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port charles caleb and livvie meet me halfway

R42, Caleb is my favorite ME character. Olivia and Ned had a real snooze of wedding. I used to love General Hospital but I think the last time I watched was. .. when Alan I think that storyline changed course halfway thru. That being said, I can't wait for the moment Sonny craps his pants over the fact that Jason. Rachel convinces Livvie that its right and that Livvie's known it since she met him. . When Caleb informed him he was a vampire, and half way to being immortal. .. Caleb screams, "You swore you would never betray me, you lied" and he. Comprehensive daily recaps for entire series run of Port Charles. taking over as The Avatar, Chris's NEXT meeting with The Avatar will probably be fatal. Livvie runs through the woods, crying hysterically and asks: "God -what have I done? DOREE: "What it was that made me like you in the first place.' . It was Caleb.

Just so I could come back to you - there were certain choices I had to make. And I know that life on earth is a lot shorter than life in eternity.

But I just needed to see you. I wanted to see you so badly so - I am sorry - I made a deal! I made a deal. And I did it because I love you.

I love you - so much. I love you so much - OK? Listen to me, Rafe - Listen! I know what you did! I know what you did for me. You fell in love with me again. You saved us both! I sold my soul to be with you. But I don't think it ends with the bargain that you made.

Rafe - I got a sign! I got a sign that said that IF you fell in love with me again, then your soul would be spared. And you did it! You really did it. Against all the odds. You didn't have your memory. And against everything that Livvie did, you still did it - because your love brought us back together again. Caleb tells Michael it must be hard knowing he will never have Eve, that the only way he will ever have her is to become like him.

Michael tells him that knowing Eve sees the good in him is enough. Livvie tells Jack that Caleb will come back for her. Jack says that Caleb realized she still loved him and it drove him away. He tells Livvie that what she experienced with Caleb was all a fantasy.

Jack convinces Livvie that what she thinks and feels when Caleb is not around and his voice is not in her head, is what is real. He knows that she loves him. Jack admits he lied to Livvie when he said he didn't love her. He was trying to protect her. Livvie takes her wedding ring off and they kiss. Jack says that their love can help them against Caleb. Magically, they are transported to a different location where they make love and talk more about their love and facing Caleb's return.

Ian and the priest talk about Michael.

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Ian comments about how differently Michael approaches things. Would the priest speak to him? His name is Michael Morley. The priest remembers meeting him not so long ago. He was not a priest, but he was anxious to become one right away. He thought that Michael was a troubled man. Ian's face shows that he is trying to make sense of this news.

Kevin, Lucy and Rafe are searching a castle for answers about Caleb. Kevin pushes something and the shelves swing away from the wall. Kevin opens a door to a hidden alcove. They find a book with the Morley family tree. They see Caleb's name, but not Michael's. How could that be if they are twins? It finally dawns on Kevin. Michael and Caleb are the same person. Caleb and Michael are arguing when Eve walks back in and overhears the yelling. She walks into the room where they are arguing only to have Michael yell at her to leave immediately, Caleb is there.

Worried and frightened, she looks around and asks, "Where is he? How could you miss me? Lucy assumes that her cousin will be accompanying them back to Port Charles, but Rafe has some mysterious things that need attending to.

Before they part, he gives Lucy a gift, a crossbow and tells her that she must use her powers to know when and how to use it to destroy Caleb. She has an emotional goodbye with the only family she has, and looks back as she leaves. They establish that no one has crossed over, but that Caleb is not destroyed. Jack reminds them all that Caleb will come looking for him and Livvie. Jack thinks they are being too optimistic and of course he is right.

Suddenly Livvie doubles over, howling in pain. Looks like Jamal is going to need to make another trip to the blood bank.

port charles caleb and livvie meet me halfway

She tries to escape but a grinning Caleb grabs the terrified woman and reminds her that her baby is his. Eve and Caleb struggle and she begs for her life and that of her baby. Caleb assures her he will do nothing to harm the baby, HIS baby, his son. He starts choking Eve and she screams for Michael. Michael momentarily re-emerges and releases his grip. He tells her to go, get out and hurry but before she can get out the doors, they slam shut and Caleb is once again in control.

