Bass guitar and drums relationship

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bass guitar and drums relationship

Apr 11, Turns out that the most basic and correct approach is to have bass guitar playing on exactly same position and time as kick drum. Locking them. Converse about music, play favorite tunes by the drummer and you, and .. The bass player/drummer relationship is the most important. Mar 6, The relationship between bass and drums is a special and unique one. While a typical rhythm section would consist of bass, drums, guitar.

Fish Bassists on Drummers No matter what style rhythm section a drummer plays in, it is essential that he or she lock in with the bassist. Since there is no one hard and fast rule on the subject, I spoke with some of the top bassists in the country and asked them two questions: What do you look for and listen for in a drummer?

What are common faults that you find in drummers? The sound of the cymbals.

The Kick Drum/Bass Relationship

The feel is the most important thing to me. Rushing is common in trying to force things to swing by playing on top a little bit. But, it also makes it feel a little more uncomfortable. I think that might be a common failing of younger drummers. To maybe artificially create excitement. Electric Bass, studio and live performer with a string of movie, TV, and record hits. A real fine drummer ought to be able to tell a story between his hands and feet and not just bang on the drums.

The drummer is like the framework of a house, and the bass player is like the basement. The bass drum is very important to groove with, but not necessarily by playing the same line; perhaps a complimentary line.

The bass player and the drummer should be able to lock in and groove together. Not push or pull.

bass guitar and drums relationship

You can rush a little bit and drag a little bit, as long as you do it together. The sound of the cymbal is important. To back up the lead player or singer with simplicity. To play simple and to put the right stuff underneath a player or singer takes talent!

Bass Guitar Training - Playing With a Drummer

Shelly used to tune his drums in the studio just so beautiful! People say that drums are not musical instruments. Drums are musical instruments! You can play songs on the drums. Not just to his bass drum. I listen to everything! Technically speaking, I never really thought much about the drummer. I created my parts by feeling. Listen, when the singer is singing, how the bass player may follow with a little lick as an answer, or the drummer may do the same thing. Or they might do it together!

Well, just leave the bass player alone! The drums are a musical instrument. Keeping a happy attitude in the band is very important, and the drummer, being a gregarious kind of guy, can do that. Fine drummers usually have really great ears. They play notes on the drums, too. That role should be shared between the bass player and the drummer. Does he listen to what everybody else is playing?

Colors and shades, different volume levels, I guess those are the two main things. Mainly that they play too loud. He can force himself to be the leader, just by the nature of the instrument.

bass guitar and drums relationship

He can play the loudest, he can cover everybody up and he can make everybody the music go. The beginning of every band is the linkage between the bass player and the drummer. I remember listening to Elvin Jones with John Coltrane! Like I said, the beginning of a band is the linkage between the bass player and the drummer.

Acoustic Bass, live and studio. Ridley also teaches at Rutgers University.

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It goes back into that spiritual aesthetic thing that I was talking about. Naturally, it made its way into Total Recording. I mean, like, fundamental! They represent the bedrock of musical expression, the foundation upon which the house of music is built.

This has always been so. The low-frequency impulse and chordal foundation of music is common to virtually all music from all over the world and throughout history.

bass guitar and drums relationship

The kick and bass are such an important part of our music that we must give them very special care, especially in recording. As musicians, producers, recording engineers and mix engineers, we absolutely have to fully understand the capabilities and musical significance of these two instruments, both independently and together.

They are the primary tools we use to create music which communicates the emotions that live in the pulse, the groove, the chord changes, and the riffs of rock and roll music.

Keep in mind that rock music is very high-energy high-intensity music. It drives the body as well as the soul. A drummer must be very careful with the powerful instrument he has at his disposal. He can very easily overplay and bury the bass player if he is insensitive to this fact except, of course, in rock where the electric bass player can turn up his amplifier and wipe out a drummer.

In the jazz style the acoustic bass is usually used, with its longer sounding notes, so that each quarter-note will sustain into the next.

The drummer in this context usually finds that in order to achieve the best sound, play the time with the stick on the ride cymbal or the brushes on the snare drum, along with the steady beats of the bass. The playing of the bass drum is a very sensitive subject with most bass players, and they often complain that drummers are obliterating their sound by its improper use. It can be very destructive if a drummer plays loud time on a high-pitched, ringing bass drum. Quite often you might want to give the beat a little more punch by playing steady time on the bass drum.

But it must be done lightly and with control and sensitivity. Also, the sound of ride cymbals can be devastating if the volume of the overtones builds up too much and blots out the notes of the bass.

You can avoid this by listening to the total sound of the music, rather than just your own instrument.

bass guitar and drums relationship

The musical interaction between a bass player and a drummer depends on the context of the musical setting. Sometimes the function of both will be basically to keep time while playing fairly simple.

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Here the idea would be to keep the rhythm alive without putting in too many figures. But there are other looser situations where bass and drums are not confined as much, and play more freely, as they set up different figures and ideas, either together or separately. For me, the essence of creative playing lies in reacting to the musical ideas around me, whether they come from myself or anyone else in the group. In the action between the bass and drums it is especially important to maintain an attitude of cooperation and give and take.

For example, sometimes the bassist can act as an anchor man for you; he will play more simply and hold the foundation together while you play more freely. At other times you can lay back and give him room to stretch out. Sometimes everybody is stretching out together.

It is very important to listen to the total sound, so that everybody can react to it in his own creative way.