Nemo and marlin relationship test

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nemo and marlin relationship test

THE DUE DATE FOR THIS PROJECT IS Friday, April 4, (Major test grade) Describe how both Marlin/Nemo have a symbiotic relationship with the sea. Are you a clownfish like Marlin and Nemo? Movies quizzes - Other movies; Love and relationship quizzes - Other Which movie character is. Test yourself on the tough stuff of Finding Nemo with study questions from How does Marlin and Nemo's relationship mirror the way human parents and kids.

It is here, though — with just about 20 minutes remaining in the film — that Marlin reaches a turning point.

nemo and marlin relationship test

He is confronted with the importance of letting go, both physically and emotionally. The choice to let go allows him to be free — in more ways than one!

In response to these emotions, Dory — though immensely likeable throughout the film — finally becomes dimensional enough to match the character of Marlin. Hey, hey, wait a minute! W-where are you going?

nemo and marlin relationship test

We were too late. And if you leave … if you leave … I just, I remember things better with you, I do, look, P.

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Of course, there are a few more obstacles to overcome. A lesser movie studio would have Marlin and Dory unite at that moment, but it takes the return of Nemo to bring the two fish together again.

nemo and marlin relationship test

Over protectiveness seems to be a common trait among parents, especially fathers, and this is the source of the conflict Nemo has with his father, Marlin. Marlin, a widower before his children were even born hatchedis a fantastic father figure. Marlin demonstrates amazing dedication to his child, never wavering in his determination to find Nemo, no matter where in the ocean he may be.

nemo and marlin relationship test

He faces all perils and all challenges to find his boy. Anyone who says men like to abandon their children should pay close attention to Marlin. They could learn a thing from this fish.

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Beside Marlin, the importance of fathers is also praised in Finding Nemo by the character Bruce, the great white shark. Come to think of it, Crush the turtle is also a good father figure. Something of a foil to Marlin, he allows his son to be very independent, letting him seek his own boundaries while also always being there when needed and encouraging his son in his exploration.

Marlin must come to grips with the fact every parent must face, that their children are growing up. However, I greatly prefer how Finding Nemo shows this to many other portrayals.

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