He tells her Michael is gone and not ever coming back. A shivering Eve watches in horror as Caleb and Michael fall into a violent quarrel. Ian arrives at the burning monastery and smashes MiCaleb on the head. Eve screams for her friend. A fire starts and Ian tries to drag Eve out of the chapel.

Ian finally gets her out. No one ever gets away! That baby is MINE! Kevin and Lucy tell all that Caleb and Michael are one and the same.

As Frank, Alison and Jamal listen to the story unfold, Livvie and Jack say that they know Caleb is still alive because Livvie feels sick.

Eve and Ian tell how they left Caleb in a fire at the monastery. Eve volunteers to be a decoy so that they can get Caleb. Ian tells his wife that she would be in too much danger.

Eve says that Caleb wants their son. She knows Michael has feelings for her and won't let Caleb hurt her. Lucy tells Ian that it will be okay. She wants Eve to attract Caleb and she will do the rest. With a straight face, Lucy tells them that she's a vampire slayer. Chris tries to find out about Livvie's symptoms. He wants to lock up Livvie and Jack so that he can observe them.

They are finally convinced but want to be together. Chris wants them separated. He promises there will be all the security hat is humanly possible.

Alison and Jamal smirk at the word "humanly. Lucy reminds him that until recently he didn't believe in vampires. Livvie and Jack thank Alison and Jamal for being such great friends.

When they are alone, Livvie tells Jack that she is still hooked on Caleb. She feels like she's addicted. Livvie is brought to a room where she and Jack say their loving goodbyes. Eve convinces Ian that she will be safer if she wears the necklace that Michael gave her. If the Michael personality comes out, he would never hurt her. Lucy says that she doesn't know how to use the weapon that Rafe gave her, but she's sure she'll come through for Eve and everyone else.

Eve, Ian, Lucy, Kevin and Karen are in a labor room. Lucy is dressed as a nurse. Livvie and Jack are in their own separate rooms, talking out loud about being optimistic about their future together. Alison and Jamal are in the on-call room. Suddenly, the lights dim, and wind is blowing. We see the people in the labor room, Alison and Jamal in the on-call room, Jack in his room, and finally Livvie in her room.

She says "He's here. Instead of going along with the plan, Gabby spilled her guts to Caleb and told him all about the trap the others where trying to set for him. He told her that everyone would soon be sorry.

Caleb then began to terrorize the hospital. First he appeared in the room where Livvie and Jack where. He arrogantly taunted them and then told them that no one stands in the way of his destiny, and they where all about to have the longest night of their lives. After the group see that Caleb has not come for Eve's baby or Livvie, Allison tells them Caleb is coming for all of them.

Lucy tells them Gabby is lying. They know she knows where he is, but Gabby tells them that it's pointless, they can't defeat Caleb. Jamal leaves her with the message that she may have killed them all. Caleb shows up in Livvie's room and finds her in Jack's arms. Jack vows to defend Livvie. Livvie finds herself still drawn to Caleb, and scared of his presence.

Caleb reappeared behind Chris. Fully engrossed in his research, Chris blew off Caleb's first comments, thinking he was another doctor. He was terrified when he realized who it really was. Caleb asked him why he was trying so hard to reverse all of his work. He told Chris that instead of doing all of that research, he could get his information first hand. He then bared his fangs and bit him. Caleb continued his journey stopping next to see Eve.

Ian tells Caleb that he will kill him. Ian quickly came at him but Caleb throws Ian against the wall, rendering him unconscious. Rushing to his side, Eve asked Caleb what he was going to do. Caleb knelt down beside her and touched her stomach. He then asked Eve why she was wearing a hospital gown. She told him that she thought she was in labor, but it was a false alarm. As Caleb spoke, Eve was able to look him straight in the eye and began calling for Michael. He told her that Michael was gone, and backed away from her, but she continued to call out seeing that Caleb was struggling to stay in control.

