Rutt and tuke meet brother bear

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rutt and tuke meet brother bear

Brother Bear is a American animated comedy-drama film produced by Walt Disney Kenai quickly discovers the wildlife can talk, meeting two brother moose, Rutt and Tuke. . Voicing the moose brothers Rutt and Tuke, Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis performed simultaneously throughout the recording process. This Pin was discovered by Jessica Omer. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. November 1, -- “Brother Bear” is not among the best Disney animated a number of other bears along the way, and also meet two moose, Rutt and Tuke.

However, instead of opening on Halloweenthe film would be released on Saturday, November 1, Following the showing of the film, Collins performed "No Way Out" before introducing Tina Turner to the stage where she performed the opening song, "Great Spirits".

The DVD release presented two versions of the film, the theatrical widescreen and an anamorphic presentation.

Also, included on the DVD is a documentary on the production of the film, an audio commentary track by Rutt and Tuke with an option for visual mode, an artwork gallery narrated by the artists, three deleted scenes, outtakes, two games called "Find Your Totem" and "Bone Puzzle", and the "Fishing Song" performed by Phil Collins.

Reception Critical reaction The film received mostly mixed reviews from film critics, praising the film's animation but criticizing its story. The site's consensus is "Brother Bear is gentle and pleasant if unremarkable Disney fare, with so-so animation and generic plotting. Writing in his review for the Chicago Sun-TimesEbert wrote the film "doesn't have the zowie factor of The Lion King or Finding Nemobut is sweet rather than exciting.

Children and their parents are likely to relate on completely different levels, the adults connecting with the transfer of souls from man to beast, while the kids are excited by the adventure stuff.

Rutt and Tuke

And family audiences are treated to a vibrantly hued movie with appealing characters. Too often, however, this film's lack of a fresh dramatic approach and not its technique makes it difficult to embrace as much as we'd like to".

The film begins at a standard widescreen aspect ratio of 1. Their relationship is very close and based upon a brotherly love, although they don't always agree. Appearances Brother Bear Rutt and Tuke are some of the first creatures Kenai meets after being turned into a bear. He attempts to tell them that he is originally a human, but they don't believe him.

rutt and tuke meet brother bear

He asks them if they know where the lights touch the earth, but they do not. They walk away shortly after Kenai gets himself caught in a snare trap. They meet up with Kenai again while trying to evade the hunter hoping that he could protect them. They join Kenai and Koda on their journey while riding atop the mammoths, but get separated again when they can't get themselves down.

If that is true, it is not a smart decision, but at least Disney went out on a high artistic note. This film has some wonderful artwork. The depiction of the northern lights, the aurora borealis, is fantastic. In addition to classic animation methods, a lot of digital animation was used in the film.

rutt and tuke meet brother bear

The incredible success of the Pixar movies is due only in part to their new look, but to a larger extent, these films are popular because of strong screenplays and good character development. These things are the key to any good film, regardless of the technology used to make it. The characters behave in a somewhat arbitrary and inconsistent manner. The story is also an uneasy blend of drama and comedy.

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The balance of the two conflicting elements doesn't quite work, and the film comes off a bit on the dark side. The film's humorous elements work well for kids, but the film's darker elements really aren't substantial enough for adults and they don't seem well suited to children, either.

The film's drawbacks are not the fault of the voice talents behind the images.

rutt and tuke meet brother bear

The actors do a fine job. The film does display an odd embrace of pagan animistic religion, but it is not done in any consistent way.

rutt and tuke meet brother bear

The story embraces the notion that animals are much the same as humans, except for their shape. There is some hunting in the film, although no animal predators are shown killing anything.