Rosalie and emmett relationship

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rosalie and emmett relationship

Lust, love, passion, compassionate, caring all of them! Emmett and Rosalie are each other's soulmate and they would do everything for each other. Emmett McCarty Cullen and Rosalie Lillian Hale are one of the secondary her son Henry, Rosalie became aware of the lack of love in her relationship with. Except, of course, for Emmett, who abruptly stopped laughing and the Cullens knew about Rosalie and Emmett's overly-active relationship.

Except, of course, for Emmett, who abruptly stopped laughing and clambered back onto the couch, his smile gone. Well, this was unexpected. Why was Rosalie- Rosalie of all people- covering for me? His knees wobbled and he looked like he wanted to sink to the floor and start digging his own grave.

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I looked discreetly at Edward, unsure of how to respond. Was it right to let Rosalie take the blame?

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Edward thought so, apparently, and although his lips didn't move, his velvet voice was in my ear. Edward nodded in my general direction. I cleared my throat. Edward and I were only in his bedroom before we heard your car. Clearly, however, Edward's room was the wrong location to pick. Edward was forbidden to go into my room, after all. He turned to the brawny Emmett, and I hoped it was clear to my father who would win the fight if he attacked.

He wrapped his arm around Rosalie's waist and whispered, "Come on, doll. Emmett scowled in disgust and dragged Rosalie to the staircase. Rosalie looked like she wanted to pout, but she had gotten herself into the situation after all. I fought the urge to roll my eyes.

How did he do that? He was good at positively everything, wasn't he? I turned to follow Charlie out of the trampled door and waved shyly at my in-laws. Edward stroked the back of my hand with his thumb and released me to my father. He understood me and he loved me anyway. At my worst, he loved me. He was the only man to ever see me cry. My musing quickly evaporated as I clicked open Firefox and started making the rounds at all of my regular websites.

Three were women who were serving as surrogates. I was grateful to them for sharing their stories, knowing that their honesty was helping me try to understand Bella a little bit better. I couldn't help but feel that she wasn't being completely honest about her motivations, but when I probed at that feeling, my stomach turned, like I was poking into a wet, open wound.

I moved on then blogs by women who were in their own surrogate situation. Three of the women were happy, complacent, almost never voicing doubts about the future of their child. The fourth though, she was easier to understand. Her posts were filled with what-if scenarios.

There were pages of legal information and articles on the rights of the genetic parents versus the rights of the surrogate. She outlined all of the things that could possibly go wrong.

I settled down into my chair and felt the tension that had been building between my shoulder blades ebb. It soothed me, knowing what the worst could be, planning how to fight it. I couldn't claim to understand Bella or her reasons. I was grateful, God, I was so grateful. But I didn't understand. I thought about that day, pouring over applications, Bella helping me to devise a system for scoring the potential surrogates, and all I could think about was how could I let a stranger have my baby for me?

How could I trust anyone that much? We reviewed the applications again. The first one was overweight and therefore not the best risk. The second lived in Medford, Oregon, and that was more of a distance I was comfortable with.

The third had never had a successful pregnancy and the fourth had three small children at home, which meant her prospects for getting optimal rest were dim. I pushed the applications away in a pile. I knew I was being too demanding. I knew that this was the only way we could have a baby of our own. I knew I was irrational for even wanting that.

rosalie and emmett relationship

I knew I would forever feel broken if I didn't have it. I was spiraling down, wrapping myself up in my thoughts and edging toward the dark places inside of me when I felt Bella's hand on my shoulder. Her touch was like her: It's just…it gets overwhelming, you know?

It looks like it. She was twisting her hands together and chewing her lip like she was sixteen again. If maybe I could, you know, for you. But, I mean, god, I just-" "Bella? Are you having an aneurism? If you want me to. I mean, I literally felt my jaw hang open in shock. This was…this was too perfect. I closed my mouth and looked her over. She was a little thin — I'd want her to gain some weight.

But overall, she seemed to be in decent shape. I would do it for a sister in a heartbeat, and I know we're not close like that, but, well, I've always felt close to Emmett and I think it would be easier for you both if you know the person and well…. Miss Bella had not gotten laid in a very long time.