Once he had the upper hand over Michael, he quickly disappeared. Kevin, Lucy, Ian and Eve decide to get everyone together in one place. Lucy tells Kevin she has something to do first. Caleb then cornered Jamal and Alison in the stairwell. He continued his callus taunts and threw Jamal down a flight of stair when he came at him. Lucy came through the door of the stairwell and confidently ordered Caleb to let Alison go. He released Alison from his hold.

Lucy tells Jamal and Allison to leave and Lucy tells him it's the two of them. Then Caleb remarks "its just her" and disappears. Lucy triumphantly told him that what had happened and she was sure that she could defeat him. She tells Kevin that she knows his weakness, his ego and his arrogance. She then brought her silver bow out from behind her back.

Jack tells Livvie she has to trust in their love in order to get over her fascination with Caleb. Jack says they have their whole lifetime to enjoy. Chris enters the room dazed and confused and tells Livvie and Jack that Caleb bit him! Chris collapses and as the others enter, Kevin tells Livvie to get him an orderly, and Livvie has disappeared. Livvie is on the roof with Caleb and begs him to let her go. Livvie begged Caleb not to harm anyone else, but Caleb told her that just wasn''t possible.

Caleb tells Livvie that she betrayed him and everyone is going to pay for the betrayal, especially her. We go to the room Lucy, Kevin, Jake and Chris are in and Kevin is on the phone calling security trying to find Livvie. Jack runs out of the room to find Livvie. Security calls Kevin up in a matter of minutes and they found Livvie on the roof, but before they could go the door shuts closed and is jammed.

Eve determines to try to reach Caleb and try to bring Michael out. A fire suddenly starts on the bed Chris is laying on and they work frantically to release him. A furious Lucy determines that Caleb will NOT win and she demands the door open immediately and it flies open!

Caleb accuses her of lying to him every second. Livvie tells him she was confused and didn't mean to hurt him. Livvie tries to explain to Caleb that she still does care about him but Caleb says she lied to him the entire time they were together.

He gave her everything and all she can say is that she cares for him? Livvie can't explain, she thought she loved him and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

Caleb wonders where he went wrong, and tries to make her remember them being together. She begins to remember and then remembers her love for Jack and the pain Caleb inflicted upon Jack. He promises to drain the life out of everyone she loves. She bargains with Caleb with her life, that she will go with him and be the family he wants if he lets everyone else go. Caleb doesn't want her this way, sacrificing her life for her family. He wants her to want him with a hungry that burns, they way he wants her.

He wants her heart and soul, to love him like he loves her. Jack bursts in and tells Caleb that Livvie doesn't want him, nobody could ever love a monster like Caleb. Livvie tells Jack to leave as Caleb holds Livvie. Jack refuses and tells Caleb to let her go but Caleb refuses telling Jack that she is his wife. Jack tells him that Livvie chose him over Caleb and is pathetic that he has to hold on to a woman this way, against her will.

Their love is strong enough for them to survive. Caleb yells that he is in her blood and that Livvie gave herself willingly and continues to taunt Jack of their honeymoon night.

This enrages Livvie and she breaks free of Caleb's hold. This gives Jack the opportunity to go after Caleb. He grabs him telling him to shut up about everything and throws Caleb over the hospital roof.

Livvie Locke (Kelly Monaco)

As Livvie and Jack try to leave the door to the roof opens and Caleb enters telling them no one leaves. Caleb pushes Jack away telling him he can't be killed. Livvie begs to Caleb not to hurt Jack anymore. She will go with him but Jack refuses to let her go.

Caleb yells that Livvie will do what he wants her to do. He should have killed Jack from the start. Jack tells Caleb nothing will stop their love. Caleb grabs Jack by the throat and starts choking him.

