Coffee and cigarettes meg jack white relationship

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coffee and cigarettes meg jack white relationship

Coffee and Cigarettes – Jack Shows Meg His Tesla Coil. by DAE. Features Jack and Meg White of the band The White Stripes having some coffee innocence, Nikola Tesla, their 'sibling relationship', and a little red wagon. Comic Steve Coogan and White Stripes frontman Jack White worked together on Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes, but never actually met. used in a court of law to prove anything about the relationship(s) between mr. And also were you happy with yours and/or meg white's performance in the film?. After a year of court cases and tabloid tales, the White Stripes are less than happy. Meg White sports an elegant bus-red overcoat, matching high heels and their appearance in Jim Jarmusch's recent film, Coffee and Cigarettes. . any mention of his relationship with Hollywood actress Renée Zellweger.

Everyone wants to eat their dessert first. Are you surprised that you've managed to sell what is really an art concept to such a massive audience? I'm always surprised when anything about the band connects.

coffee and cigarettes meg jack white relationship

But I love the fact that it's hard for people to understand. We've said before that it's always been a great thing to get certain people to go away thinking, 'Oh dear, she can't play the drums! Has it been hard to defend the position that you're 'just kids' when a lot of the stuff that's happened to you recently has been 'adult': On paper, perhaps, not the happiest year after all? It's the year that we found out who and who weren't our friends. It's like growing up and realising that the kid you go to high school with really isn't your friend, but your next door neighbour who's twice as old as you - you can learn a lot from them.

Like the difference between me and Loretta Lynn laughing on a front porch, drinking a beer together, and Jim Diamond suing us saying that he produced De Stijl [second Stripes LP] - an album I recorded in our living room by myself!

Fame and money, that is. That can only fall on their own heads in the end, not us. Because we love everybody, and if you're not out to hurt anybody, then you won't get hurt in the end. The truth is the truth. Meg has never done anything to anybody. How can someone like Jim Diamond sue Meg?

You must regret the way your disagreement with Jason Stollsteimer unfolded. He did all that to promote his new album.

Jack talks Meg

That's what it was all about. What happens to someone who uses people in the end? His album sells two thousand copies or whatever, and nobody's going to care next year. He's forever gonna be known by his own exploitation. All I can do is defend my own honour. He pulled a contact lens out of his eye that he'd left in for a year, and he's trying to blame me for it.

I really feel sorry for the people in that band.

coffee and cigarettes meg jack white relationship

You don't know what it's like being on tour with a band, and they're all complaining and crying. That guy is a provoker, a really bad person, but the way I see it, the more I talk about it, the more he gets what he wants.

We dropped in on Brian Muldoon, the fortysomething upholsterer with whom, in the mid-Nineties, Jack had served his apprenticeship in both furniture-making and rock music. We visited the workshop where, with Muldoon on drums, the two of them would rehearse after hours.

Muldoon soon opted for domesticity and children over an itinerant life in rock'n'roll. He quietly told me that his successor at the drumkit, Meg, had made a far tougher decision in by sticking with the White Stripes, even though her marriage to Jack - 'which I guess nobody's really denying anymore', he said- was on the rocks. Although Jack still refers to Meg as his 'big sister' at every show they play, an old wedding certificate has been produced which reveals they were once married.

In subsequent months, life seems to have become immeasurably more complicated for the pair of them. Media distortion infuriates him. In an effort to move on to a happy topic, I mention his recent appearance onstage with Bob Dylan - surely it was the apex of his career to perform one of his own songs, 'Ball and Biscuit', on home turf, with his all-time hero?

People were prying into his stuff all of the time, trying to make him into something he didn't think he was. He just wanted to do his thing, not to be considered the voice of a generation - like they owned him, you know?

They wouldn't leave him alone, he got no privacy. Dylan has fought the cult of celebrity from the outset. Is that what makes him such a hero for you? I guess I like that about him. It seems like everybody today is so available - ready, willing and available for anything, to be part of a reality show at the drop of a hat. It seems like nobody has any dignity any more. In maybe the last 40 or 50 years, something's really been lost worldwide.

They just don't want you to have dignity.

Jack White Explains The Truth Behind His Relationship With Meg White |

It pisses them off. It's like what I was saying before: Like, there's no possible way that you could be so dignified, they have to find out something about you that makes you undignified.

I mean, you tell me, who's got dignity nowadays who's a celebrity? It's rare, very rare. Dignity and celebrity are two words that don't really belong in the same sentence. Yeah, but they used to. Frank Sinatra was dignified. We don't have a Frank Sinatra, or a Patti Page nowadays. What do we have? Ashlee Simpson instead of Patti Page!

I mean, look at those people - like Paris Hilton! Who are all these skanks, man? Little girls are looking up to these girls, and it's so gross. Those girls have no dignity at all, and parents are letting their kids dress up like those skanks. But what else have they got? What are the other choices? Oh well, ha ha ha [laughing angrily at the folly]! Somebody had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to play guitar on Lindsay Lyons's album! She's another one of those year-old actresses, and she's making an album!

You do seem to be saying, very often, that things were done better in the good old days Well, it's hard to like anything these days.

coffee and cigarettes meg jack white relationship

It's hard to look forward. Everybody assumes, when they wake up in the morning, if they have a question, it will get answered - they have the internet.

Everyone's cellphone is also a camera and a computer and blah blah blah.

coffee and cigarettes meg jack white relationship

It's all in one thing. So, what do we have to look forward to? When it all comes down to it, what I really want is folk music to still be around. It's a shame because the culture worldwide is becoming so affluent and so computerised, that all of that's really gonna go away.

A skiffle group is never gonna happen ever again. At times, we [the White Stripes] almost ignore our own music.

'Can I have coffee & cigarettes with you in New York?'

If we have the stage, we've gotta play Son House's music, because there's nobody to keep it alive. We don't wanna be known as the band that's conducting music instruction class. But that's all everyone talks about - why MTV's not good, why radio's not good. And the answer is really because whatever you want to call it - blues, country, folk - isn't around any more. That's why everyone's so mad, and I'm tired of it being my job to bring it back.

You suggested earlier that it's not a good time to be American. It's gross, really gross, because it feels like, all the politics put aside, it's gross that people could be so easily persuaded. It's a rough time. I haven't seen people be so obsessed and upset in my lifetime - you know, about everything. My dad always told me, they should always have a third choice on the ballot, like 'none of the above', then if enough people picked that, they'd have to get new candidates.

I guess it's the same way in England too. When you belong to a political party, it doesn't matter if it's a monkey or Albert Einstein running, you vote for him because he's a part of that party. It doesn't matter what the truth is. It goes across the board. I mean, don't people want the truth? Why wouldn't you want the truth? Because you can be lazy if you don't know the truth. You used to fly the flag for Detroit as a place where the downtrodden gathered together and provided an alternative.

Has that all turned sour for you now? I don't yearn for this town any more. It's so decrepit, and the government's so corrupt, and it's getting in my way more than helping me. It's hard to be comfortable any more. What I used to love about it was, we could play drums on the front lawn and the cops wouldn't even show up, but now I don't care any more about that. Strange to Meet You[ edit ] This is the original short Coffee and Cigarettes with Roberto Benigni and Steven Wright having a conversation about coffee and cigarettes.

Steven tells Roberto about his coffee ideas, such as freezing it into "caffeine Popsicles" for kids, and how he likes to drink coffee right before he goes to sleep so he can dream faster "like a camera on those Indy cars". Roberto does not understand anything he says but is entertained to listen.

They experiment with switching chairs, but decide to switch back again. Steven suddenly remembers he has a dentist appointment that he is afraid to go to, but has to. Roberto happily volunteers and goes instead of him.

The scene also features a recounting of the urban legend that Elvis Presley made racist comments about African Americans during a magazine interview. The silent Vinny Vella Jr. He initially approaches her to serve more coffee, to which she reacts by saying "I had the right color, right temperature, it was just right". After that, he comes back several times, hesitates, and leaves. He seems intent on striking up a conversation with her. Alex has no problems, or so he answers to Isaach's repeated questioning.

At the end of the scene, Alex takes out a pair of dice and rolls three sets of doubles.

coffee and cigarettes meg jack white relationship

It could be assumed that Alex Descas has an excessive gambling problem but to him it is not a problem because of what he can roll.

Notice he doesn't roll the dice in front of his friend. Cousins[ edit ] Cate Blanchett plays herself and a fictional and non-famous cousin named Shelly, whom she meets over some coffee in the lounge of a hotel. There is no smoking in the lounge, as the waiter informs Shelly but not until Cate is gone.

Jack White Explains The Truth Behind His Relationship With Meg White

Shelly tells Cate about her boyfriend, Lee, who is in a band. She describes the music style as hard industrial, similar to the band Iggy describes. Cate tells Shelly she looks forward to meeting "Lou" someday. Cate is made to feel awkward and uncomfortable by Shelly's constant envious remarks about how she perceives Cate's life and attitude.