Eddie and catherine relationship

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eddie and catherine relationship

How does the relationship between Eddie and Catherine change during the first act of the play? Give reasons for your answer. Para 1: Introduction. Explain the. Online study guide for A View from the Bridge, Key Contexts & Themes The relationship between Eddie and Catherine. The relationship between Eddie and Catherine changes throughout the play. Discuss. The relationship between Eddie and Catherine is in a downward spiral.

He and his wife, Beatrice, have no children of their own, and this is possibly a cause of tension between them.

Eddie has always thought of her as his daughter, but during the span of the play it becomes clear, both to the audience and to several characters, that he is extremely possessive and has developed sexual feelings for her. It is important to understand that Eddie himself does not realise this. He just thinks he is looking out for her.

Key themes The relationship between Eddie and Catherine A View from the Bridge

However, he tries to put obstacles in her way every time she seems close to leading an independent life. He just scoffs when Beatrice points this out to him.

eddie and catherine relationship

Since Eddie has been having these feelings for Catherine, he has not been interested in having a sexual relationship with Beatrice.

This causes arguments between them throughout the play. Eddie cannot see that he hurts Beatrice every time he pays Catherine a compliment, such as when he calls her a Madonna three times in one short speech.

She is without sin, pure and kind, and to Catholics, their universal mother. Before Marco and Rodolpho arrive he seems pleased to be able to help them. He acknowledges that if he were in in their position he would be grateful for the help.

eddie and catherine relationship

His wife calls him an angel. Unfortunately, his kindly feelings change soon after the cousins arrive because he can see that Catherine and Rodolpho are attracted to each other.

eddie and catherine relationship

He says that Rodolpho only wants to marry Catherine to gain American citizenship. He then begins to refer to all aspects of Rodolpho, such as his ability to sing, sew and cook, which Eddie thinks shows that he must be gay. To Eddie, this is the proof he needs to show that Rodolpho cannot be marrying Catherine for love.

When he comes home drunk just before Christmas, Eddie finds Catherine and Rodolpho coming out of the bedroom. He explodes with rage and reacts in a terrifying way.

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First he grabs Catherine and kisses her on the mouth. As Rodolpho tries to stop him, Eddie asks You want something? He repeatedly goes to Alfieri to see what can be done about Rodolpho.

This is when he phones the Immigration Bureau. We can infer that he is asked for, but does not give, his name when he does this, as he is heard saying Heh? He fully understands how enormous the betrayal is among his fellow Italians.

eddie and catherine relationship

From the first time Eddie saw Rodolpho, he took an immediate dislike to him; everything from his hair to his ambitions. Rodolpho is a flamboyant character, ready to laugh and have a good time no matter what the situation is.

This makes Eddie nervous, asking him if he wants to be picked up and if not, stop singing.

A View from the Bridge - The relationship between Eddie and Catherine

But maybe the family issue was one of the reasons Eddie prefers Marco, he knows where he stands knows that Catherine has no chance with Marco. Eddie is rather hostile towards Rodolpho, at first it may have been an unconscious hostility, before Eddie himself even recognised his jealousy.

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Eddie sees most of the good qualities others see in Rodolpho as bad he is distorting everything he hears and moulding it to fit in with his own ideas. Because if their family ties, Eddie feels more strongly towards Rodolpho, he feels self pity perhaps, he uses his bed, his house, eat the food he provides and repays him by embarrassing him, taking the person he loved… everything just builds up to a point of intensive hatred. Rodolpho on the other hand, was never openly hostile to Eddie until the start of Act Two and always preferred to cover up his discomfort rather than oppose or confront Eddie.

A View from the Bridge: Eddie and Catherine's Relationship

He treats Eddie with respect and gratitude seeing as Eddie allowed him to live in his home; his attitude towards Eddie is one of a son trying to get along with a disapproving father, trying to gain his respect and attention. Even though he uses them as something to attack him with, he secretly feels that Rodolpho can do more than him and can go further in life than he ever will.

Although Rodolpho is courteous towards Eddie for the majority of the play, he does lose his composure when Eddie violently kisses Catherine but even after Eddie insults him, he does not fight back and goes out the apartment like he was told.