Meet and cheese appetizer

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meet and cheese appetizer

Meat and cheese boards are my go-to for super chill, no stress summer entertaining. You can load them up with all your favorite cheese, cured. Party platter/antipasti with cheese, meat and fruit Food Platters, Cheese Platters, . The Ultimate Mediterranean Appetizer's a feast for the eyes and. 5. Dec 13, Explore's board "Meat and cheese tray" on Pinterest. Meat Platter, Food Platters, Deli Tray, Sandwich Platter, Gourmet Appetizers.

Treat the cheeseboard like a centrepiece.

meet and cheese appetizer

Use platters that are both ornate and practical. Food grade wood boards are great; if you have them, marble slabs are the best flat, rimless and aesthetically pleasing, they're also easy surfaces for cutting cheese on. The look of wedge-cut cheeses is more authentic and requiring guests to cut cheese to their taste adds an interactive element.

Only resort to pre-cut tasting pieces like cubes out of necessity.

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Always use separate cheese knives for each cheese. This ensures the distinctive notes of each cheese are kept pure. Regarding meat, there is very little risk of intermingling flavours so a simple fork is fine. Surrounding the board with appropriate accompaniments adds interest and contrasting yet complementary flavours.


They also serve as palate cleansers in between cheese samplings and simply enhance all flavours. Meats are robust in flavour and their pleasantness is heightened by cured olives. The gaeta and cerignola species are marvelous. Also, accompanied meat with fresh fruit, like figs and melon, is divine. Aged Jack and smoked Gouda Chardonnay clean, crisp fruit flavors: Brie Sauvignon Blanc citrus notes: The bold yet smooth and richly flavored taste of Layer Cake Wines paired perfectly with these cheeses.

It is the French term that is used for cold cooked meats collectively. Also, stores that sell cold cooked meats are called Charcuterie. When picking meats for a charcuterie board, I always go with the equal number of cheeses I used. In other words, if I use 3 types of cheeses I pick 3 types of meats.

Below are a few of my favorite charcuterie meats list: Made of beef or pork and mostly air dried Prosciutto: Italian Dry Cured Ham Sopressata: Italian Dry Salami Mortadella: Italian Sausage Last but not least, I usually include bite sized beef, turkey or pork jerky.

meet and cheese appetizer

That is where crackers and bread come into play. Thankfully, even in our small town, our grocery stores offer a variety of crackers and breadsticks to choose from. I am big fan of gourmet crackers that has sweet and nutty notes to them, but feel free to choose whatever you prefer. In terms of bread, I love a loaf of crusty French baguette because it offers the perfect portion size after it is sliced.

Below are a few of my go-to accompaniments: To balance all the salty and umami flavors provided by cheese and meats, I use sweet condiments like fig or other seasonal preserves, local honey with the comband fresh fruit in season.

Additionally, sweet additions allow me to make it seasonal. As you can see in these cheese platter images, I went grapes, kumquats, pears, and fig preserves as I was going for more of a fall theme. A handful of nuts are good for adding crunch and making the meat and cheese tray look full and abundant.

Easy Appetizer Ideas: 10 Tips To Build The Ultimate Cheese And Charcuterie Tray

I love pistachios and Macadamia nuts, but you can use any nuts you like. Though they are savory, I think the tartness coming from olives and pickles are always welcome on a charcuterie and cheese board. I usually go for a mixture of black and green olives and cornichonbut feel free to serve whatever olives and pickles you like. If you have time, feel free to make a few dips to add color and variety to your spread.

The best part about creating a Meat and Cheese platter with perfect wine pairings is sharing it with your friends, family, neighbors, etc. How To Arrange a Meat and Cheese Platter Before I let you go, I wanted spend a few minutes and talk about the aesthetics of putting together a few cheese and charcuterie board.

While there are endless possibilities, below are a few things I learned over the years of creating my own cheese trays: What to serve your cheese and meat on? I usually use a wooden cutting board, rustic wood cheese plate, wooden lazy susan, or a pre-cut marble to set it all up.

Making an Epic Charcuterie and Cheese Board | Skinnytaste

If you are serving to a large crowd and those options are too small, you can also get a piece of wood cut to your liking at your closest hardware store and use it as your backdrop. In the past, when I used pre-cut wood I covered it with parchment paper before I placed the cheese and meat on top. