Exo tao and kris relationship advice

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exo tao and kris relationship advice

After the whole incident with Kris, Kai swore off boys entirely. Sehun's first relationship ended when Luhan went back to China for college, and ironically, Kai and His best friend might give good advice, but he was an idiot. Summary: After they broke up, Tao finds out that he's pregnant with Kris' baby. Despite If anyone's looking for a exo ot12 fic to read on ao3 check this out. Chanyeol posted a picture of EXO's logo on his Instagram with the message, “ Encourage the good, punish the evil.” Luhan on his Weibo.

Kai didn't really have another crush after that one until he was probably eleven or so, when Sehun's cousin came to stay. Chanyeol's parents were getting a divorce and fighting over him as part of the settlement, so he'd been taken in by his extended family until the lawyers could sort things out. Chanyeol was a little too loud, a little too tall, and a little too eager for Kai, but he was also completely different from Sehun in every way, and that alone made him exciting.

I'm never turning twelve. Afterward, once the playing field was even again, Sehun jabbed that Chanyeol-hyung was lucky he was sent to his mom's because otherwise he'd have been stuck in Seoul with Kai's idiocy to deal with.

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Kai pouted at that but wasn't actually too upset over Chanyeol's departure—Sehun's cousin talked too much and kissed too little, and eleven-turned-twelve year old Kai was being to think that he liked kissing, a lot. That's why his next crush was on Do Kyungsoo, the older neighbor boy he and Sehun had kind of grown up with, who was very shy and a little awkward, but had lips the shape of candy hearts that Kai knew would feel amazing if they touched his own.

That night, though, Sehun suggested they go on a computer and look up "Why is sucking nice with your boyfriend? After viewing the plethora of enlightening information that followed, Kai found himself wondering, "What would it feel like if Do Kyungsoo did that to me?

He avoided Kai's eyes because he still felt slightly embarrassed over what they'd just seen—and his body's uncomfortable reaction to it—but that didn't keep him from remarking smartly, "I'm pretty sure Minseok-sunbae really enjoys it.

Netizens think Lay is following the footsteps of former EXO members Kris, Luhan, and Tao

They are boyfriend's, after all. He shrugged and glanced surreptitiously at Sehun from under his eyelashes before both blushed and turned—with wide-eyes, palpitating hearts, and strangely painful crotches—back toward the computer.

What do I do? Should I wave back? What if he wasn't waving at me? What if it was for someone else? When Kai nearly started hyperventilating, Sehun began apologizing profusely and rubbed Kai's back with hard, rhythmic strokes until he finally calmed down. It was the first time Sehun had ever seriously acknowledged one of Kai's crushes, and Kai wanted to preserve the moment for as long as he absolutely could.

This particular conversation occurred at the beginning of November, so when Kris surprised everyone by confessing to Kai a few days before Christmas holiday, Kai surprised everyone even more by saying, "No. He's athletic but not too buff, and he gets really good grades.

But then he just left me by myself and later I heard that he had done the same thing to another guy last year and that student had been so upset that he'd ended up transferring.

exo tao and kris relationship advice

So then," he paused and hiccuped as his tears began to flow harder and his body's shaking increased, "when he confessed today, I just wanted to spit in his face. He looked down at his friend in helpless desperation, but realized that Kai just needed him to be present in that moment, so Sehun stayed exactly where he was, instead. Two weeks of horror movies, snowball fights, and ice cream by the tub later, Kai and Sehun started back at school to the news that Kris Wu had returned suddenly to Canada and would not be back to Seoul possibly ever, but at the very least not for the remaining entirety of his high school career.

It was years before Sehun had enough courage to share that he'd told their principal about Kris pressuring other students into sexual acts. By that point, Kai was over it—he'd had better sex with better people—but he appreciated Sehun's fiercely protective actions all the same.

