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Performer: Bill Hader Appeared in: Monsters University The slug monster student is a character in Monsters University. Monsters University He is a student at. Monsters University is a American 3D computer-animated adventure comedy film . In a post-credits scene, a slug makes it to his classroom, only to find out that he missed the entire school year. was best if Mike and Sulley meet in college because, "we wanted to see their relationship develop when they were adults. Monsters University is the prequel to Disney/Pixar's hit animated film Monsters, Inc.. In the end, after Sulley and Mike are expelled, they find work at Monsters, Inc. starting . Played for laughs with the yellow slug monster. seen the first movie, you'll know that Randall's relationships with Mike and Sulley will sour.

Later on, when Mike enters a door, leading to a campers' cabin: You'll never know what it's like to fail, because you were born a Sullivan! Yeah, I'm a Sullivan. I'm the Sullivan who flunked every test, the one who got kicked out of the program, the one who was so afraid to let everyone down, that I cheated I act scary, Mike, but most of the time How come you never told me that before?

In the end, after Sulley and Mike are expelled, they find work at Monsters, Inc. Mike walks past the safety line in Monsters Inc. Mike Wazowski is the brains to Sulley's brawn. Another one appears in the ending credits: Near the beginning, there is a poster from a student who's lost an eyeball asking for passersby to help find it. Towards the end of the credits, another poster comes up from another student who has found an eyeball.

Hopefully, the two of them will come across each other's posters. Sulley is a naturally good scarer, having come from a long line of them, but is overconfident and makes little effort to improve himself until circumstances force him to start doing so. Some dreams are unattainable, physical limitations can't be ignored, and you'll be better off if you accept it.

Monsters University (2013)*

Fair enough, except for the fact that half the cast is made up of cuddly, awkward monsters — arguably more cuddly than Mike — who play their strengths and utilize creativity to become successful scarers. It seems the only reason we're expected to believe that Mike is not scarer material and never will be is because he's Doomed by Canon.

Sulley's laziness in using the same roar every time is portrayed as a weakness he has to overcome in order to truly be a good scarer, yet both of the critical moments that depend on his scariness have him using that same roar, and Monsters, Inc. Granted, he does learn that it also takes the building of atmosphere to build up an effective Scare.

Call a Smeerp a "Rabbit": Interestingly, he seems to be mix of both pig and goat- he has a pig's snout, tail and squeal, but his horns, shaggy coat and rectangular pupils are all rather goat-like. As Mike sits in the bus leaving M.

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Sulley even alludes to the event shortly after his bus jump. Hardscrabble retorts to Mike's insistence that he can surprise her is that she very much doubts anyone can surprise her. At the end, Hardscrabble admits that no one has ever really surprised her before, except for Mike. She notes that she will keep her eyes out for more surprises in the future, and that Mike should never stop surprising people.

Mike uses the same routine that Frank McCay uses at the start of the film to win the scare games, albeit the game was rigged by Sully.

Being a prequel, this movie is filled with these moments. The scenes taking place at Monsters Inc. The slow motion Power Walk the monsters do on Mike's field trip looks like the one Sulley participates in in the first movie.

This has the added context of emphasizing that Mike and, especially, Sulley are now in the jobs they've always dreamed of, after having the shot introduced in the previous movie. Randall "ditching the glasses" early on gives a hilarious explanation for his squinty eyes throughout the first film; his formerly scary expression can now be read as him just not being able to see. The poster over Randall's bed is a motivational poster that says: Shh, can you hear it?

The room number of the dorm room that Randall and Mike share is on the second floor, which referencesthe CDA code that gets used as a Running Gag in the original. When Sulley uses a roar in his final exam, Hardscrabble tells him that since the child in the question was afraid of snakes, a roar wouldn't make him scream, it would make him cry.

So when Sulley accidentally scares her during a scare demonstration, she cries instead of screams in a very heartbreaking way.