Livvie begs one more time for Jacks life. Eve bursts in yelling, "No, Michael will not let you hurt anyone ever again. Kevin tells Caleb it's all over but Caleb informs him the fun is just beginning.

Livvie is begging Caleb to stop killing Jack as Kevin holds her back telling her that Eve must get through to Michael. Livvie is calling for Caleb to let Jack go, she promises to be his. Ian is behind Lucy, who is aiming at Caleb with her vampire slayer equipment.

Eve pleads with Michael to remember when they met.

port charles caleb and livvie meet me halfway

Michael starts to come out. She keeps repeating that she believes in Michael, that his heart is pure. Caleb trying to fight Michael releases Jack and falls to the ground. Michael looks to Eve and tells her he would do anything for her. Gaby runs in calling for Caleb. All of a sudden Gabby runs out calling for Caleb.

Ian tells Lucy to shoot as he runs to pull Gabby out of the way. Lucy shoots and hits Ian. Lucy runs to Ian. Eve finally gets Michael to listen, but Gabby calls to Caleb and his presence is stronger and lets go of Jack to grab Eve. Livvie begs Caleb to let everyone go. Eve again pleads for Michael and in a confusion of internal voices Caleb lets go and Michael emerges. Michael begs Eve to help him. Gaby continues to yell for Caleb. Jamal grabs Gaby and she passes out, due to a shot of some sedative that Alison stole from downstairs.

Eve moves in closer to help Michael only to be grabbed by Caleb. He tells her that Michael is gone and he tries to claim Livvie and Eve's baby. Livvie bargains with Caleb to take her and let the other go, but Caleb doesn't want her that way. He wants her love, unconditionally. Eve yells for Michael to come back and help, remember the love that is there for him. Caleb is confused and lets Eve go. The voices in his head begin to take over, Michael, Eve, Livvie, Kevin himself are all bombarding his mind.

Michael comes out and calls to Eve. Ian tells Lucy that Michael is out and she has to get another shot, he grabs the arrow and throws it to Lucy, but before she gets off another shot. Michael asks God to help him, to end it, to give him peace.

Lucy gets ready to take another shot as Michael begs for god to help him. He asks for peace and an ending to his torment. With arms stretched out there is a strike of lightening that hits Caleb and he turned into ashes.

Port Charles, Tales of the Shitty

As they all look on in amazement, the couples embrace and reassure each other. They go to each other and comfort one another only to look back to where Caleb was standing to see a pile of dust blow away in the wind.

Caleb is gone, or is he? Jamal and Alison check on Jack and Livvie. Jack thanks them for being there for him. Jamal goes to check on Gabby. Kevin thanks Jack for taking care of Livvie. Lucy suggests they leave Jack and Livvie alone. Kevin and Lucy go off to the chapel. Jack and Livvie kiss and start making plans for their future.

Jack and Livvie are still up on the roof. Jack suggests they join everyone in the chapel. Livvie asks for a moment alone up there. Everyone, including Gabby and her brother, gathers in the chapel. Father asks that Caleb Morley find peace and gives a prayer thanking God for the gift of love.

Back in the chapel, Father continues his prayer. Father finishes and Lucy walks over to Ian to apologize for shooting him and to thank him. It will never be over for us. Jack told her not to worry because nothing or no one would ever come between them. Livvie threw the ring Caleb gave her from the top of the hospital roof.

Jamal and Alison and Jack and Livvie went to have a breakfast feast. Jamal asked Livvie how she is doing through all of this. Jack and Alison went to take the cappuccino machine to the shop but Alison said that a big strong man like Jack shouldn't have any trouble carrying it to the shop. Jack had flashbacks about just how strong he was when he was a vampire.

port charles caleb and livvie meet me halfway

Jack told Alison that he isn't that strong anymore but he was scared that he would become a vampire once again. Alison tried to reassure him that that won't happen. Jamal told Livvie that Jack loved her deeply and that nothing or no one would come between them. Livvie planned a romantic evening with Jack and, while turning down the bed, found the ring that she had thrown from the roof of the hospital on the pillow.

