Mercutio and tybalt relationship help

mercutio and tybalt relationship help

help them in any way. The night that the Capulet Tybalt sends a letter against this relationship, Mercutio is not only wishing to help keep Romeo emotionally. There are more relationships in Romeo and Juliet than just the one between Romeo and Juliet. Support your answer with examples from the play. Write a Write a scene in which Tybalt and Mercutio meet up in the afterlife. He reappears in , where he and Benvolio are looking for Romeo. Again, what does the sexually suggestive language by which Mercutio.

mercutio and tybalt relationship help

In the play, we see many different types of love and their impact on individuals, families, friendships and the wider society of Verona. Romeo and Juliet centres on the developing relationship of Romeo and Juliet and how it impacts on other characters and relationships.

Even though Shakespeare's play is about a pair of 'star-crossed lovers', Shakespeare also wanted to examine the other types of love and how love can sometimes consume us, in a positive and negative way. How is the theme of love shown in the play?

mercutio and tybalt relationship help

Shakespeare explores love through a variety of ways: Shakespeare presents their initial meeting as passionate, flirtatious and true. The fact Romeo describes the kiss as 'tender' illustrates Romeo's gentle and true emotions and feelings for Juliet.

This shows that their first meeting was charged with love and desire for one another. Romeo's friendship with Mercutio Romeo refuses to fight Tybalt so Mercutio takes his place. When Tybalt kills Mercutio unjustly, Romeo swears to avenge his best friend's death, thus killing Tybalt.

Either thou or I, or both, must go with him.

mercutio and tybalt relationship help

He tells Tybalt that either he or Tybalt 'must go with him'. This directly shows how passionate he feels about Mercutio, as someone will be joining Mercutio's soul in the journey to heaven.

Why does the Nurse decide to tell Juliet to forget Romeo? We learn at the end of the play that she killed herself from grief at his banishment, but we have no text between them. Reflect on Youth vs Age in the play. What do they do to try and get the son to come out? Are they clueless in how to talk to a teenager?

Shakespearience Romeo, Mercutio, Tybalt Fight

Mistress minion, for example. Would you like to have your father say those words to you? Choose a couple of terms and create tableaux to visualize them. What impact do the words have visually?

What does she really want to say to her father?

mercutio and tybalt relationship help

In groups, read and examine Act IV, scene v. What are they going through in this scene? Juliet, Act I, scene v Romeo and Juliet is based on the nature of friends and enemies. Everything happens because the two families are foes.

mercutio and tybalt relationship help

Romeo is both friend and enemy to Juliet. Romeo tells the apothecary, who is afraid of selling him the poison, that the world is not your friend.


Romeo may think so. Speak but one rhyme, and I am satisfied. And there is a lot of bite when Mercutio curses the two families at his death. Do you consider romantic partners to be friends? What happened to make that person your enemy?

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Do you feel the reactions of characters in the play toward their enemies is realistic or exaggerated? Write a song in which you use the word friend to mean loved one. What images will you use?

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Compare and contrast Mercutio and Tybalt. How are they similar? How are they different?

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Create a collage of textures, colours and images that represents Mercutio on one side and Tybalt on the other. What are the similarities? What are the differences? Support your answer with examples from the play. Write a modern, inner monologue for Mercutio as he lies dying, where he expresses what he thinks of his friendship with Romeo.