Switched at birth toby and lily meet

'Switched at Birth' season 5 spoilers: Toby mans up for Lily and the baby

switched at birth toby and lily meet

After much debate, Toby and Lily have finally come to a decision about Toby meets a young girl with Down syndrome on Switched at Birth. Toby (Lucas Grabeel) and Lily (Rachel Shenton) are engaged to be married in the upcoming season of "Switched at Birth.". Toby is the legal brother to Bay Kennish and the biological brother to Daphne Vasquez. Toby is in a band . Toby also meets Lily Summers. In It Isn't What You .

That person was Eric!

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She was still in love with Eric! Daphne asked Kathryn if she thought it was worthwhile her pursuing a career as a doctor. A cafe owner got annoyed at Harrison, a person with Down Syndrome, but Toby was able to resolve the situation.

He told the owner that he just needed to be patient with Harrison. This spiraled into an argument about how Travis was kicked off the baseball team, which lead to John telling Bay that he'd got him a chance to play pro in Japan! Bay talked to Travis and he told her that he couldn't turn down the offer, but that he really wanted her to come with him to Japan.

Lily Summers

Bay totally understood and said that she would think about it. Toby met Harrison's caretaker, Nina. He was pleasantly surprised to find out that she also had Down Syndrome. Kathryn confronted John about the DNA test he took without telling her. John said that it totally threw him when Bay took that blood test -- he thought that Kathryn had cheated on him!

Kathryn was really upset, but then it dawned on her that even though John thought Bay was someone else's daughter, he still hadn't left them. Guys, this line got us right in the feels. Natalie told Melody that Matthew had been kicked out of his house so they went looking for him. Melody really wanted to help him. Toby told Lily about Harrison and Nina. Meeting them made him realize that he wanted to educate people about Down Syndrome and advocate for children like Carlton.

switched at birth toby and lily meet

He'd found his tail! After speaking with Emmett, Bay told Travis that he wanted to go with him to Japan! It seemed like the perfect way for them to reconnect. Bay also told Travis that she couldn't go with him. But that didn't mean they had to break up -- it meant that they were stronger than ever. Daphne went back to the doctor who had interviewed her and totally kicked ASS. She told him that no employer can discriminate against a qualified individual on the basis of disability.

We were SO proud of our girl. And you know what else? She could have sued him, but that wasn't her style. Regina went to Eric and told him that he couldn't keep running.

She told Eric that if he turned himself in, he would get some time, but then afterwards, they could have a proper life together!

She also said that she would take care of Will while he was gone. Melody asked Gabe if Matthew could move in with them and he said yes! He subsequently goes to sell his band equipment in order to help him pay off the debt, he admits he has a problem and goes to get help after talking to his parents about it as well has getting rid of his "lucky" deck.

In The Persistence of MemoryToby and Wilke decide to steal a chem test and sell it to make up their debts from poker. In The Stag HuntRegina talks to Toby about his addiction to poker, and he takes responsibility for his part in helping steal the test and sell it. Toby talks to Emmett after Emmett gets angry at Bay for using his deafness as a defense. Wilke admits to Toby that he likes Daphne.

He reveals that there have always been rumors swirling around about Sarah and his father, but tells Daphne that they're not true. He seems keen on not letting his mother know about Sarah Lazar and tells Daphne to never ask about her again.

switched at birth toby and lily meet

He seems very protective of his family, especially his sisters. Toby tells her he can't go because Guitar Face is playing at a kegger on Saturday at Annie Barker's house. At school, Wilke tells Toby that he has been working on a set list for the party, prompting Toby to tell Wilke that something came up on Saturday. This causes Wilke to be upset because he believes that playing at this party will open up opportunities to play at college parties. Wilke accuses Toby of doing something for Simone.

Toby decides to keep his original plans for Saturday and cancel with Simone, which Simone accepts, but the party is later cancelled due to an anonymous tip to Annie's parents. Toby is suspicious and confronts Simone about the anonymous tip, and she confirms his suspicions and reveals her interference with the party.

Simone claims that her actions were in Toby's best interests, but Toby dislikes Simone's attempts at controlling his life. Simone sleeps with Emmett. In The IntruderToby is not happy to see Emmett at the house. When Emmett tries to talk to him, Toby pushes him on the ground and says "don't touch me". In Tree of ForgivenessKathryn gets Toby to go to a youth group meeting and tricks him into performing to help him get out of his creative slump.

Toby decides to forgive Emmett for sleeping with Simone because he was inspired by Nikki's ability to forgive the man that shot her father. Toby felt that if Nikki could forgive someone for doing something so awful, he could forgive Emmett for having sex with his girlfriend.

‘Switched at Birth’: Toby and Lily make their decision about the baby – Screener

Toby and Emmett start off new, become friends again, and agree to make music together again. Bay and Ally are talking about Angelo's death at Bombshell Betty's when Daphne stops by and tells Bay that Ally hasn't been honest with them!

Ally actually ruined her heart through cocaine abuse and her mom is in prison. And not only that, Ally has also been arrested twice for DIUs! Bay cannot believe that she has been made to lose her biological father a third time.

Lily tells Toby that she would like to raise Carlton as Jewish. Daphne has another dream about Angelo. He reminds Daphne of the hard time she went through after his death, and tells her that everyone deserves a second chance. If possible, this dream was even more beautiful than the last. Emmett and Travis make up!!!!!

Emmett tells Travis how hard it has been not having him or Bay to talk to. Travis tells him that if he needs Bay's friendship he will not stand in the way. Bay and Ally bump into each other at the tree where Angelo crashed his car. Ally tells Bay that Daphne was right about everything, but that she is trying to change. She isn't using anymore and she really has been living in her car because her landlord was stalking her.

Ally tells Bay that she is sorry for making her lose her dad twice. Bay says that she'll still do Ally's tattoo, but that it should be something that will honor Angelo.

They decide on doing Angelo's tree! Travis and Emmett stop by Bombshell Betty's. Travis tells Bay that she and Emmett should continue working together.

He saw Emmett's photos and thought they were incredible! Emmett starts taking photos of Bay giving Ally her tattoo.