Stargate sg1 carter and oneill relationship counseling

MUSINGS OF A SCI-FI FANATIC: Carter & O'Neill: Anatomy Of An SG-1 Love Story

stargate sg1 carter and oneill relationship counseling

Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter from Stargate SG-1 are a classic pairing in my mind, but their relationship would probably frustrate those. Stargate SG-1 has the honour of being the longest running North . Samantha Carter's and Jack O'Neill's relationship gradually evolves. Pretty sure there's also a scene in SG-1 in S9 or 10 where Barret asks Sam if she's single now. To which she kinda awkwardly replies "Not.

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This new-found invulnerability leads to some irrational actions from the team, including a famous scene where Sam Carter trick shots three balls in a game of pool. His father, Dom DeLuise, famously appeared as comic A. In the self-referential th episode "Wormhole X-treme! The series had always been littered with in-jokes and pop culture references.

stargate sg1 carter and oneill relationship counseling

Richard Dean Anderson had previously starred as MacGyver and joking references to "Macgyvering" started as early as the pilot episode. For their th episode, SG-1 delivered a tongue-in-cheek show-within-a-show episode. The parallels between the "real" Stargate program which Lloyd was familiar with and the Wormhole X-Treme!

The light-hearted episode sees the Air Force deciding whether the show is a breach of official information or so silly that it might prevent future leaks being taken seriously. Either way, it is a hilarious situation. Jumper himself had cameoed in an episode of the seventh season and was not the only Air Force staff member to be given the chance. After the ceremony, Anderson took time to visit the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and speak with the wounded and ill service members there, showing himself to be a stand-up guy as well as a great actor.

It was followed by 2 direct to DVD movies, The Ark of Truth and Continuum, to tie up any loose ends left from the long running storylines. While on P4X under the influence of the hypnotic Light, Jack made clear to her the importance of maintaining chain of command regardless of how long they might be marooned off-world, though she was ready to drop it and was openly argumentative toward him 4.

However in their seventh year on SG-1, Carter came to some realizations about the nature of her feelings for O'Neill while she was injured and alone aboard the Prometheus 7.

In her conversation with her subconscious vision of O'Neill, Carter admitted that she cared for O'Neill and questioned whether they would ever have a chance together, even if she quit the Air Force.

stargate sg1 carter and oneill relationship counseling

However it was clear she wasn't sure how he felt about her, and finally she had an epiphany: This realization freed her to pursue other relationships, which she did with Pete Shanahan. O'Neill was very supportive of her involvement with Pete, noting the budding romance must be special if it were 'humworthy' 7.

Samantha Carter: Family And Relationships

When things got even more serious and Sam was considering whether to say yes to Pete's marriage proposal, she asked O'Neill for advice on having a family, and he was once again supportive of her 8.

However, while she continued dating Pete, it was clear she had not fully resolved her feelings for O'Neill. When O'Neill was struck by a staff weapon blast, she left her position to go to him while the battle was raging. While grieving for Janet, she admitted to O'Neill that she was glad he was alive, and her concern seemed to be more than that of a friend and subordinate 7.

After O'Neill took the Ancients' download, knowing that his mind would be taken over and that he might die, Carter twice tried to share her feelings with him. The first time, they were interrupted by Daniel and Teal'c's arrival and O'Neill's home, and the second time, O'Neill cut her off with brusque "I know" 7. She told him she was having second thoughts about the wedding and that there was a reason she was telling him about it.

However they were interrupted by O'Neill's girlfriend, Kerry Johnson, and Carter was never able to say what she had come to say. In any case, perhaps prompted by Jacob's dying words telling her to find a way to be happy, Carter broke up with Pete 8.

Later, O'Neill was promoted to Major General and transferred to Washington, and she was transferred to Area 51 on her next promotion. Whether or not either acted on any romantic feelings is unclear, but technically as head of Homeworld Security, General O'Neill was still in Carter's direct chain of command. Once when injured, she mentioned "fishing" was a password to personal computer files--a hobby more associated with Jack O'Neill When Sam later was transferred to Atlantis, she brought pictures of all of her old teammates, including more than one of O'Neill, as well as pictures of her father and Cassandra; these pictures decorated her office and personal quarters SGA 4.

She had opened herself to the possibility of a relationship after her bout of self-examination on the Prometheus. As their dating became more serious, Sam seemed very playful and happy when with Pete, and it was clear that he was very much in love with her. Pete had a bit of trouble in his childhood, and a cop helped him out. That in turn inspired his career choice. Unhappily, his wife divorced him over the long hours and uncertainty.