Mike puts his one-eyed bear up on his shelf when moving in. Mike's training program for Oozma Kappa is similar to the morning training he gives Sulley in the first film, complete with "Scary Feet" and brooms used as kid dummies. When Randall accidentally takes on the pattern of the carpet below him in the final challenge of the Scare Games, it brings to mind a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment from the first film in which he runs into Sulley and accidentally takes on the pattern of his fur.

Mike has "File paperwork! There is a kid imitating a roaring monster. Sulley has to go look for Mike again. The way Mike steals the key card to the door lab is very similar to the way he got the card to the door with the yodeler inside in the first film. Roz appears at the end as one of the CDA agents arresting Mike and Sulley, and remarks to Hardscrabble that she will be " always watching " them.

The teaser trailer features narration from Kelsey Grammer which parallels the narration James Coburn gave in the original film's trailer. Grammer would have replaced the late Coburn as the voice of Mr Waternoose, but the character was cut. When Mike enters the human world to prove once-and-for-all that he's scary, he fails to scare a child, who just tells him that he "looks funny.

Hardscrabble tells Sulley during the Scare Simulator exams that his only method of scaring would cause the child in her scenario to cry instead of scream. This is exactly what happened when Sulley accidentally scared Boo during the scare demonstration in the first movie.

Randall's first establishing shot shows him briefly cast in a sinister shadow. Sulley and Randall are paired against each other in the final Scare Games round. The Yeti appears at the mailroom of Monsters Inc. He warns Mike and Sulley that tampering with mail will result in banishment.

George Sanderson appears as a member of Jaws Theta Chi. His fraternity gets disqualified for using protective gel on the first challenge, and he's the one who the ref uses as an example.

Shame he didn't hang on to it when he started working at MI. Roz as the leader of the CDA, as seen in the first film, and the Abominable Snowman, who becomes Mike and Sulley's boss in the mailroom, and tells them that any trip-ups will result in banishment.

One of the photos of Mike and Sulley after becoming scarers shows Sulley shaking hands with Mr Waternoose, now sporting a moustache and afro. There's a photo of Celia in Mike's locker. Carload of Cool Kids: All the members of Python Nu Kappa pull up to the Oozma Kappa frat house in a convertible to ask if they had heard about a party for the top fraternities. But then the prequel reveals how much grief and failure Mike experienced to get his position, come to terms with his shortcomings, and ultimately be treated like an equal to the on-field Scarers despite only being a coach.

Also, whereas the Monsters' fear of "toxic" children is a main comedic plot point in Monsters Inc. It is played mainly for drama, and not just because of the fear of the alleged toxic danger. One fraternity is disqualified in the first round when it was discovered they were cheating. Double Subverted with Oozma Kappa.

Sulley secretly cheated to win the last round, but decides to confess when his teammates' disappointment in him filled him with guilt. Mike's ability to not be seen, which he demonstrates as a kid, is helpful in setting up a big scare for Sulley at the end.

Everyone in Oozma Kappa has one, like Terry and Terri's amateur magic skills, Terri's dance choreography or Squishy's ability to move completely silently. Art, who is full of expressiveness, gives Mike and Sulley notebooks with unicorns and glitter, and is distracted by butterflies during hide-and-seek.

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As his father Bill Sullivan is a legendary scarer, Sulley shows symptoms of this at the beginning of the film. Comically Missing the Point: The first round has the teams run through a tunnel full of toxic sea urchin-like creatures.

As the hosts tell them over and over to not touch them, Art yells excitedly about how much he wants to touch them. He does and is promptly poisoned.

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For Mike and Sulley. Set on a campus comedy. The pose Sulley and Mike make on the poster is almost identical to the one they make on the poster for the first movie. You see those MU jackets that Mike and Sulley wear on the poster? They only wear it on the poster. The credits play alongside a series of trading cards featuring the various scarers seen in the film, including the team at Oozma Kappa, who officially got into the class at the end of the movie.

Also doubles as a "Where Are They Now? The kid-like crash test dummies used in the final Scare event. Like the more realistic one from the original film, these dummies can move and scream as if they were real kids - which is kind of the point, but it's still creepy.

