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tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes wiki irene

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional Private Detective (or, Consulting Detective, the term he Irene Adler. Adaptations of Sherlock Holmes with TV Tropes Pages. Miss Red is the heroine from Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes. is voiced by Grey DeLisle. She is based on Irene Adler from the Sherlock Holmes series. Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes is a animated direct-to-video film starring Academy Award-winners, Tom and Jerry produced by Warner Bros.

The Gargoyles then reveal that they never worked for Watson, and dispose of Sherlock, Watson, and Juliet on a ship. Sherlock realizes that the gnomes are being held at the bottom of the Tower Bridge with pie filling, and the group finds out that Moriarty really was behind everything and plans on smashing the gnomes with the bridge when it's raised. He states that, after witnessing Sherlock's mistreatment of Watson, he had the Gargoyles pretend to work for Watson so that they could view his map and identify where all the gnomes lived.

Sherlock and Watson agree to work together a final time to save the gnomes, and they and Juliet head towards the bridge on a drone. Gnomeo is able to stall the bridge opening by having the Red Goon Gnomes pretend to be humans on the bridge.

He then reunites with Juliet, and together, they defeat the Gargoyles. Watson goes to save the trapped gnomes, and frees them with soap just before the bridge is entirely opened. Moriarty gives chase to Sherlock, and injured his leg while doing so.

Moriarty attempts to kill everyone as revenge for foiling his plot, but Sherlock throws him over the bridge and into the river, while Watson narrowly saves him with his cane. Moriarty vows revenge as he helplessly floats away. Sherlock, finally appreciating his friend, reconciles with Watson, as does Gnomeo and Juliet, and the gnomes enjoy the fireworks.

The following spring, Gnomeo and Juliet take charge of the garden, and the gnomes hold a celebration for them, with Irene and the Maneki-nekos in attendance.

Satisfied with the appreciation that Gnomeo and Juliet share, Sherlock and Watson leave for another adventure. Chiwetel Ejiofor as Dr. Gnome Watson, Sherlock Gnomes' friend and assistant and a gnome counterpart to Dr. Blige as Irene, Sherlock's ex-girlfriend, and a plastic doll counterpart to Irene Adler. Jamie Demetriou as Moriarty, Sherlock's arch-nemesis and a pie mascot counterpart to Professor Moriarty.

Michael Caine as Lord Redbrick, the leader of the red gnomes and Juliet's overprotective widowed father and gnome counterpart to Lord Capulet. Maggie Smith as Lady Bluebury, the leader of the blue gnomes and Gnomeo's widowed mother; gnome counterpart to Lady Montague. Ashley Jensen as Nanette, a Scottish -accented plastic garden frog, Juliet's best friend and Paris' girlfriend in first film now is the new girlfriend of Benny and garden frog counterpart to Nurse.

Matt Lucas as Benny, Gnomeo's impulsive and tall-hatted best friend, Call Me Doll's boyfriend in first film who is the new boyfriend of Nanette; gnome counterpart to Benvolio.

Stephen Merchant as Paris, a nerdy red gnome who was arranged to marry Juliet and Nanette's boyfriend in first film and gnome counterpart to Count Paris. Ozzy Osbourne as Fawn, a garden deer. The silent film Sherlock Holmes, starring William Gillette in the title role. Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce starred as Holmes and Watson in a popular series of film adaptations in the s and s.

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The first two "The Hound of the Baskervilles" and "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" were produced by 20th Century Fox and were based on, respectively, the Doyle novel and the William Gillette play; both were set in the Victorian era. The others, produced by Universalmoved the setting to the s.

Initially, Holmes and Watson fought Those Wacky Nazisbut they later went up against more conventional crooks.

Bruce's portrayal of Watson as a bumbling incompetent rather than the original ladykilling man of action helped begin a long chain of similar adaptations. They are met with great deference everywhere, solve the theft of valuable stamps, but are put on trial for impersonation, where they insist that they told everybody that they weren't Holmes and Watson.

Conan Doyle is shown laughing his head off in the courtroom audience and mentioning that Holmes and Watson are fictional characters he invented, which means the movie must be set before It was supposed to be the first in a series of films, but disappointing box office returns dashed those hopes.

It follows Sherlock's self-proclaimed smarter younger brother Siegerson, who attempts to thwart Moriarty on his own. Edited For Television versions of the film generally restore the cameo.

Available to watch on Netflix Watch Instantly, it is a stunningly bad comedy with the entire soundtrack consisting of Moore idly noodling on a piano. The basis for the plot was the book Jack the Ripper: It was seen by some as a Darker and Edgier Sherlock Holmes movie but, given the subject matter, it's understandable. This was the second time Holmes and the Ripper met; the first time was in the movie A Study in Terror.

tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes wiki irene

Unusual in that it began with a disclaimer explaining that it was a " What If? In perhaps the most unusual adaptation, there is the movie They Might Be Giants from which the band took its namewhich starred George C.

Scott as a man who thought he was Sherlock Holmes, and Joanne Woodward as his psychiatrist, whose name was Watson. The film itself took its name from a line in Don Quixote.

Not quite an adaptation, since Holmes and Watson are stated to be fictional in-story. However, two ladies with the last names of Holmes and Watson decide to enter the business Despite the name changes, the plot and characters are instantly recognizable. Mortimer was much Older and Wiser than in the book, his wife is a believer in the supernatural and holds a party that is very important to the plot, Selden becomes an Ascended Extraand Beryl Stapleton is murdered by her husband Roger aka the Big Bad.

