Shadow hunters alec and magnus meet joe

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shadow hunters alec and magnus meet joe

There, he met the stubborn Shadowhunter Edmund Herondale who fell in love .. Magnus was later called upon by the Lightwoods to heal Alec, who had been . Shadowhunters is a Freeform series based on the novel series The Mortal Like the film, the show was produced by Constatin Film and McG (Joseph McGinty . as having met David Bowie which sounds as if he is part of the Downworld too. Jace, Alec, Simon, Luke, Raphael, Magnus and Meliorn are all very attractive. Alec and the gang are fighting a demon, but when Alec kills it, he is AU where the Winchesters are shadowhunters and are raised by the Harvelle When Addison comes back to the Institute to visit her estranged son, Joseph, Quick meeting between Castiel and Magnus Bane:) Tried my best to capture the characters.

This morning he got a call from Catarina, and she was coming over later for lunch.

  • And that is where Malec stand at the end of Season One!
  • The Journey Of Malec Through Season One Is A Total Roller Coaster!

Irritated he walked to the intercom and shouted. At his front door, at this very moment stood that gorgeous blue-eyed shadowhunter. This he had not expected.

shadow hunters alec and magnus meet joe

He was so shocked, he almost forgot to open his door for him. He checked his reflection in the mirror hanging next to the door and opened it, standing on his threshold, leaning against the doorpost. He hoped he pulled off the careless attitude he didn't quite feel.

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People with black hair and blue eyes had always been his soft spot and this one was no exception. He remembered that night spent in Alec's bedroom and the anxiety he felt that he might be too late to save him from the wounds a greater demon had inflicted on him. And he remembered, too, how relieved he was when Alec had opened his eyes and it was sure he was going to live. And now he showed up at his door. Limping a little, but still as beautiful as Magnus remembered him.

Alec stared at him and then at his own shoes.

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So shy, so cute, Magnus thought. But what on earth was he doing here? Goodness, he was wearing ugly clothes. The sweater was a grayish black with holes in it and frayed at the hems. The jeans were very last season. He wondered why anyone would ever choose to dress like this.

Then again, at the party the other night, Alec hadn't looked much different. Magnus felt curious, wanting to find out what brought the shadowhunter at his doorstep.

He gestured for Alec to sit down on the sofa and sat down on a tufted ottoman.

shadow hunters alec and magnus meet joe

But Alec clearly didn't see it coming and jumped at the sudden heat of the cup in his hand, spilling some of the tea.

I know you didn't have to do it. Here was a shadowhunter, a Lightwood, sitting on his sofa, thanking him for saving his life. His eyebrows shot up. Alec set his tea down. All the way to Brooklyn? Just to thank me?

The Journey Of Malec Through Season One Is A Total Roller Coaster! - Shadowhunters | Freeform

He didn't know why, but he felt this sudden compulsion to touch him. To make sure he was real and this was actually happening. Alec froze at the gesture and Magnus caught the look in his eyes, surprise and intrigue. Clearly Magnus was having some sort of effect on him. She told me you liked me. Liked me, liked me. Are we twelve now? That when he buzzed up here, you thought he was me and you were disappointed that it was him. Which in a Lightwood, is a conundrum.

I get the feeling everything you say is straightforward. But what could he do, deny it? Which was an accident. He rubbed at the knees of his jeans with his fists. But do you like me?

shadow hunters alec and magnus meet joe

He had barely recognized him. The warlock was looking at him with a sort of admixture of curiosity and affection and puzzlement. He deposited Chairman Meow on the ground, and the cat moved over to Alec, and rubbed against his leg. You want to go out with me? It makes things difficult. Or he could pretend to be sick and sneak out.

He was so lost in thought he almost banged into the front door, which Magnus was leaning against, looking at him through eyes narrowed to crescents. Magnus was long and lean but not skinny; his body was hard, his arms lightly muscled but strong; he was an inch or so taller than Alec, which hardly ever happened, and they fit together perfectly. Malec have their first formal introductions! Alec gets very flustered and keeps stuttering!

Magnus calls Alec "pretty boy" and Jace thinks he's talking to him! Alec accidentally reveals his true feelings for Jace when they summon the memory Demon.

shadow hunters alec and magnus meet joe

Magnus tries to comfort Alec! He tells him there is nothing to be ashamed of. Magnus calls Alec to invite him over for a drink. Alec is thinking it over but has to hang up when Clary runs away. Magnus likes the challenge! Magnus makes up excuses to get Alec to his apartment. Is "virgin Shadowhunter energy" even a real thing?

Jace calls Alec to ask for his help.

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Alec isn't sure if he can do it. But then Alec arrives just in time to give Magnus the strength he needs. Such a beautiful moment! And he holds Magnus when he collapses from exhaustion. The love is real! Magnus admits he lied to get Jace to call Alec. This is a HUGE surprise Our boys have cocktails together! Izzy asks Alec about his night at Magnus' apartment.

shadow hunters alec and magnus meet joe

But his lips are sealed! Magnus asks Izzy for advice on wooing her brother. And finds out that the Lightwoods want Alec to get married! Magnus sees Alec shirtless. He is frozen in admiration. As we all are! Alec opens up to Magnus about his inner struggles! Sadly, he also puts his shirt back on Magnus tells Alec to follow his heart.