When she tried to show him the ring, it was gone. As Livvie and Jack made love, an angry wind whipped up. Jack swore he would always take care of Livvie but she was still affected by Caleb. He told them about her seeing Caleb's ring appear on her pillow after she had thrown it away. They tried to reassure Jack that she had been through a lot, and that it would just take some time.

As they where talking, Kibble came into the shop looking for Jamal. He was exited about the possibility of vampires in Port Charles, and wanted to know more. Jamal told Kibble that he was busy working but Kibble pursued his quest. Jack then jumped in and told Kibble to leave them alone.

Kibble asked Jack if he was the head bat. Jack was staring to get very upset by Kibble's questions and asked Kibble if he saw any fangs, then picked up a mirror and admired his reflection, and then left the shop in a huff. Kibble continued to talk with Jamal and Alison, asking Jamal about Jack, and if he had succeeded in "icing" the head vampire. They told him that Jack had been bitten, along with several others in town, but now that Caleb was dead they had all returned to normal just as he said they would.

Kibble then warned them that vampires don't just up and die. They always leave behind a "residue" of their being. He explained to them that this "residue" could not kill anyone, but instead attacked people mentally by planting things into peoples mind. After Kibble had left the shop, Alison told Jamal that she was still very worried. The things that Jack had told them about he and Livvie, and the unrest that they both felt made her believe that Kibble was right about Caleb's spirit still being present among them.

Jamal insisted that Caleb was gone and their ordeal was over. Lucy had dreamt that Livvie was pregnant with Caleb's child. Kevin was paged to the hospital, but as he left he asked her not to share her dream with Livvie. She stood in the dining room alone and sensed that someone else was in the room. She turned around to find Livvie standing there. She had come in through the den and heard all of her and Kevin's conversation. She too was disturbed, and told Lucy that it was really a possibility.

Jack walked in as they where talking and overhear Livvie say that she may be pregnant. Jack was stunned at first, but then realized that it may not be his baby. They both panicked and Lucy tried to assure them that they where all just jumping to conclusions and to be sure Lucy would by Livvie a pregnancy test.

Jack hugged Livvie and told her that they would face anything that happens together.

Port Charles, Tales of the Shitty

Later, however, Jack admits how sickened he is by the thought of her in bed with Caleb. He finally confesses that he doesn't blame her and reassures Livvie that he loves her more than ever in spite of everything that has transpired. The two agree to move on with their relationship. They then pay a visit to Eve and her baby at the hospital.

As she stares in awe at the tiny infant, Livvie is frightened when she hears Caleb's voice inside her head reminding her that this should have been their baby.

Jack runs into Ian outside the hospital room racing after Livvie. Livvie tells the voice in her head to stop. Jack asks Livvie who she is talking to.

She tells him herself. She says the pounding in her head makes her remember everything. Jack offers to take Livvie away for a while. Livvie agrees to go. Jack leaves to make arrangements after which Livvie has an episode.

Livvie is in the catacombs yelling out to Caleb. She wants him to show himself. Livvie tells Caleb she will never love him of her own free will. She wants to know where the voice is coming from if he won't show himself. Looking around she sees a music box. She opens it and Caleb's ring is inside. She tells herself she's not imagining things.

From the box, music, a beam of light and a gusting wind escape. Jack finishes up packing and lifts the suitcase only to find his superhuman powers have returned.

Livvie yells for Caleb. She heard strange music coming from a jewelry box and she opened it unleashing some kind of power. Livvie could still hear Caleb's voice and slammed the lid shut on the box. Jack discovered the strength he thought was gone was back. He was frightened that he was a becoming a vampire again. Jack told Alison that he thought he still might be a vampire.

