Usopp and yasopp meet

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usopp and yasopp meet

That- man- had shown up and had claimed to be Yasopp. Usopp frowned. That wasn't possible, was it? What were the chances of the Straw. He stood by his nakama and met Usopp's eyes with his own. Gears switched so suddenly Luffy, his crew, Usopp, and Yasopp just looked at. Maybe I'm just being biased but I really think Yasopp should be the one in awe when they meet. I want Usopp to act like it's nothing so it makes Yasopp feels bad .

It wouldn't hurt to double check. Did you forget already? My name, again, is Yasopp, the sniper! Usopp supposed he might as well refer to this man by his name. She is my- our pride and joy! That is our ship! A chuckle came from the doorway behind Usopp. Usopp slowly whirled around. It couldn't be it couldn't be it couldn't be- It was. Standing in the door, framed by sunlight, was Shanks himself.

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He had heard about this pirate, and if the rumors were true— His legs were shaking. Shanks smiled a wide smile.

usopp and yasopp meet

If you are a part of Luffy's crew, how is he? You can call me Shanks! I'm pleased to know that Luffy's in the area. Maybe I'll say hello. Finally I get the recognition I deserve! You're just in the corner! A pipsqueak like you? How big is it, like five million beris? He searched in his pocket again and pulled out another bounty poster. It was his bounty as Sogeking!

usopp and yasopp meet

It was a really good thing he still had his mask on. Yasopp peered at the amount. How did you get a bounty that high? I mean, for a pipsqueak. Didn't you hear about what happened at Enies Lobby?

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Do you just carry our bounties around or something? Do you have something to hide? This is who I am! That's a pretty boastful name for a little kid. How good do you think you are with that thing? I can hit anything! Sounds like a challenge to me. How old do you think that I am?

I, for your information, am seventeen years old! He seemed to have forgotten why he was so out of it. You sure know what's up. The crew and I used to practice up on deck when we were bored. Except it wasn't really practicing for Zoro. He was already doing it anyway. He'd never been on Shanks's ship before. It was pretty cool. Usopp fell onto his knees, clutching at his side as he felt the warm blood cover his palm and the pain swell back through his body.

I have to find dad… he's got to be around here somewhere… I can't lose him now! Usopp continued to fire his kabuto at oncoming enemies, his hand throbbing unbearably with every movement. Everywhere he looked someone was falling to the ground, explosions were starting to fill the air, and the dark clouds still loomed overhead with the sun trying to break through the smoke.

Swords clashed, people screamed for the victory of their side… and the entire time Usopp tried to listen. He tried desperately to listen to his heart to lead him to his father… before the possibility of them being separated again became true.

He could hear the massive war continuing as smoke rose above the trees and explosions shook the ground. He felt a deep guilt run through him at the thought of leaving the battle behind… leaving his son in the smoke… He could still see that small glimpse he had caught of Usopp's stunned face before he ran into battle… the same look he had as a small child when he didn't understand why his father had to leave… Yasopp shook his head roughly and continued to scan the trees.

It had to be done… If Usopp had followed me, there's no telling what could have happened to him. And in that condition… I can't… I can't have him fighting here. Yasopp stopped his scan of the forest, knowing that his target was nearby, hiding like a rat in a hole in the wall… waiting for that moment to make itself known and move in for its goal.

Then he recognized the presence of footsteps treading through the grass towards him. The sniper slowly turned and found the man he had been searching for standing before him. His long spiked hair glowed against the slight beam of light that broke through the smoke and clouds, and his cigarette continued to burn as the sleeves of his black marine jacket swayed side to side.

You cheated me out of beating you THEN Now when we finish this futile fight I can go and finish what I started. Perhaps I'll even let you live long enough to see that weak guild with all of its members and your son die before your eyes.

Captain, guys, Luffy… Usopp… …Banchina… Short chapter! D lol Hello everyone! It's been a little while, hasn't it? Well, I really wanted to update this… even if it is a short update.

XD I really loved writing the moment when Usopp and Yasopp met up 3…. And then I had to go and be mean and separate them again. I feel like this chapter was kind of meant to just be a bridge to the next… but oh well! I am going to talk about some of the other straw hat's battles at short lengths, but Yasopp and Usopp will still be the main focus. I hope you like the chapter and I will try to get the next update out soon! If you want to. Your review has been posted. Or did he want Yasopp to never tell him what he thought, directly to him?

And that if I could, I would've come home. On one hand, I had a wife and son waiting for me at home. On the other, I had a life with hundreds of my brothers, and freedom.

I wanted to be with the both of you, but the flag wouldn't let me. If I hadn't gone and stayed with Shanks, I would've lost my mind with longing for the sea. I missed you more than anything.

usopp and yasopp meet

I missed you and Banchina. I would do anything to see her again.

usopp and yasopp meet

Please forgive me for what I did or didn't do. He knew that he had heard this before, as Sogeking, but it seemed to mean so much more when it was directed straight towards him. He was silent for a long time. Yasopp began to look questioningly at him.

Usopp and Yasopp Meet

Usopp's voice crack when he spoke. It means very much to me. I can't say you're welcome, though. I didn't do a good thing, staying away for so long. Before, it was just him, Zoro, and Nami.

Luffy practically dragged me onto the ship. Ok, so he just told me that I was coming with him when I expected to stay. I don't regret coming with him, though. We've had some great adventures. Except for those times when we almost died. I guess you're almost up to our level, huh? Let's wait a few more years and see, ok?

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I'm sure that he'd love to meet you. I need to thank him. He's working on a project for me. I can tell him you said thanks, though.