Sherlock and john meet school

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sherlock and john meet school

Sherlock Holmes gets put into Sherrinford Institute, a new public school, after . John Watson starts working as a prison doctor and meets a gorgeous man, only. AU John meets Sherlock as he struggles with the most pressing mystery of mankind: high school. Sherlock is the cohesively intriguing and insufferable misfit . Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Humor - Sherlock H., John W., Sgt. S. Donavan, Anderson - Chapters: 8 It was the first week of school and already he was the school freak. Sherlock's eyes snapped up to meet his.

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The end of lunch came sooner than Sherlock would have liked. He placed his violin in its case and put his favourite coat back on which stopped just above his knees. Grabbing his bag and the case he left the practice room, completely ignoring the looks Miss Fitzpatrick's class was giving him, he gave her a small smile which she returned and then walked out with his coat flapping behind him.

Chemistry next, he liked the subject not the teacher. Not everyone can be as clever as us said Mycroft when Sherlock was complaining about her.

She didn't like how Sherlock would always correct her.

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Walking into the lab he was glad to see that he was the first one there, good, he sat down at the back, his usual place and took out his books and closed his eyes. It was a fun pass time, rhyming off the periodic table when he was bored.

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Of course rude interruption is not far away. Sherlock just stared at them until they got nervous and sat down, then he smiled to himself. Must you make people uncomfortable all of the time little brother?

sherlock and john meet school

A knock came at the door and the same boy from the practice room stepped in, nervously, not important, yet somehow intrigued You can sit down next to Sherlock there at the back. Sherlock doesn't do partners. He moved his book out of the way to make room, the boy sat down quite nervously and the class resumed. The boy turned to Sherlock and stuck out his hand, presumably to shake and whispered, "John Watson.

Nice to see you again. Your review has been posted. The following evening, at Waxflatter's loft, Holmes and Watson discover a picture of the three victims and a fourth man, Chester Cragwitch, who is the remaining victim. However, they are discovered by Professor Rathe and Mrs. Dribb, the school nurse, who plan to expel Watson and Elizabeth in the morning. That night, while Elizabeth heads to Waxflatter's loft to salvage his work, Holmes and Watson head to see Mr. Cragwitch, who explains that in his youth he and the other men had discovered an underground pyramid of Rame Tep and the ancient tools of five Egyptian princesses while building a hotel in Egypt.

Their find led to an angry uprising by the people of a nearby village which was violently put down by the British Army. The men returned safely to England. However, a local boy of Anglo-Egyptian descent named Ehtar and his sister vowed revenge against them after their parents were killed in the attack. They also vowed to replace the bodies of the five Egyptian princesses. Cragwitch is then shot by a poisoned thorn and tries to kill Holmes, but is knocked unconscious by Lestrade who reconsidered Holmes' advice after he himself was accidentally poisoned by the thorn.

sherlock and john meet school

As they return to the school, a chance remark by Watson causes Holmes to realize that Ehtar is none other than Professor Rathe, but he and Watson arrive too late to stop him and Mrs. Dribb, who is revealed to be Ehtar's sister, from abducting Elizabeth.

Using Waxflatter's latest invention, a flying machine, Holmes and Watson travel to the warehouse just in time to prevent Ehtar from sacrificing Elizabeth as the fifth and final "princess".

sherlock and john meet school

Together, they share the ups and downs of the most dreaded years of their lives. I don't know a lot about the UK education system. Sorry if there is anything incorrect!

Woodside High School is an actual school in London. I only looked it up for a name, so, again, sorry if things about the school incorrect.

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The teachers, of course, stood by with that unwavering talent to purposefully overlook the important things, which Sherlock Holmes pointed out to them frequently.

Perhaps that was part of the reason why they did nothing. No one came to Sherlock's rescue. They all just stood in the distance, their cold, hateful neutrality adding to the pain he endured day after day. Mycroft wasn't there to defend his little brother anymore, he had long graduated and was off to some University.

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Sherlock hadn't paid attention to which one he had left for, but it would be his third year at the University by now. Sherlock was only a Year Ten in high school. Greg Lestrade was sometimes near Sherlock while he was being beaten, and would come over and try to convince the bullies to stop.

They, in turn, would throw a punch or two at him. Greg would then lay low until the harassers were satisfied and, when they had left, offer Sherlock a hand with his scattered belongings.