Meet the artists and artisans milford ct map

New Milford Gallery 25 and Creative Arts Studio:

meet the artists and artisans milford ct map

The 45th Annual Meet the Artists & Artisans will be held in. Website of Denise Morris Curt and homepage of Meet The Artists And Artisans. CT Limner painting Billboard on I, exit 32N Denise Morris Curt with her favorite author Shakespeare. Denise morris Inside Milford, Illuminating Talent. Event will be on July 15th from pm and maps will be available at each EPIC Holiday MEET UP.

Her program is designed demystify the printmaking process of monotype, to free painters from artistic blocks, and to encourage exploration of the printing process.

meet the artists and artisans milford ct map

The May 3 program is free, and seating is on a first come basis. Villaschi and it will explore his process of how he hand turns local woods into beautiful and functional pieces of art. Silverstri will both be conducting various types of wood carving demonstrations using multiple tools and different types of wood throughout the afternoon.

Light refreshments will be served and the event is free and open to the public. Seating is on a first come basis. Alain is an award winning artist, instructor, author and speaker. His acclaimed pastel and oil paintings have been exhibited throughout the US, Europe, China and the UK and has been featured in many publications.

Working from the live model, Alain J Picard will demonstrate a painterly approach to the portrait in pastel.

Annual Meet the Artists & Artisans at Olde Mistick Village

This demonstration will include an explanation of pastel portrait techniques for creating an accurate likeness, establishing clear values, evaluating color relationships and selecting skin tones, developing a painterly style, and harnessing the power of strong design.

Alain will also discuss the importance of lighting and posing the model.

meet the artists and artisans milford ct map

This program will be offered on Thursday, March 15 from 7 - 9 pm. It is a FREE program, and seating is on a first come basis. The sale is a fundraiser for Loaves and Fishes, our local soup kitchen. This event was great fun and a chance for many to try their painting and design skills on potters.

All of the bowls came out great!! Bowls will be offered for sale and filled at the Empty Bowl Dinner fundraiser at St. John's Church on March 24 at 4: Tickets will be available in advance. Photos include special guests and others who joined us.

New Milford Gallery 25 and Creative Arts Studio: Special Events

The CT Clay Artists have joined the gallery artists for a special exhibition this month and many will be in the gallery on Saturday.

The gallery will open at noon. Please join us from 5: Programs and Events are being planned. Among the programs forwe expect to participate in the New Milford Art Walk on August 12, Plans are underway now. A website is being set up through which artists may register to participate. Bryn will share his journey which lead to the creation of these magnificent works of art. We are very honored to bring these works to the New Milford community art audience.

The Art Talk is free, but seating is limited, on a first come basis. Light refreshments will be offered following the event. For more information visit: What's interesting aside from the age-old architecture, is that each stone is inscribed with the names of contributors from way back in colonial days. It seems they built the bridge one stone at a time and allowed each contributor to imbed his or her name into posterity.

meet the artists and artisans milford ct map

We found it fascinating to touch a stone that was carved so many hundreds of years ago and to imagine the lives of those immortalized in this rock. The main street in town is a wide avenue with a central green and gazebo.

There is clearly a resurgence going on here and homes have been restored to their full glory.

meet the artists and artisans milford ct map

When we first started coming, there were a few seedy bars and diners that seem to be gone now, replaced with vibrant new storefronts, a dozen or more restaurants, and artistic ventures. Enjoy summer concerts on the classic New England green.

Milford Fine Arts Council organizes several events throughout the year including three plays each year, a jazz concert series, an arts and crafts fair, and Meet the Artists and Artisans on the third weekend in May and the last weekend in September. Of course, the Oyster Festival reigns supreme in mid-August, being it's thirtieth consecutive year of operation.

It includes an arts and crafts fair, canoe and kayak races, a classic car show, and live entertainment. There are numerous restaurants to choose from ranging from casual and light fare to the most indulging. Moreover, fishermen sell their shellfish and fish catch direct to boaters from Milford Landing Marina.

Provisioning is also relatively straightforward. Just across from the village green is a delightful looking breakfast place, but we've waited to get in due to the long lines at the door.