finger-pointing, sarcasm and contempt will chip away at the foundation of your marriage, said Bonnie Ray Kennana psychotherapist based in Torrance, California.

The 15 Most Common Relationship Problems And How To Fix Each One Of Them

Contempt is so bad, renowned marriage researcher John Gottman has identified it as the single best predicator of divorce. Your partner is needlessly argumentative.

how to deal with issues in a relationship

There will be times when your opinion on an issue is so starkly different from your spouse's, you're downright shocked. Let it be and agree to disagree. As a couple, you need to recognize that no one wins when one of you always has to be right, said relationship coach Lisa Schmidt.

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Being in a relationship with a serial cheater is nothing short of exhausting. The relationship can be repairedbut only if the unfaithful partner is honest about what happened and fully prepared to leave the affair behind. They realize that enough is enough.

Your partner is distant or secretive about where they go when you're not around.

how to deal with issues in a relationship

While time apart is essential in any relationship, what your partner does with their free time shouldn't be some great mystery. There's a difference between privacy and secrecy, said psychologist Susan Heitler. Lack of communication about important matters see: It's not only women who complain about this relationship problem!

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Significant personal disappointments and traumas that lead to a change in relationship dynamics see: Long-term depression or other mental health issues suffered by one partner - or both see: Significant differences with regards to raising the children See: Lack of progress in addressing problems Long-term stress, particularly when not taking responsibility for doing something positive to address the cause, or learning how to deal with it if it can't be changed see: How unmet emotional needs lead to relationship issues A close couple relationship provides an ideal opportunity for many of the essential emotional needs of both partners to be met.

However, relationship problems can occur when one or both of you feel that your needs aren't being met. A marriage or partnership can also become troubled if you either misuse or do not maximise your natural resources. Not taking care of your own emotional needs can lead you to become unhappy and suffer with emotional, mental, social and relationship problems. If you feel that you're not getting enough attention, or if you're demanding too much of it, then problems may start to arise in your relationship.

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Whenever you think people are withholding from you - praise, appreciation, assistance, loving care, and so on - give it to them. You don't have it? Act as if you have it and it will come.

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Then, soon after you start giving, you will start receiving.