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For Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward on the 3DS, a GameFAQs There were a few timelines where Dio and Quark ended up paired and had to vote . in VLR's ending, a relationship American fans were more invested in. For Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message And we know Sigma had a long relationship, to at least some degree, with Because Clover's ending in was one of the most epic things ever. In Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, there are 22 (technically 28) endings in total, Luna's end can be achieved by visiting the Lounge, choosing "Ally" in the first . may have had some connection to the Myrmidons' terrorist organization.

She's already capable of doing the things she would go on to do for the project. Of course, over these years, Junpei goes through his own trials, and by the time VLR occurs, he has his own set of scars, plus Quark, and his disillusionment, plus his love for Quark leads him to basically reject Akane when they finally do meet. He also holds something of a grudge against Sigma, for the whole Ambidex game. Even if Akane's final goal is to reach Point E, do you think there is any possibility of a relationship between Akane and Junpei?

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The answers indicate that Akane does at least feel guilt for putting every one through the Nonary game, I think she may be aware that Junpei doesn't really know her now, plus she would still have her memories of the VLR timeline.

Would younger Junpei, living in a happier world be able to shield himself from the knowledge of the things that Akane has done with his feelings for her, or do you think he would eventually see the "true" Akane regardless? I too believe that Junpei changed more than Akane.

However, when Junpei said how Akane is not the same Akane he knew, I think he was referencing how different adult Akane is to 9 year old Akane, rather old lady Akane is to adult Akane - as you mentioned before, Akane in VLR is no different than zero Akane; Junpei briefly reunited with Akane after 10 years, so he didn't know that Akane was capable to do the things she did in Before the events of VLR, I think Junpei knew how different Akane turned out to be after the first nomery games, but he was so blinded in love that nothing else really mattered until Quark's life was put in danger in VLR.

I think at that point he realized that Akane is no different Sigma and especially Ace in endangering people's lives for pointless experiments; if I remembered correctly, the first nomery games was done so that Ace can make a profit and control the world. The third one was done to prevent a past that he believes cannot be changed; if it can be changed, him and Quark, his adopted son, would never meet. I think he realizes how much he loves Quark and that no woman can get between him and his kid.

Then again, this theory is supported by Phi's claim that Kyle being told anything about the past would forever lock away the potentially bright future. Maybe it was Akane who released the Radical-6 virus. Maybe it wasn't Ace that they tried to capture in the second nonary game. It was instead Akane who has every right to be bitter against the world. If Phi told Sigma that Akane was behind all this, then he'd try to stop her at one point, and maybe that goes awry.

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They have the same DNA, but nature isn't the end all to everything. But it would also explain why Quark has a huge tolerance for pain - As a clone, he's likely a goulem, much like Kyle almost certainly is. My final theory revolves around Phi. Well, that one seems pretty simple. But she's one of two people: To me this last option makes the most sense for the simple reason that, supposedly, Espers cancel each other out if one is stronger than the other.

And Phi and Sigma were constantly "active". So theoretically they're the same strength. Though, if that's true, then it cancels out what I said about him being Junpei since Sigma is, theoretically, a stronger Esper. But I think that was just a big plothole - the fact that Jumpy couldn't also go back in time a bunch of times.


Sort of like how it was always a hole that Clover couldn't do that inand also this one. All I do know is that I'm disappointed by the lack of axe endings. Because Clover's ending in was one of the most epic things ever.

I'm not sure whether or not to laugh because I'm not actually certain whether or not you're being serious here. I like theories as much as the next guy, but they kind of need to have some basis in actually being possible and being tied to factual evidence first. Janthran 5 years ago 4 So basically, you're saying there are actually only two people in the universe? The Kyle in the "Another Time" ending is you. That's confirmed by the writer.

So basically, you're saying there are actually only two people in the universe?

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It would make sense, wouldn't it? For Akane to make her own clone?

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When she became a mother figure to Kyle. They were about the same age and spent years working on the project.