Pete could not overcome his curiosity about Sam's job, which he did not believe involved deep space telemetry. She finally had to admit that she wasn't allowed to tell him. That only piqued his curiosity further, and he followed her to the stakeout of Daniel's house. Because he had seen so much already, Sam was given permission to tell him all about the Stargate Program 7. Presumably their dating continued, although Sam continued to demonstrate feelings for O'Neill as well.

When Carter was taken prisoner by Fifth, Fifth presented her mind with an idyllic existence, married to Pete and living on a farm on Montana. Fifth must have believed this would be an effective way to insert himself into her subconscious in a form that she would love and trust so that she would eventually believe the false life he had created. She realized the man in the dream was not Pete when he began to express resentment toward her 8.

She was very happy to hear that, and in the next moment he produced a ring, and presumably proposed to her. Carter did not say yes right away, and expressed to O'Neill her doubts about being married given the risks they take going through the 'Gate and about having children in such an environment. O'Neill thought it would be possible to have children but admitted that if things had been different for him, he would no longer be there.

Finally after more than two weeks of consideration and a successful rescue of Daniel which Pete participated in, Sam gave a sincere and enthusiastic 'yes' to his proposal 8.

As the wedding approached, however, Carter seemed reluctant to participate in the preparations and was embarrassed to even be caught talking to Pete about them. Pete's meeting with Jacob was awkward to say the least, and Jacob was not overly impressed.

stargate sg1 carter and oneill relationship counseling

When Pete showed Carter the house he had placed a down payment on for them, she reacted more with trepidation than pleasure. Her case of cold feet building momentum, she went to visit O'Neill to discuss her misgivings and the reasons for them, but she was interrupted by the presence of Kerry Johnson and then by news that her father was very ill. On his deathbed, Jacob told her he wanted her to be happy and implied that he didn't believe she was with Pete.

The combination of her fear of Earthly married life, her father's lack of enthusiasm for Pete, and her persistent feelings for O'Neill was too much for the relationship, and Carter broke up with Pete in front of the house he had planned to buy.

Pete was not completely surprised and did not beg or lash out at her, to her surprise. He said goodbye and walked away, and it is unlikely she ever saw him again 8. Other Relationships Carter loves children and adores being an auntie, even though she has doubts about the practicality of being a mother given her career.

While on P3X she was enchanted by Nafrayu, a young Nox boy, but O'Neill jokingly suggested that she not bring the child home with her 1. She also took quickly to Cassandra, a Hankan orphan and the last survivor of her people 1. Fraiser discovered the little girl had been converted into a bomb by the Goa'uld Nirrti, Sam refused to leave her even when she believed she would die with the girl when the device inside Cassie exploded.

She and Cassie were very close after that, and in a sense she helped Janet to raise Cassie.

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Sam played chess with the girl every Saturday when she was at home 5. When Janet was tragically killed, Cassie was about 18 years old. Sam took some responsibility for Cassie still, leaving Teal'c to go pick her up at one point. It can be assumed that she continues to act in a guardian role to Cassie 7.

Sam was also quite fond of Merrin, an Orban child-genius who helped her create a naquadah reactor. Merrin was surprised to discover Sam's delight at solving problems on her own, rather than being given the knowledge, as Orban custom dictated. This was part of the girl's legacy when she underwent the Averium procedure and gave her knowledge to all Orbans. Sam also taught Merrin to draw, showing her a stick figure of herself 3. Her best friend was Dr. Janet Fraiser, as evidenced especially by the way they raised Cassie together.

Janet was the one Sam could talk to as an equal and confidante, and they worked very well together. Whew, SG1 is not in trouble… yet.

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Special agent James Hamner identifies himself and asks Jack what interest the air force has in this situation. Agent Hamner decides to ignore Jack by addressing his superior officer - to Jacob: Only to people such as yourself. Saves me the trouble. Must be the whole bad boy thing. Jack then arranges to have the President of the United States call Agent Hamner, telling him command of the operation has been transferred to Jack.

stargate sg1 carter and oneill relationship counseling

Pretty impressive, I must say. Jack does eventually extend an olive branch to Agent Hamner by giving him a tidbit of semi-misinformation.

Levinson enters the tent trying to find out what information this SG1 has gathered, possibly about his son, Tommy. Jacob informs him the tent is off limits but agrees Mr. Levinson can help himself to a cup of coffee. One catch though, Jacob says the nishta must be allowed to penetrate every part of their bodies. SG1 has no intention of fighting back as these are just innocent brainwashed young people. Seth doses them with nishta.

Upon waking, the team is gathered to pay homage to Seth who demands they chant his praises. As so often is the case, Jack is brainwashed yet somehow cannot bring himself to full out participation in adulation see his lack of enthusiasm for motto recitation in Beneath the Surface.