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“Great mastering and great studio design both require a deep understanding of . Airshow Mastering Studio Meets Performance Space {Lets define High Resolution Digital Audio as any stereo or multi-channel audio stream .. AUDIO OUTPUTS The PONO output jacks can be switched via the PONO. They meet Grace, Horace's wife, at a cabaret, and having admired her Jack Bannister returns to his home in South America, bringing with him some Wyoming his Wyoming buddies, and there is a great revolver battle with the desperadoes. Blaisdell, a lawyer who agrees to help, lets Frenchy escape, claiming to have. As part of the process of surgery, Jack had to have a meeting with the Toward the end of her questions she asked about his history and comfort/reaction to anethstesia. The memory of this great man and the impactful life he led with dignity.

"I don't need that. Just give me the mask and let's do it". | CureNFwithJack

Tempo, pitch, overall speed of play-back, key-changes? It has been reported, that in some cases, the High Resolution Files being sold as High Res Audio are merely versions of the CD quality files re-sampled at higher bit-rates. In this case the quality differential may be extremely small, as any information LOST in creating a True High resolution files are recorded that way, directly into a high resolution files.

The use and value of resampling older music from original analogue tapes is debated within the production community. This is where one of the most vexing problems comes in. HD-TV is clearly better viewing and most but not all can easily see a difference. However watching sports or a movie in High Def for many if not most people, can be more engaging, with viewers responding more emotionally to the higher resolution version of the content! It may be hard or impossible to quantify this well known and accepted result, but it IS well known and and widely accepted.

Is it hard to accept that the increased audio quality associated with the HD Video format is part of reason for this result? Many of us know or have met someone born with perfect pitch, a rare and rather wonderful skill, that can not be practically learned.

There are however, many aspects of critical listening that CAN be learned. I like to get people to try a simple ear training exercise if you have critical listening skills, please try this of get someone you know to try it and see the effect it has on them: Below is a simple Ear Training Exercise: Pick a simple and relatively short piece of music.

Does the last listening sound the same as the first time you listened in this exercise? Your ear is now hearing many things you were unaware of during the first listening.

Its almost impossible to ignore the effect of critical listening. In fact, if you listen to a few songs using this method, you are likely to start to hear new things in every song. One note; after listening to a song over and over, you may stop enjoying it as music and it may become a critical listening work-piece sorry!

If you like classical music, doing this with a short string quartet piece is a wonderful ear-training exercise. This exercise has similar results with other senses. Looking at artwork or photography with a skilled art scholar or artist, can revel things about a painting or photo that, once pointed out and explained, will often change the way you see other works of art.

Brush Strokes, depth of field, use of perspective, use of color combinations or lack thereof etc. Asking someone unskilled in these matters, to compare two pieces of art or two photographs and ask which is technically more sophisticated is misguided, if you expect a insightful result.

Similarly it is wholly unrealistic to ask untrained listeners to hear and identify changes in sound quality without some training. I challenge the people doing these seemingly simple tests comparing PONO to standard audio outputs, to test trained musicians and skilled listeners, using speakers or headphones that do NOT mask quality, and I am confident the results will change dramatically. Most people do NOT have great i. It does mean that causal, i.

However this does not mean that the differences are NOT there. Again one most ask if the High Resolution Files being used are truly High Resolution and not resampled from CD quality sources or even analogue tape. The PONO player does offer the ability to easily connect to either unbalanced or balanced inputs on audio systems, where the differences may or may not be more apparent to casual listeners.

I suggest that with a minimum of listener training, good source materials, and accurate listening system headphones or loudspeakers the differences between high res audio and CD quality or compressed formats will be heard by a great many people! This is a difficult argument to test empirically, but one that is hard for people who love music and have spent time listening to High Resolution versions of music and then had to create reduced CD quality or lower bit-rate versions to write off.

I argue that in a world of compromises, hearing great performances in great sounding rooms is spectacular, and high resolution audio sounds amazingly good in higher quality listening spaces! So why not start the signal chain with great audio files?

This is an under-lying challenge for the market-place today because whats important in general to some groups of listeners, such as classical and Jazz fans, who often want accuracy and tonal balance and the ability to hear the interplay of instruments or sections, is unknown and seemingly un-important to fans of heavy metal, hip-hop, or Rap who value volume and a very bass heavy tonal-balance.

One way that these differences show up in Live Sound Reproduction is the differing levels that live system engineers run the Subwoofers loudspeakers that generate the lowest frequencies relative to the part of the system generating the low and mid frequency ranges for various types of music. One can put forward the argument that in any case or style of music, Higher Resolution files carry more of the musical information, and the final sound quality of ANY genre of music should be determined by the the artist via the mix presentednot the limitations the format the music is delivered in.

Below are comments on some of the Pono Player features, configuration and use. The player is triangular.

"I don't need that. Just give me the mask and let's do it".

The reason for the shape is to allow the use of full sized capacitors on the audio outputs and to be able to include a large enough, i. The triangular shape is a problem for some people, as its portability has been questioned. While the unit is VERY light-weight 4. As I was rattling off answers to her questions, Jack was listening somewhat but essentially was bored with the whole thing. She specifically started to ask me about how he reacted to a sedative called Versed.

She went on to explain a lot of people require it to relax them before surgery. I started to answer that he hasn't had it in a long while and that he does all of his MRI's without sedation. I continued and was then interrupted. The nurse practitioner looked at me and then to him and explained to him that it may help him relax, etc. He very politely declined and said, "I'll be relaxed. I've had surgeries before. I swear to you he was channeling my father. He sounded like him.

His mannerisms were similar and shared his fearless, pragmatic attitude. The nurse and I exchanged a knowing glance quickly. She smiled and nodded her head. I shook mine too. So, on Thursday with no sedation he will be "put under" and they will remove this wonderful piece of technology that I am so grateful for and hate so much.

The memory of this great man and the impactful life he led with dignity, courage and humor. I am personally honored by each of the runners and their friends, family and donors who are making this event a success.