He was a nice guy, just too…emo for me. We'll have to…synch up our cycles and there's a lot of tests and stuff that I'll have to do. Some shots, I read.

rosalie and emmett relationship

But Rose, this is…this is something important and I can give it to you, and I want to. Will you let me? Will you think about it? I talked with Emmett, and I did research and when we met for the last time before we met with the doctor, I asked her again if she was sure.

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She and Emmett both promised me that she was, so I said okay, and I said thank you, but to this day? I still don't know why she wanted to do it. I understood that I didn't necessarily need to know why she wanted to do this, but I needed her to understand why she was doing it. After about forty minutes, I heard the music begin drifting in from the next room. Pet Sounds, Em's favorite. All those papers must be graded, I thought, closing the screen on my laptop.

Em hated it when I looked at this stuff, but he understood that I needed it. I needed to know what to expect. I needed to be prepared. I thought about wandering out to the living room, but before I could, I felt his hands tug at the back of my chair. I sighed and pressed myself into his hands. He leaned in and kissed the tip of my nose, then pressed his forehead against mine. He'd already pushed the coffee table aside, clearing the center of the room for us to dance.

This could only mean one thing, and I gave him a wide grin, knowing exactly what was coming. McCarty, may I have this dance? Everything always worked out for Emmett because Emmett believed everything always would.

If he wanted something, he simply saw to it that he had it. I loved that about him, even though I fought it, every step of the way. I leaned my head against his shoulder and listened to his hum.

Wouldn't it be Nice was playing, our song, and he pressed against me and I felt safe. The tension of the day, of the entire situation fell away as I let him wrap me up in his arms, felt his kiss at the top of my head.

At the chorus he twirled me out for a spin, then brought me back in close, cupping my face to his, pressing his mouth to mine. I nodded, grinning up at him, and he flicked the remote, shifting the music from our song to the Killers, the music pumping louder now. He let go of me and I fell into the music, letting it wash over me as I danced away the day.

He joined me, goofing the most ridiculous moves, and looking even sillier given his size. We bumped and swayed, jumped and jerked, and by the time the next three tracks were through, we lay exhausted, panting and giggling on the floor. I rolled onto him, tucking myself into his side and he pulled me closer with one big arm. I loved how small he could make me feel, like a tiny little thing, even though I towered over most of the women I knew.

I couldn't wait to see what our baby would look like. I hoped he would have Emmett's smile and his dimples and his eyes. I hoped he'd have Emmett's dark hair and I prayed to a god I didn't even believe in that he would have Emmett's calm, Emmett's sweetness.

I hoped our baby got my feet, because Emmett's were fugly, and I really hoped he got my skin tone, because Emmett was too pale, and I tan beautifully. I want my baby to have everything — every good thing in the world. And while I know I can't protect him for every bad thing, I know for certain that I'm going to try. It's what a mother does. This is some EmPov that I wrote, back when I was thinking of doing the story in third person in order to incorporate other points of view besides Bella's.

rosalie and emmett relationship

It takes place just after Emmett and Rosalie find out that they can't have children. The trip home from the doctor's office was marked not by silence but by how awful, how god damned normal the conversation was. We're going to own Regionals. I told her any night but Wednesday.

Doesn't the team have a meet then? At least we're home for it. Esme's - is it someone's birthday? Emmett sighed and thought maybe they'd talk about it later in bed. Or maybe she just needed a day to work through it. Fuck, maybe they both did.

rosalie and emmett relationship

When they walked into the house, Rosalie dropped her purse on the kitchen counter and kicked off her shoes. She stood for a moment, hands gripping the tile and Emmett wanted more than anything to take her up, into his arms and hold her until all of the bad stuff just went away.

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She paused for a moment, then pulled her shoulders back a half inch and stood a little straighter on her spine. This was gonna be bad.

You don't have to stick for this," she said. Then turned away before she could see his reaction. Habit he'd picked up years ago. She turned back around, and he saw she'd completely shut down.

Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale

No read at all. Yeah, like reason was operating here. You deserve-" "I deserve a wife who has a little bit of fucking faith in me. That's what I deserve. Through his anger, he noticed that she hadn't called out to him as he left.

rosalie and emmett relationship

Emmett drove through town, the anger like a slick red balloon in his stomach, inflating and pushing until it was all he could feel.