Grey and shepherd relationship quiz

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grey and shepherd relationship quiz

Derek Shepherd is the main heart throb from Grey's Anatomy. He has had Take this quiz to discover if you could make McDreamy pick you, love you! . It is the beginning of your relationship and you face a surprise. Have you been a faithful fan of "Grey's Anatomy" through all it's seasons? If so, can you name every "Grey's Anatomy" doctor just by their picture? Take our quiz . Can you pick the couples from Grey's Anatomy? Test your knowledge on this television quiz to see how you do and compare your score to.

In case you're not a fan, here's a couple of reasons why The cases are exciting, insane, bloody, and cringeworthy. Every season finale leaves us clinging to the couch cushions, praying for our own sanity, or in need of a giant box of tissues. However, the biggest guilty pleasure of them all has always been the sex.

When it comes to dirty deeds, the couples on Grey's Anatomy have done it all. By the way, the term couple is used loosely in this quiz. Grey's Anatomy couple could mean that the parties were in an actual relationship. They could be friends with benefits, an awkward exchange, or it could mean two consenting adults made a huge mistake.

This is also where having a dirty mind won't get you into any trouble. In fact, it may help. So, can you match the dirty deeds to the Grey's Anatomy couple?

Let's find out, shall we? It seemed like everyone was doing dirty deeds in season one of Grey's Anatomy. Well, everyone except Miranda Bailey, that is. She was too busy trying to keep everyone else's scrubs on. Attendings were sleeping with interns, interns with interns, and interns with nurses. What do you think of it? I hate it, it's ugly I appreciate how unique it is I steal it like it is my boyfriend's sweatshirt 10Which fact about him do you inquire about the most?

Derek has so many facts about him that you could spend your entire date just learning about him. However, there are some things that may pique your curiosity more than others. He obviously will turn the conversation back to you, but what do you discuss while talking about him?

His four sisters Seeing his father get shot All of his surgical conquests 11How do you react when his wife comes back to town? It is the beginning of your relationship and you face a surprise. Derek Shepherd is married!

grey and shepherd relationship quiz

We all make mistakes, but suddenly he has you feeling like a mistress. There are many ways to handle such a situation, so how do you go about it?

grey and shepherd relationship quiz

I break up with him immediately I fight for him I try to get him and Addison back together 12What do you do when his estranged best friend, Mark Sloan, comes to town?

When Mark Sloan shows up at the hospital and Derek has a bad reaction, how do you handle the situation? Even though the bad blood between them is from years ago, you know it still hurts Derek like a fresh wound. How do you react in this situation? I help them sort out their issues I melt away and pretend I'm not there while Mark is there I sleep with Mark 13Do you end up going on a second date? After your first date, you two go back to the hospital and continue sneaking around.

You had a good time and then you start to get antsy about going on a second date. So then you have to figure out how to make that come about. I ask him out I wait for him to ask me out again We don't go out again 14What is your and Derek's song?

Obviously, the two of you have a song! You dance to it and listen to it all the time. Whenever the song comes on, you think of Derek.

grey and shepherd relationship quiz

It is a very sweet song that the two of you both enjoy. What is your song? Derek has a big family that does not live near him, but your family does. You clearly like Derek a lot, but do you want to take the next step of bringing him home? Or do you want to keep the relationship very quiet and put no pressure on it? I bring him home as soon as I can I want to wait until we are together for a long time to introduce him to my family I never want to bring him home 16When you're in surgery with him, do you expect special treatment?

Since you are dating Derek Shepherd, you know he sees you differently than he sees all of the other interns. He often picks you to do surgery with him and you get to learn all sorts of techniques and gain valuable OR experience.

While in the OR, do you want special treatment? I expect lots of special treatment I would never expect anything I don't even accept special treatment 17How do you react when he wants to work for the president?

Derek got an invitation to work for the President of the United States and it caused a huge strain on his relationship with Meredith. How would you react in such a situation? It is a very tough call to make since you want him to stay and go simultaneously.

Grey's Anatomy case or Florida news story? We quiz the cast!

So what do you say? I tell him to stay I tell him to go I act indifferent 18What kind of house do you get together? Getting a house is a big deal. It means you are in a good relationship that is not about to dissolve. When you and Derek get a house, what kind is it?

There are endless options and now you get to pick! What do you choose? I want him to build it for me I want him to move into my house I want to choose a big house with a yard together 19How many kids do you want with him? Things are getting serious! Or at least, you think they are. You hope they are! From the beginning, you have always thought about how many kids you want. Does this change when you meet Derek? Do you know how many kids you want with Derek?

However many he wants Seven 20Do the two of you get a pet? You may be an animal lover, but you cannot have a pet while spending the majority of your time at your job. The hospital needs you! But, you also have always wanted a pet. You discuss it with Derek and come to a reasonable decision. No, we don't have time for a pet A dog for the kids A turtle is perfect because it doesn't need constant care 21Do you like when his hair starts getting grey?

Derek ages throughout the show. He was always significantly older than Meredith, and they age together. He has always been a stubborn man, a kind soul, and very loving, but he is also quite good looking. Meredith knows it and you know it. So what do you think when he starts going grey? It makes him even hotter I never realized I prefer him young 22Do you want to have a big wedding with him? Derek Shepherd does not have a lot of free time on his hands. In fact, he spends most of his time at the hospital doing surgeries and consulting for fellow doctors.

If you are an intern, you also have hardly any time to sleep, let alone plan a wedding. But if you have your mind set on something, you will make it happen. What kind of wedding do you want with Derek? Yes, I want to be a princess for a day A Post-It is fine!

I don't care about the wedding, I just want to marry him 23When you finish your internship, do you consider moving away?

After your internship, you will probably have offers to join other hospitals across the country, or even globe. You now have the chance to make something of yourself and have a life of your own.

But you remember that you are with Derek.

grey and shepherd relationship quiz

Maybe you don't want to leave him? I can't leave Derek Maybe Derek would move with me if I decided to go? Yeah, I would go and we could survive long distance 24When you get into a plane accident together, what is your main priority?

Of course, this is a highly unlikely scenario. However, it did happen on Grey's Anatomy!

Only Real Fans Can Match The Exes To The Right Grey's Anatomy Characters!

Several characters got into a plane crash and hit resulted in two deaths, a lost leg, and a messed up hand. When you open your eyes on the island, what do you do first? I need to find food and water to make sure we can all survive I help whoever I can immediately I must find Derek!

Are you in love with one of the best neurosurgeons this world has ever seen? The man with dreamy eyes, careful hands, a loving smile, and a confident attitude?