That's not to say he went after girls instead, he just tried not to be as interested in them as he'd been previously. This resolve was fine at first—it gave time for Kai's hurt to heal and for him to start looking at the other students of his school as potential friends instead of relationships. Sehun thought it was great because he'd always thought that Kai always seemed to take the definition of thirsty up a notch, but then he came back from summer camp at 17 with a boyfriend of his own and Kai suddenly found being single a whole lot harder.

He liked Luhan well enough, and the pink-haired boy most definitely liked Sehun, but Kai thought he liked things better when crushes were theoretical and life was him and Sehun against the world.

Sehun's first relationship ended when Luhan went back to China for college, and ironically, Kai and his family followed not long after, leaving Sehun without boyfriend or best friend for his last year in high school. His name is Tao and he goes to my new school. What's this guy got going for him? Is it pretty lips again? He didn't like being reminded of the past fallacies of his heart, and every time Sehun brought them up Kai wondered why he ever told his best friend anything.

During the cake cutting, they ignored the couple since the idols were at the back, they tried to get autographs and pictures. Thought it was a press event. Everyone else was getting angry and the couples' faces were getting darker. Anon commented about the newest update on the EXO sasaeng and I just cannot let this pass by: So a published post from Kakaostory app became viral this week.

How the fuck did she managed to do it?

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Well, the she is obviously proud since she went on bragging and even contemplating another trip to her oppa's dorm. I personally got it from their dorm. It was extremely hard for me to obtain. You don't believe me? There were a couple of hair strands on the underwear that you could test for DNA.

I also have socks. Do not argue or tackle one another. I'm going to go next week to get Sehun's underwear if you want to reserve it. I could not get through EXO-M's thorough security.

This item was something I was able to barely obtain. I'm selling hair strands, too. I'm busy at the moment, and the EXO sasaeng news are still coming in! For now I'll just leave these.

EXO’s former member used to lie about his leaving reason

Recently here are two more sasaeng events but I'll just add them next week. After gatecrashing Baekhyun's bro's wedding mentioned earlierit was noticeable how EXO was embarrassed by their fans' behaviour and everyone was sorry that it had disturbed the reception big time.

It turns out it wasnt the end of it. For some background, Namsam Tower is known for the tradition of couples leaving padlocks on the security railings as a declaration of their eternal love.

P stage during the Warrior era, Himchan was sweating like crazy? After that, he had to go to the ER because he had a seizure. She tried giving hydrochloric acid to B1A4's Baro but failed.

exo tao and kris relationship advice

Benzene is a chemical that could cause leukemia and cancer on other blood cells. Recently, she made a prediction that a popular idol will die this year. Apparently her new target is EXO's Sehun. A lot of Korean fans are aware of this development already and keep a close eye on poor Sehun, ready to scream murder if any fan tries giving him food. Some are saying that it may not be Sehun, but from the past actions of "Idol Killer Kim Yeoshin", noone is really safe eh?

Remember that girl who claimed having Do's underwear? Last February 3, EXO's pop-up shop closed down. It's been open longer than anyone expected anyway.

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However the sasaengs believed they have to fight one last battle up to the final seconds. Naturally there was a commotion and when the chaos finally stopped, it was discovered that a signed, framed photo of EXO's Xiumin disappeared. It wasnt even put up for sale but someone obviously thought it means it's also ok to take it for free. I have 2 brand new updates guys! This time let us take a look at the financial problems a regular EXO sasaeng faces everyday and the a certain hobby they have during free time: Messages saying authorization number.

If you continue this ridiculous behavior, I will not stay put. Also, earlier this month, a year-old sasaeng fan called "Nam" was arrested for fraud. Apparently she rented an expensive camera equipment and sold them online without actually sending the product. Her reason of becoming a bogus seller?

exo tao and kris relationship advice

She needed funds to continue stalking her favourite group EXO. It seems she's been kicked out of her parent's house, been jobless since high school graduation and prefers hanging around the cafe near EXO's dormitory instead looking for a goddamn job. To learn about the sasaengs from other fandoms, I found this blog informative.