Relationship of hardware software and peopleware

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relationship of hardware software and peopleware

We explain The Relationship Between Hardware and Software with video tutorials and quizzes, using our Many Ways(TM) approach from multiple teachers . HARDWARE: The physical components of a computer system It refers to the tangible devices that can be seen, touched and felt The hardware that makes up the. Answer (1 of 2): A Software is the collection of instructions, Programing or codding, which we can only see, Feel or can imagin about it`s logic. A Hardware is the.

Logical operations consist of comparisons.

relationship of hardware software and peopleware

It holds the processed information before it s output. It is sometimes referred to as temporary storage It is located in the system unit on tiny memory chips.

relationship of hardware software and peopleware

It supports the main memory. It stores data and programs for future use. This type of memory stores the information on storage media such as floppy disks and CDs Floppy disks also known as diskettes widely used to store and transport data from one computer to another. There are two basic formats or types of optical disks.


CD compact disks and DVD Digital Versatile Disk CD compact disk used to distribute large databases and reference, to back up large data source, and to create, store and edit multimedia presentation. To take an analogy, a cassette player and its cassettespurchased from the market are hardware.

However, the songs recordedon the cassettes are its software. To listen to a song, that songhas to be recorded on one of the cassettes first, which is thenmounted on the cassette player and played. Similarly, to get a jobdone by a computer, the corresponding software has to be loaded inthe hardware first and then executed.

Following important pointsregarding the relationship between hardware and software arebrought out by this analogy: Both hardware and software are necessary for a computer to douseful job.

Both are complementary to each other.

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Same hardware can be loaded with different software to make acomputer perform different types of jobs just as different songscan be played using the same cassette player. Except for upgrades like increasing main memory and hard diskcapacities, or adding speakers, modems, etc. Likewe buy new cassettes for newly released songs or for songs whosecassettes, we do not have, we buy, new software to be run on thesame hardware as and when need arises, or funds become available.

Hardware refers to the physical parts of a computer.


For example, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker, graphic cards, printer, and many more that we can touch. Software or otherwise known as a program, provide a series of instructions for common purpose that tells the computer how to perform tasks. In order for a computer to do a useful job, the hardware and software must work together. Software can come in many forms, including the operating system and application software.

There are many types of application software as well. For example, word processing or spreadsheet applications are productivity software, and antivirus programs installed on a computer are an example of utility software.

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Relationship Between Hardware and Software Essentially, computer software controls computer hardware. These two components are complementary and cannot act independently of one another. In order for a computer to effectively manipulate data and produce useful output, its hardware and software must work together. Without software, computer hardware is useless. Conversely, computer software cannot be used without supporting hardware. There are several categories of software, with the two main categories being operating-system software, which makes the hardware usable, and application software, which does something useful.