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It was the first perfect 10 in modern Olympic gymnastics history. Nadia Comaneci - Five Gold Medals, Three Silver, One Bronze, Gymnastics - Top Olympic. Marcia Frederick, America's first world champion female gymnast, is haunted. bars world champion, walked onto the competition floor for the all around event at least and instruct at USA Gymnastics-sanctioned clinics for promising the gymnastics world in by upsetting Nadia Comaneci, the. Gymnastics Meets. Perfect 10 Challenge. An exciting women's collegiate gymnastics competition featuring the Nadia Comaneci International Invitational .

So when they come out here, yeah, sure, there's anxiety, but they're used to the wars. The same coach, Robert Andrews, worked with the men before the Olympics, but he said not everyone bought into what he was trying to teach, which included overcoming injuries.

And in an interview with ESPN. Poor decisions were made by one or two people at USA Gymnastics that affected their confidence and belief, and it shook that whole system and those guys went onto that floor fragile because of those decisions. United States' Danell Leyva sits under his towel during the artistic gymnastics men's team final. Their decisions backfired and those guys went onto the floor [at the Games] confused and distracted, and the result showed.

It took me months to get over that. What we could have done with that team in London and if we had the chance to build upon that in -- I had guys calling me three years later asking me to come back to the program. And a pretty good source in one of the greatest male gymnasts in history believes it is not fair to compare them to the women. And they still have not recovered. Romania doesn't even have a full team. The Belarus team is made up of gymnasts from California who have never been to Belarus.

But Douglas will have to beat considerable odds if she is to make it all the way back to the next Olympics in Rio. Women gymnasts are the mayflies of the Summer Games, the athletes with the shortest career life spans. None of the U. Even the great Korbut suffered injuries soon after Munich and was unable to match Nadia Comaneci four years later in Montreal.

These teenagers must bend their limbs and torso into unnatural positions, while somehow maintaining healthy joints and virtually zero body fat.

The training and diet demands are famously cruel.

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They grow more taxing on girls as the hormones begin to reshape muscle and bones. There are rarely second chances at the Olympic cycle. Oksana Chusovitina competed for Germany here at age 37, but most extended stays and comebacks end in failure. That is why Jordyn Wieber was so devastated by her early setback. He persuaded the owner of the ranch's original acre plot to let him clear the fields, throw up some fences and build a simple cabin and barn, no strings attached.

In time, when the old man finally consented to sell, the Karolyis converted that first barn into a gym for weekend training sessions with six or eight gymnasts he and Martha would bring out from the city. One of those girls was Mary Lou Retton. She had joined them in Houston less than two years before the '84 Los Angeles Olympics. But once at the Games, Bela didn't have a credential to be on the competition floor because of the way USA Gymnastics ran things back then. He cadged one from a sympathetic equipment worker, and that's how much of America was first introduced to this demonstrative, bearish man with the thick accent, bushy mustache and sideburns and a habit of calling gymnasts "little suckers!

Bela couldn't believe what happened next. To train with us! Bela kept adding and swapping parcels of land to expand the ranch site until it reached today's total of 2, acres. He cleared the fields himself. He built the log home in which he and Martha still live and most of the other buildings. He taught himself to drive a bulldozer and carved out a large pond.

He stocked it with catfish and constructed skeet-shooting stalls on a deck overlooking the water. Today, he and visiting coaches often convene there for fun after training is done. At night, they might play cards, and the Karolyis often cook. Bela often serves homemade Hungarian "moonshine," made from fruit trees he planted, and the wild boar and elk bratwursts he makes. USA Gymnastics eventually made the ranch an official national team training site, partly because, Martha says, "Bela and I feel having a training center that's not in a busy city is best.

When you come here, there's one reason you come: It's not to be entertained dining out, going shopping. No visitors are permitted except their personal coaches.

The rest of the time, the ranch frequently hosts gymnastics camps for all ages and skill levels that can draw nearly girls at a time.

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The facility also includes a pool and play areas for everyone to use and a menagerie of animals that Bela chose: Other acquisitions didn't work out so well. A minivan-sized bison escaped and had to be captured with lassos. Getting a zebra seemed like a good idea at the time.

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America trained its female gymnasts but didn't prepare them to take on the world. Basically, the whole gymnastics was based on the individual effort of the private clubs. And the clubs had big competition between each other. The thinking was that is how we can make the team strong and then go compete against the world. There was a selection committee, but it didn't know the gymnasts well enough. Bart Conner is a former U.