Sherlock Holmes

Response to the trailer, which basically strung the comedic moments together to make it look more like a spoof than an actual Holmes story, was The movie received mostly positive reviews, and critics praised Downey Jr's portrayal as the detective for which he won a Golden Globe and the chemistry between him and Law. And it was a box-office hit. A sequel to this film, titled Sherlock Holmes: It's Steampunk and involves dinosaurs. Holmesa film based on the novel A Slight Trick of the Mind, follows a year-old Holmes who becomes determined to solve the decades-old mystery that drove him into retirement before his slowly deteriorating mind fails him completely.

Ian McKellen plays Holmes. Literature not written by Arthur Conan Doyle Adrian Conan Doyle son of Arthur Conan Doyle and John Dickson Carr Doyle's biographer and friend wrote a series of Short Stories collected under the name 'The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes', and was supposed to be the accounts of the cases that Watson mentioned but never made it to the original 56 short stories. Some consider it canon, for being written by the Author's son, and treat it as the tenth volume of Sherlock Holmes canon, but many more don't for the obvious fact that it wasn't written or approved by Arthur Conan Doyle it was written and published after his death and it was co-written by an unrelated author.

Sequels were expected but never produced, mainly because the authors got in a dispute over who wrote what. Nicholas Meyer's novel later adapted to filmThe Seven-Per-Cent Solution proposed that the Moriarty stories were complete fictions invented by Watson to cover for Holmes's recovery from cocaine addiction. This was to explain the canon's apparent contradiction of Moriarty dying in the story that introduced him, yet figuring in other prequel stories.

In the story, Moriarty is revealed as Holmes's childhood maths tutor, whom Holmes had cast as a criminal in his drug-induced delirium. The story ends with a departing Holmes suggesting that Watson explain his absence to the readers by telling them he'd been murdered by his math tutor. King's Mary Russell series takes place in the ss. The title character, a young woman who comes to live on the Sussex Downs after being orphaned in a car accident, meets the retired Holmes there and becomes first his protege and later his wife.

Fish's ridiculously pun-packed Schlock Homes stories Some titles of stories: There was, for example, his brilliant solution to the mysterious gunning down of a retired boilermaker, a case which I find listed as The Adventure of the Shot and the Bier; and there is also reference to the intriguing business of the hitchhiking young actress, noted in my journal as The Adventure of the Ingenue's Thumb.

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The Enola Holmes series by Nancy Springer, which depicts the adventures of the much younger sister of Sherlock. On top of each mystery, the overall plot arc is the eventual reconciliation of the Holmes siblings as Enola finds that she is a match for her brother in every way for her age and Sherlock learns to admire his brilliant sister as a professional colleague.

Michael Chabon 's novella The Final Solution, in which Holmes never named directly, but it is clearly hima 90ish old man living in country retirement as a beekeeper, tries to locate a German Jewish boy's stolen parrot.

Andrew Lane's Young Sherlock Holmes series not to be confused with the movie of the same namechronicling a teenage Sherlock's adventures.

Tom and Jerry Chuck Jones Collection Experiments

These stand to be the only teen novels endorsed by the Doyle Estate. It was later adapted by Big Finishwho also made it a de facto crossover with their own regular Sherlock Holmes series, mentioned below. A Funny Animal version of the mythos, and many a child's first exposure to Sherlock Holmes.

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Basil's name is an obvious Shout-Out to Basil Rathbone. In the film, Rathbone himself even has a vocal cameo albeit one well after his death as Holmes himself.

Baring-Gould, has been the source of many interesting theories about Holmes, some of which are often assumed to be canon even in this very entry. As a way of freeing up Sherlock and Mycroft for their various occupations while still ensuring they were members of the "right" class, Baring-Gould invented Sherringford, the eldest—and smartest—brother, who stayed home in Yorkshire to take care of the responsibilities of a country squire. The Hound Of The Durbervilles by Kim Newman focuses on Professor Moriarty and his subordinate, Sebastian Moran, as they share a series of adventures that oddly echo Holmes's famous cases and have them meeting numerous other characters from Victorian and Edwardian fiction.

Titan Books, Newman's publisher, has an ongoing series of Holmes pastiches. In Poul Anderson 's Time Patrolthe Victorian era office would like to hire a contemporary detective, but the only one clever enough is probably clever enough to figure out the Time Patrol. Other clues make it clear who this unnamed detective is. The House of Silkby Anthony Horowitzfollows two crimes that end up closely linked, one where a family is being hounded by an American gang boss and another where Holmes searches for the elusive House of Silk.

Notable in that it's the first novel, not written by Sir Doyle, that the the Conan Doyle Estate has endorsed.

tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes wiki irene

Horowitz has since published a follow-up, Moriartywhich begins immediately after the encounter at Reichenbach Falls. Also used to explain The Giant Rat of Sumatra. In that book, Holmes was described as knowing the Portuguese language, which helped him since he went to Brazil to try to figure out the identity of a serial killer.

His portrayal in that book had him misinterpret clues. He failed, which was attributed to his lack of knowledge of how musical notes were known in Brazil. The culprit, whose identity was revealed to the readers, moved to England and was implied to be Jack the Ripper. An Account of the Ripper Killings by Dr. Watsonby Lyndsay Faye. Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Estleman has published crossover novels featuring Holmes meeting up with Dracula and Jekyll and Hyde.