The walking girl doll used by Mike and Sulley to creep out the human police at the end. When Sulley stops the bus to talk to Mike: Mike, you're not scary, not even a little, but you are fearless. And if Hardscrabble can't see that, then she can just— Hardscrabble [Hardscrabble suddenly appears]: I can just "what"? Sullivan, I was just warming up to you. Of course, the former appear less cute when they show their Nightmare Face.

The latter, however, don't seem to break their pretty appearances even when show themselves as menacing. Abigail Hardscrabble is a harsh but well-meaning dean. Played for laughs with the yellow slug monster. The first Scare Game is a race where you have to avoid poisonous sea urchins.

Mike and Sully run ahead of the rest of the team, cross the finish line, and at first it seems that they won Since each game ends with the worst team getting kicked out, it seems that all is lost Hence, Oozma Kappa manages to win after all. Does This Remind You of Anything? Though it doesn't have any G-Rated Drug effects aside from causing immunity to pain, the protective gel used by a rival frat during the purple urchin obstacle course seems like a steroid metaphor.

Art spaces out easily, knows the layout of the campus sewers, has been to jail, and gets defensive and secretive about his life outside Oozma Kappa. Sulley tries to get Mike to go about Scaring this way.

Mike is going to fail to become a scarer, as known from the first film. Some cited this as a key flaw that just makes it depressing to watch. Down to the Last Play: The score is all tied up before the last duel between Mike and Johnny Worthington. Played with; Sulley is actually talented and learns to grow out of his academic incompetence. This is averted by the ROR group, who are implied to take good grades seriously as they are disappointed with Sulley's grades. When Mike meets his roommate, he states how his "lifelong best friend is just behind this door" and opens the door to reveal Rand all.

He runs out his dorm room, past an angry Sulley who follows him. The sign-up for the Scare Games is nearing a close as the school gathers to listen to Hardscrabble explaining how to win the games you must be the "most fearsome monsters on campus!

Everyone breaks out in a laugh as Oozma Kappa isn't really the scariest group of monsters on campus. Hardscrabble doesn't think Mike stands a chance, so he baits her into a wager: She agrees, but also tells Mike that if they lose, he will leave Monsters University. Sensing an opportunity Sulley decides to join OK.

With no one else willing to join and desperate to get back into the Scare program, Mike reluctantly agrees. The Oozma Kappa house turns out be that of Squishy's mother. It looks nothing like the usual fraternity houses. The monsters introduce themselves in the living room: Don, a mature student who was unlucky in his sales business and decided to return to school.

Art, a flamboyant and laidback philosophy major who gives Mike and Sulley a "dream journal". Terri and Terry Perry, who share one body, and Squishy, an "unwelcomed" little guy with five eyes. Mike and Sulley look at each other as the guys are estactic to have new brothers. Later that night, Mike and Sulley find out they will be sharing a very small room together.

The next day a letter from the Scare Games arrive, announcing the first challenge of the game: Each challenge of the Scare Games represents a part of the job of a future Scarer. And because Scarers work in the night, the lights in the tunnel are turned off. Mike and Sulley immediately take their rivalry to the starting line. Mike is heartbroken and Hardscrabble tells Mike it would've taken a miracle to keep them in the games. Oozma Kappa is joyfully celebrating that they somehow survived the first round.

Mike knows they have to work as a team from now on to stay in the Games. Mike tries to gather the talents of his team mates, but outside of Terry and Terri's cheap magic tricks and Don's annoying suckers, he doesn't get much. So he decides to take full responsibility over the team and anyone else is just supposed to do exactly what he does. Sulley has no confidence in Mike's leadership or his team and walks off.

The next challenge of the Scare Games starts. The team is just thoughtlessly following Mike, until Sulley's impatience gets the better of him and he charges toward their flag, causing a ladder to break off its rails and falls hard. The librarian moves toward Sulley, then the other OKs start to make noises to distract her, which is legal since the only condition to advance is to avoid getting caught. The EEK team on the other hand, isn't so lucky; they are grabbed by the librarian, thrown out of the library and eliminated.

