The good wife alicia and peter relationship

the good wife alicia and peter relationship

The reason the Alicia-Peter-Will triangle worked so well in spite of its The Good Wife structured its relationships differently than most other TV. It's been clear for several episodes know that The Good Wife was aiming the series wrapped up, Peter was back on trial, Alicia was in a bind, and, for their star-crossed relationship, it was Alicia who walked away from the. The wife of Peter Florrick, a disgraced state's attorney, she returns to work as a Peter and Alicia's relationship is still strained though, though it does improve in.

Cary proposed that he and Alicia begin their own firm, and take the other fourth year associates, as well as one of the in-house investigators, with them. However, Alicia utilizes Peter, who had been released from prison and subsequently elected governor of Illinois, to continue poaching clients. When Alicia discovers this, she proposes starting a law firm with Finn Polmar Matthew Goodean unofficial significant other.

These plans fall through when Finn leaves town, so Alicia, in search of employment, becomes a bond court lawyer. There, she meets and befriends Lucca Quinn Cush Jumboa fellow bond court lawyer. Diane, over the objections of Cary, makes Alicia a name partner in a bid to make a female-led firm.

Cary, after a feud with Diane over Alicia's position, resigns to become a guest lecturer at a local college, sick of office politics he has been embroiled in over the past three years. Diane and Alicia eventually remove David Lee Zach Grenier as a name partner, and the two become the name partners of a female-led law firm.

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Politics[ edit ] The name of the show is a reference to Alicia's position within Peter's life: Her role is solely to bolster Peter's political career, a job she continues to do following Peter's release from prison.

However, while she tolerates the political spotlight, she refuses to let her children be exploited so the same purposes, which often leads to conflict between her and Eli Gold Alan CummingPeter's campaign manager, who sees Zach and Grace as effective political props.

At the end of season five, Eli, now Peter's chief of staff, proposes she run for state's attorney of Cook County, the office her husband previously occupied. While initially rejecting this offer, Alicia acquiesces due to her objections regarding the incumbent states attorney's abuse of power.

Alicia Florrick

The incumbent eventually departs from the race, and Alicia, instead, runs opposed to Frank Prady David Hyde Piercea television legal analyst. Initially, Alicia and Prady form an alliance in which they both agree not to resort to personal attacks.

However, both renege of their promises when Prady criticizes Alicia's ethics and accuses her of being open to political favors for her past clients and when Alicia released an ad that accused Prady of being a closeted-Republican, as well as insinuating that he may be gay. Alicia is also seen lying to influential Cook County figures in order to secure their endorsements. These lies included denying knowledge that Lemond Bishop Mike Colterinfamous drug kingpin and serial killerdonated to her campaign, when she had already been made aware of the fact that Bishop had set up her PAC, as well as suggesting that Prady is gay to a homophobic Democratic donor in order to acquire funds.

After reports of voter fraud surface, Landau reveals to Alicia that he rigged the voting machines in order to preserve the Democratic supermajority in the Illinois state legislature.

Alicia agrees not to forestall their divorce until after the trial as to not exude the notion that he may be guilty. However, Alicia intends to pursue a divorce if Peter is acquitted, but any such separation would be jeopardized should Peter be convicted. This testimony is immediately undercut by another ballistics expert named Holly.

Alicia, seeking to refute this testimony, calls Kurt back to the stand, and pressures him to contradict this testimony. But when Kurt refuses, Lucca accuses at Alicia's request him of protecting Holly due to an affair they had while Kurt was married to Diane.

Diane, hurt and betrayed, blames Alicia for destroying her marriage. Everybody but Matt Czuchry really, but he did have a nice scene with Margulies had really meaty stuff to play with. Christine Baranski got to tear it up in court looking fabulous that phoenix brooch though. Margulies, Chris Noth and Michael J.

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Fox got plenty of moments to shine too. Cush Jumbo got to be the best friend you always wanted, the one who can talk to your boyfriend when he's being foolish. Read Life, death and brooches: It came to light that Geneva Pine could really hurt Peter.

the good wife alicia and peter relationship

She is lashing out because he ended their long-term affair! Louis Canning took the info to an unsurprised Alicia Jason didn't share it with her and their interaction was the best.

Do you want me to cry Mr. It was the best thing. The other great scene this episode involved David Lee bursting into Diane's office as she wooed people with her all-female led firm and he referred to a woman as a "bitch. Alicia didn't care if they went to Geneva's motive, she's over it, obviously.

the good wife alicia and peter relationship

Then they prepped Peter for the witness stand as a way to hash out all their issues. In an attempt to bolster the defense, Diane drafted Kurt…but it backfired and he ended up looking terrible thanks to Lucca and Megan Hilty. The scene where Diane crawled into bed next to him and apologized—I would only know that was fake love because they're acting.

Jumbo had a lot to say about the walls coming down in the video below. He thinks she won't divorce Peter if he goes to prison.

the good wife alicia and peter relationship