Live in relationship advantage and disadvantage of globalization

live in relationship advantage and disadvantage of globalization

The very advantage of being in a live-in relationship, is its biggest disadvantage- Lack of Commitment. It is assumed that human relationships. The cons of live-in relationships are social censure and lack of laws to There are advantages and disadvantages in every relationship and. Now let us start with a look at the advantages and disadvantages of of jobs and improvement of living standards in developing countries.

Because in case some issues arise that absolutely cannot be sorted, the relationship can be ended without getting into a legal battle in most cases.

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Another considered advantage of live-in relationships is that because they currently fall outside the ambit of societal structure, the adverse influence of society can be avoided in them. This means that live-in relationships do not follow the otherwise necessary diktats of society.

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The burdens of social relationship are less in a live-in relationship and it actually helps a relationship blossom further. Cons of Live-in Relationships In simple words a live-in relationship leaves nothing to be discovered by the couple post marriage.

live in relationship advantage and disadvantage of globalization

Routine already sets in between live-in relations and there is anxiety or expectancy left for to be realised after marriage. Because there are no specific laws to deal with the intricacies of live-in relationships in most countries, the incidence of major problems in these cases are on the rise.

live in relationship advantage and disadvantage of globalization

Many people are duped of their assets in live-in relationships. A potent disadvantage of live-in relationship is social censure. Because these relationships have not yet been awarded the stamp of social acceptance, they are looked at with scorn.

Many couple in live-in relationships prefer to call themselves married fearing rejection.

live in relationship advantage and disadvantage of globalization

This primarily causes problems in relationships. It is very difficult to move into another relationship after a live-in relationship. Live-in relationships require a lot of time, energy and devotion. Developing countries, Globalization, Obesity, Overweight 1. Introduction Globalization has often been blamed for the rapid rise in obesity in much of the developing world Hawkes, ; Popkin, ; Zimmet, The existing evidence for this claim does, however, rest primarily on case studies and simple ecological comparisons of national conditions.

Arguably, the scarcity of quantitative data amenable to statistical analysis relates to the difficulty in quantifying the complex, multi-faceted nature of globalization.

Economists were among the first to try to quantify the different components of globalization in their attempt to assess its impact on economic growth Dollar and Kraay, ; Dreher, Indeed, the measures of globalization commonly employed have been exclusively economic, commonly proxied by e.

live in relationship advantage and disadvantage of globalization

Yet, globalization is not solely an economic process, and even if it were, there is more to economic globalization than the mere flow of goods and capital. More recent efforts at measuring globalization were built on the conceptualisation by Keohane and Nye of three different relevant dimensions of globalization: For all dimensions, this index was created using comprehensive data collected annually, from to In this paper we make use of this new measure and its various components, to arrive at a more detailed and nuanced assessment of the impact of different dimensions of globalization on overweight in low- and middle-income countries.

All three of these components of globalization might have contributed to obesity in low- and middle-income countries, and because they capture different dimensions and — as will be shown further below — are at best imperfectly correlated with each other, it is important to examine the influence of each sub-dimension separately.

While there exists a considerable literature which considers the role of technological change in affecting energy expenditure and consumption e. In the case of globalization, the nutritional transition may also be facilitated by the importation of cheaper, higher energy density foods from the industrialized world, rather than from the countries' internal production.

The most readily recognized manifestation of economic globalization is the opening of markets to foreign trade and investment in the second half of the last century, which entailed a substantial increase in agribusiness-related foreign direct investment FDI Hawkes, Political factors relating to the formation of regional trade blocks, or participation in various international treaties, may also have played a role, by acting as a precursor to greater economic integration via the opening of food markets to free trade and consequent nutritional change associated with overweight.

On the one hand, greater political integration on a regional level is likely to lead to deeper regional cooperation e. While the precise impact of such manifestations of political integration on overweight in developing countries is hard to predict, it may at least be conceivable that political globalization acts independently of or as a facilitator of purely economic forces.

Differential effects of political vs. Social and cultural globalization, involving cross-border movement of cultures and openness of media, may also have increased a population's perception of the supposed benefits of foreign lifestyles e. In addition to examining the importance of these different components of globalization, a further unique feature of our analysis consists of the integration of the various indicators of globalization into a world-wide dataset containing individual-level information up toindividuals.

This allows us to a utilise information on the objectively measured overweight status of each individual and b to control for relevant individual-level covariates e.

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To better isolate the effect of the various manifestations of globalization, it is important to control for a range of country-level factors that may simultaneously affect individual overweight risk and the country-level indicators of globalization, including the total GDP as a proxy of the size of the market, the Human Development Index, as well as the Index of Economic Freedom from the Heritage Foundation, which measures the quality of economic and legal institutions.

Through this analysis we aim to find out whether overall globalization indeed increases the individual likelihood of overweight, and whether the different dimensions of globalization — economic, political and social — play a greater or lesser part in raising the risk of overweight.

live in relationship advantage and disadvantage of globalization

Methods and their rationale 2. Definition and measurement of the component variables of globalization Globalization is our independent variable of primary interest.

We seek to capture both the influence of globalization as a whole as well as its relevant sub-components: Our primary measure of economic globalization is the relevant KOF sub-index, which is a composite measure comprising the following variables: We take advantage of the political KOF index mentioned above, which is a composite measure including information on the following four components: This component is designed to measure the degree of a country's international political engagement Dreher, Our main measure of this type of globalization is the social KOF globalization index, which is based on the following variables: Econometric specifications Starting with the most parsimonious model, we are primarily interested in how individual risk of overweight is affected by various manifestations of globalization: To account for potential spatial correlation of the error term, all our standard errors are clustered according to cluster IDs provided in the dataset.

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Our data came from several sources.