Relationship based on spiritual and intellectual considerations

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relationship based on spiritual and intellectual considerations

ever after—well at least those relationships that don't end in divorce do. then an emotional one, and finally a status and health based one. It's destructive to base decisions about your relationships on gender stereotypes. Some are flat out wrong, but even if there is a kernel of truth to them, they tend. Teaches people to break off relationships easily, conditioning them more for on the physical but build up each other intellectually and spiritually in the Lord. Serve God together in church (e.g. choir, fellowship groups, home-based This is important only to some extent and should not be the sole primary consideration .

One fights, the other keeps the peace. Yes, but can result in unhappiness. Intellectual compatibility pertains to whether a couple has similar education levels and interests.

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Does this couple understand each other easily? Is each of them genuinely interested in the kinds of things their partner enjoys? Spiritual Compatibility Even atheists have a spiritual position — that God does not exist. Other people are firmly convinced that their higher power is very important in their lives, and they want a partner who feels the same. To evaluate this, couples should consider not only their own spiritual leanings or lack of thembut also consider how their families could influence this aspect of their lives.

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Be not exclusive in relating only with each other all the time Heb Do not plan to isolate yourselves during your date in dark or solitary places where you can be easily tempted and fall into sin. Do not give in to your passions and be involved in unhealthy activities like heavy petting and pre-marital sex Gal 5: Avoid unedifying movies, videos, worldly magazines or unwholesome jokes or books that will stumble each other 2Tim 2: Dress modestly for the date 1 Pet 3: As for overseas holidays, go in a group and not just the two of you only.

Do not be a bad testimony to each other and others or even cause the other to fall into sin. Keep your rooms open so that you will not be in absolute privacy. Be not involved in the worldly environment of revelry and pleasure such as movies, pubs, alcohol consumption and dancing.

Prepare and plan to have a reasonable courtship of at least years it is difficult to know someone well in a short time e. Do not be influenced by the worldly system of infidelity and a one-night-stand syndrome.

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Love and Commitment Some people wonder about a relationship where there is 'no physical involvement before marriage' and the possibility if a couple could get married and then to find out they have no sexual or romantic feelings for each other.

If you allow the physical romance to dominate before the commitment and if it does not work out, then there is the possibility of several romances, with all the pain and emotional baggage that it entails. There is a time for everything.

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Romance is a subjective feeling. Be warned that when rough times come in the relationship and it willromantic feelings will not be the only thing that will keep you together.

Instead, it will be your commitment to God and to each other that will overcome the vicissitudes of life. One of the first things people are affected by in a relationship is external attraction for each other.

relationship based on spiritual and intellectual considerations

This is important only to some extent and should not be the sole primary consideration. The growing feelings of romance and love should not depend on the external countenance only as the basis of marriage although you should like the looks of each other.

relationship based on spiritual and intellectual considerations

The other aspects of spiritual, intellectual and social developments need to be considered as well. Above all, relationships and marriage must have the approval of God first before it can be blessed by Him.

Remember that though marriage is made in heaven, courtship and maintenance is done on earth. Conclusion Looking back, on a personal note, we praise and thank God for almost 7 years of meaningful courtship and 15 years of fulfilling marriage.

Together, we have learnt from the Lord and each other to be a God honouring helpmeet, an encouraging confidante and serving in unison in the ministry for the Lord in Maranatha BPC and beyond.

relationship based on spiritual and intellectual considerations

It has certainly been worth it all waiting upon the Lord. You can experience it too in your lives when you honour and put God first in your courtship and marriage.

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A Thinker needs hard proof of a relationship turning sour, such as a flirty text message to another person. A Feeler will just go on a hunch without any proof whatsoever. He or she will note changes in body language and tone of voice, as well as be the first to state that there is a problem in the relationship.

Thinkers see the bad first. Feelers see the good first. In the event of the above, the Feeler begins seeking out the good things in the relationship as validation for staying together.

Managing personal, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs in palliative care

Because of these different perspectives, the ability to tackle a crisis and come through it in one piece increases. Conflicts are natural for Thinkers.

relationship based on spiritual and intellectual considerations

They are disasters for Feelers. They feel fear and will suffer until there is harmony between the two parties once again.