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Unmarried Nagma learn lessons from married Jyothika!

Nagma rues rumours that ruined her friendship with her co-star. Nagma, whose sister Jyothika recently got married, views marriage as a. Nagma is one of the beautiful actresses of the Bollywood. Her younger sister Jyothika has been the superstar of the Bollywood. She also did. The latest Tweets from Surya Jyothika Diary (@WeAreSuriyaFans). This is the fans club of one the best couple and best actors #Suriya and #Jyothika.

Early life[ edit ] Nagma's biological father was Arvind Pratapsinh Morarji whose forefathers hailed from a royal Hindu Rajput background from Jaisalmerlater migrating to PorbandarGujarat and finally Mumbai.

Her great-grandfather Gokuldas Morarji was a reputed businessman in the shipping, textile, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries. Her mother is a Muslim and hailed from the Konkan region of Maharashtra. She belonged to the Kazi freedom fighter family and her original name was Shama Kazi, but she is now known as Seema.

In her father's obituary printed by the family, she is referred to by her original name, Nandita. After divorcing Morarji in AugustNagma's mother married Chander Sadanah, a film producer in March with whom she had three children: Through her biological father, who had remarried earlier, Nagma has two half-brothers, Dhanraj, and Yuvraj.

She explained to a Mumbai reporter that "I am proud of the fact that I belong to a respectable family. Following these films, she moved south to star in Telugu and Tamil movies at the behest of her friend Divya Bharti. Explaining her shift, she cited what she was more conscious of the quality of work, in terms of meaty roles and her flair to travel throughout India understanding different cultures and her drive and passion to get acclamation from all over India.

She stated "Language was never a barrier. I love adventure, culture and have great respect for the Indian tradition". Rama Rao and Mohan Babu. After moving back to Mumbai, she told an interviewer in"The pressure of being the number one actress in Tamil cinema was getting to me. In my case it was early. I was being offered work when I was in high school.

Unmarried Nagma learn lessons from married Jyothika!

She said it was my choice but wanted me to get out and work. If I had studied it would have been another ten years. Yes, I came to a strange city, learnt a new language and met Surya which is one of my biggest achievements. Life has given me a balance. A Punjabi girl who studied in Bombay and came to Madras -- it must have been a struggle initially.

It was a new world but a great experience. My mother stuck around till she felt I was comfortable. She left me with a help and returned because I have a younger brother. Nagma, my sister too helped. You eventually reached a stage where you could recommend Surya to a director.

Laughs We both started together. We were friends for a long time. That turning into love took five years. It all fell in place. I get self conscious using difficult words. It rolls in my mind in English and I translate into whatever Tamil I know. I keep asking Surya how I sounded. Not dubbing has been a regret. Accent is very important.

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Not knowing the language is a big minus. It was not because I was making a comeback. You start aging fast after motherhood. You start looking different. I met the right people at the right time.

My Yoga instructor Gayathri is very determined. Why did you choose this film? They came to sign me first and nothing seemed right. It blew me because I identified with the character. I wanted the film to reach a wider audience. Are you here to stay? I will not bargain my precious time with my kids for cinema.