Mom and dad meet sam heughan

Interview: Chrissie Heughan on Unabridged, Outlander and its star – her son, Sam Heughan | The List

mom and dad meet sam heughan

The actor joked about expecting a child on his Twitter account. Unabridged, a new exhibition from visual artists Chrissie Heughan and Sheila by Chrissie's son, Sam Heughan, star of the hit Starz series, Outlander. [It's from] two artists who met as students at Edinburgh College of Art in. What happens when the only son of a typical Nigerian family meets the girl of his dreams and she happens to be an English rose? All hell breaks loose.

As well as being a studio holder based at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop sinceI am also member of Fife Dunfermline Print Workshop where Sheila is based and was chairperson of the organisation for many years. It is purely an artist-run workshop. Did you always intend to show your work at this gallery? Yes, we did intend to show at this gallery due to the situation — i. How did you come to work in visual arts? As long as I can remember, I have drawn, sewed and created, though [I was] not encouraged to pursue my ideas professionally.

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We both studied Fine Art Drawing and Printmaking. Your son is Sam, star of Outlander. Have you felt the 'Outlander effect' resonate with your work, with support from Sam's fans?

mom and dad meet sam heughan

He has a massive fan base around the world now, and inevitably they have gotten hold of my website and my other arts advertising media. I have seen photos taken at a private view last year in Banchory posted on a site in the USA. My website has had over a hits this week alone so I guess they do support. The cast and crew on hand recommended we hold onto the cuteness of the baby scene we witnessed on set, because there is a whole lot that isn't cute in season four of Outlander.

PTSD, here we come.

  • Quay Gallery exhibition features images of the Forth Bridge from Chrissie and Sheila Carnduff
  • Sheila Carnduff and Chrissie Heughan: Unabridged

But the beginning of the season certainly does have its warm fuzzies. Season four of Outlander picks up four months after Jamie and Claire arrive in America inheading for Jamie's Aunt Jocasta's Maria Doyle Kennedy house, which turns out to be an expansive plantation. A major theme in season four is the idea of home, as Claire and Jamie eventually settle on "Fraser's Ridge" in North Carolina and put down roots.


And this is them finding a place for them to start completely afresh. The dialogue is richly layered and feels more grounded now, as they are older. But don't you worry, there are still some steamy scenes.

Is Outlander star Sam Heughan about to become a father?

Even in the first episode. So please know, this baby talk is cute and fun and all.

mom and dad meet sam heughan

But really, this is a cautionary tale. Watch Outlander at your own risk!

mom and dad meet sam heughan