He also told her that Livvie was still feeling the effects of Caleb and could not get him out of her head. Alison tried to help Jack pick up the spilled clothes from the suitcase. Alison said that Jamal and Jack and Livvie and herself all need to take a trip together but Jack nixed the idea telling her that Livvie can't get Caleb from her head and that they needed this time together.

He also told Alison that if Caleb were still alive he'd kill him all over again for what he had done to Livvie. Jack couldn't reach Livvie on her cell phone. Jack worried about Livvie and told Alison that Caleb wouldn't quit tormenting Livvie.

As Livvie ran from the cave she ran into a mysterious stranger who told her that there is an evil man in the area that attacks women. She asked him if this guy had fangs. Livvie told herself that she needed to get a grip on reality. Livvie saw a snake but didn't believe it was real. The snake bit Livvie. Alison found the box hidden in some rocks and was nearly bitten by the snake which Jack killed and took back with them without retrieving the box. Livvie made it to the hospital and was delirious, babbling about Caleb.

Lucy called Jack and he and Alison rushed to the hospital. Strangely, The snake was from Australia and Chris worked on an antidote from the venom. Jack tried to comfort Livvie, begging her to stay with him.

port charles caleb and livvie meet me halfway

Livvie went into respiratory arrest and Chris fought to save her. Eve told Lucy that Caleb was back and out to get all of them. Livvie dreamed of the box opening and, as the anti-venom was ready to be administered, screamed but regained consciousness.

Jack told Livvie there was no music box but she insisted. As soon as Livvie was alone, she left her room. Lucy was convinced there is something evil around them. Livvie went to see Daniel and was transfixed by the mobile but the infant was not in his crib.

Jack tries to convince Livvie that her visions of Caleb are all in her mind. A trembling Livvie begs Kevin to help her regain her sanity. Lucy finds Jack boarding up the entrance to the catacombs. He vows to make sure Livvie never has any thoughts of Caleb again. After the two leave, a strong wind sends the boards falling to the ground, opening the entrance to the cave again. Jack tells her they will get their lives back. It will take time. As she hugs Jack, trying to feel "safe" she stares at the candles that seem to be mysteriously "blown" out.

Jack tells Livvie to relax. He takes her in his arms and tries to convince her they will be fine. Livvie looks at the candles that have been lit again by some strange way and eases out of Jacks embrace. Kevin saves Rachel, but she is sent to a mental institution. She begins dating him, but Chris schemes to break them up.

He frames Jack for stealing money and forges a tape of him admitting he was only using Livvie. This prompts Livvie to break up with Jack, and turn to Chris. Chris steals Livvie's diary to start making her dreams comes true. Livvie pushed away Kevin and Lucy and became wild. Lucy found out what Chris was doing and planted the diary in Chris' apartment. Livvie found it and broke up with him.

Livvie then got back together with Jack. When Alison stops Jamal from doing a dangerous race, Zach, a foe of Jamal's, holds Livvie hostage to force Jack to do the race. Jack ends up flying over a cliff and dies in Livvie's arms. Livvie now has it out for Zach, and Lucy and Kevin suspect foul play. Livvie meets Zach in an alley and tries to stab him, but then Zach tries to rape her.

Then, a mysterious man stops him. Caleb, a vampire, begins to romance her, but then Jack comes back to life. Jack, however, is now wild and and violent. Livvie, meanwhile, years for Caleb due to Caleb's mental trickery. Caleb seduces Livvie and convinces her to marry him. Caleb orders Livvie to kill Jack, but she breaks the hold he has over her and doesn't do it. Caleb later takes Livvie to the roof of the hospital, where she agrees to go with him if he doesn't hurt her family.

Caleb's alternate personality, Michael, then causes a lightning bolt to strike Caleb and turn him to ash. Caleb's spirit, however, remains, and he manipulates Livvie through her dreams. This causes Livvie to bring him back to life.