While the rest of his team is enjoying the party, Mike admires the Scare Games trophy and his reflection in it, fascinated by the fact that he is so close at getting everything he always dreamed about.

Johnny Worthington III then holds a speech and greets his fellow contestants, but when he comes to the OKs, he just mocks them and Randall, again betraying his former friend Mike for the cool guys, activates a trap that douses them with colorful paint, confetti, flowers and stuffed animals to make them look foolish.

The next day, the OKs see that the whole campus is overflown with pictures of their humiliation of the previous day. Mike isn't willing to give up yet, but Sulley tells him to stop trying since he thinks that no amount of training will help them. The rest of the team, while grateful to Mike, doesn't have faith in themselves. Mike then gets an idea.

He persuades his fellows to follow him on a secret night field trip to the Monsters, Inc. He explains that all the Scarers are different like they are - some have too many heads like Terry and Terri, some are older than the rest like Don. That impresses even Sulley, and he and Mike are starting to warm up for each other, because they share the same dream and the same fascinations. But then, the OKs are detected by the security and barely escape.

With fresh confidence, the OKs are training hard for the next round. Mike and Sulley have learned to stand each other.

Monsters University

While Mike is starting to see the real potential of his team, Sulley starts to accept his strategies. This time, the OKs master the challenge without any luck and with pure skills, and they finish in second place just after the RORs PNK is eliminated in the event, as they scared the teenagers and got boxed in.

Sulley defends him, saying that Mike works harder than anyone else for that. She asks him if he thinks Mike is scary. In the night before the great finale, Sulley thanks him for all the work he has put into the team. He then decides to do something for him and gives him scare tutoring. He shows him his scare-techniques, but soon gives it up, after seeing what an amateur he is, without letting him know.

Secretly, he's starting to agree with Hardscrabble about Mike's unscariness. The Final Challenge of the Scare Games arrive. The both contestants have to battle each other in the Scare-Simulator-Challenge, where one by one, every monster of each team has to enter their Scare-Simulator, read and interpret the mock child-information, choosing a scare-technique and then scare the dummy as much as they can, on the highest difficulty level.

The team that reaches the most combined scream-energy wins the challenge and the Scare Games. Before the challenge starts, Mike discusses his strategy with his team. He wants to go in first, but Sulley wants to give Mike the honor of finishing the Scare Games for them, because he was one who started it. Mike is pleased and agrees to go in last, right after Sulley. Don makes the start and makes good use of his suckers.

A snail monster tries to race to class on his first day. You can see what that means. Course, it's even better when you see during The Stinger that he finally made it to his first class Only to find out it's summer break. When Dean Hardscrabble is asked to give the obligatory "words of inspiration" speech, not only does she only put pressure on the Scare Program students, she gives us this when she has finished her speech: I hope you are all properly inspired.

Randall holding a tray of cupcakes! Said cupcakes each have a letter arranged to spell "be my pal"! And if you watch Monsters University in another language, the cupcakes have icing on them, which is essentially Randall's eyes, glasses and a smile. For more Randall fun, look at his side of the room in this clip. He appears to have designer sheets and a luggage set. Not to mention slippers of his own face. Even better, if you look closely at his motivational poster, you can see that it says "The Winds of Change," and, under that, "Shh Continuing with Randall, early on his new roommate Mike suggests that he lose his glasses because they mess up his invisibility routine.

He does so and immediately acquires his trademark squint from the first movie There's just something funny about Sulley explaining who ROR are and then throwing Mike under the bed to fetch Archie. Sulley "They only accept the highly elite. Okay, I'll lift the bed and you grab the pig. In a football game, the monster carrying the ball gets tackled by a bigger monster Who then literally bulldozes through to the end of the field, dragging a whole bunch of other players behind him, and knocks over the goalpost for good measure.