Meet joan and jane

meet joan and jane

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Teenager Joan of Arc will meet her tragic fate at the hands of politicians and religious men who occupy seats of power in the medieval patriarchy.

Jane Siegel

It's a story that the stage has told countless times, most recently on Broadway this past spring in a revival of Bernard Shaw's Saint Joan. But the fact that we know the end doesn't detract one iota from Anderson's thoughtful, thought-provoking, and timely play, now running at the Public Theater.

meet joan and jane

Led by Glenn Close in a stellar performance as Joan of Arc's mother, Isabelle, Mother of the Maid now resonates more profoundly than it did at its world premiere three years ago in the Berkshires.

The familiar facts of Joan's life provide the play's framework, but here we see them through Isabelle's eyes. The year is aroundand the late-afternoon sun is peeking into the humble, dimly lit abode of the Arcs. Isabelle has seen Joan Grace Van Patten spending time alone on the hillside and suspects that her daughter has boys on her mind.

meet joan and jane

But no — Joan claims she's been seeing visions and talking with Saint Catherine, who, Joan says, wants her to lead the French army to victory against the marauding English. Isabelle, a devout Catholic, has no problem believing the part about the visions, but a girl going to war? In her view, a woman has two respectable options: Joan's father, Jacques Dermot Crowleyis so against his daughter enlisting in the army that he's willing to use force to hold her back, but Joan won't be restrained.

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John Lee Beatty has devised an impressive rotating set that transforms the scene from the dingy digs of the Arcs to the opulent royal court where Joan and her brother Pierre Andrew Hovelson are treated like celebrities. Isabelle walks miles to see her daughter and is greeted by an aristocratic lady Kate Jennings Grantwho treats Isabelle to a foot bath as they compare parenting styles of the rich and poor. Once rehired, she began an affair with Roger which ultimately led to their marriage.

Don responded that he did not know her at all and that the issue was personal, shutting down her advances. The next day she bought shirts from Menken's, thinking that he could use some additional shirts in his rotation. After Don talks to Roger about mostly feeling relieved about being separated from his wife, Roger tells his wife, Mona Sterling that he was moving forward with his life and leaving her for Jane.

When Mona stormed out, Jane broke into tears and Roger quickly came to comfort her. Pointing to Jane, Don said to Roger, "I want her off my desk.

meet joan and jane

One day she told him that their souls are the same age, moments later Roger proposed to her, which she accepted.

At a country club party hosted by Roger to help Jane gain favor with "his" crowd, Jane becomes wildly drunk, and inadvertently expresses her frustration at not being accepted.

Roger corrects her, after which she asks, "Does Mona know? When Roger sees Jane, he tells her that she's screwing things up, she is upset because she believes that Roger won't take her side.