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I, for one, know that if Disney remade Pocahontas with Nigel Thornberry in the title role, I would have to quit my job and end all my personal commitments because all I would ever do is rewatch the movie over and over again.

Other notable Thorberries include: Here we have Ariel enjoying her newfound freedom in the only way she knows hows: Only this time, a GIF artist has made the scene a tad more realistic.

As the waves crest behind Ariel, they break against her and throw her over the rocks. Climbing up on rocks is the same thing as sneaking out of her window. This is by far my favorite among the derpy Disney GIFs circulating right now. I think our anonymous GIF artist chose right. Kocoum is so stoic and no-nonsense. The added GIF is a close approximation of how many dudes and some ladies, mind would react. If you grew up at the same age as Emma Watson, as I did, then it was never weird.

Okay, still super weird. Again, I have no idea why someone would reasonably spend their time and talents doing this, but I salute you.

In this case, the fairy godmother turns Cinderella into a sloth. For those unaware, Prince Charming suffers from Prosopagnosia, or facial blindness. Still, the blurring effect distracts from that.

It all blends together at a cursory glance. The final result is a sadistic and abusive Leo swinging around a child by the pig-tails. His malicious smile makes it all the more hilarious.

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Once again we see the Kuleshov Effect in action. In the original shot, he was in the throes of ecstasy. Superman was first announced, many fans pointed to the disparity between their powers.

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Superman is a Kryptonian with superhuman strength and laser eyes. So this GIF aptly demonstrates how a realistic showdown between the two would go.

Although Superman would never kill. And if their moms have the same name? Well, then all bets are off. Too bad nobody stopped World War II the same way: Apologies to Twilight fans, but it really needs to be said. Not only did she have jaw dropping looks and mannerisms, but she also picked up the skills later on.

A win for everybody. Their fights were great and their chemistry on screen was fantastic to say the least. They were two of the hottest women in wrestling at the time, and putting them together on opposite sides was a stroke of genius by the WWE.

As we can see here, it seems as though Lita had gotten the better of Trish and the Canadian bombshell looks to be running away, disheveled and disoriented. As we saw with Eva Marie a while ago, some can be planned and worked into a storyline or match while others are just embarrassing slips that happen at the worst possible time. There have been plenty of those over the years, and Trish is no exception. Once upon a time, the WWE had its Divas dress p in all kinds of seductive and suggestive outfits, often leaving very little to the imagination.

But the crowds loved it and so, this trend continued for years with some of the companies most popular Divas. Of course, Trish was one of them and found herself in a multitude of different outfits, including this naughty schoolgirl one you see right here.

A little shake of the hips is all she needs. Male talent was all over her, including the big boss man himself.

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No matter the outfit she wore, the role she played or the mood she was in, Trish always looked good to just about anyone. Can you imagine her in the WWE today?

Some were more revealing than others, and some were just really solid looking pieces of clothing that she of course, looked fantastic in. The climax of her feud with Mickie James saw the two engaging in an intense fight, and you can see just how fired up Trish was in this GIF. Trish also injured herself during the PPV, and caused her to sit out six weeks while nursing the injury. You had mud wrestling, bikini competitions and even bra and panties matches. Of course, as she was one of the most attractive women the WWE had to offer back then, Trish was featured in a number of these events, and you could safely assume that most fans waited with their fingers crossed to see her partake in them.

Here we see just how revealing those bra and panties matches got, as we get a pretty big eyeful of Trish as she leaves the ring, snatching her coat off the floor.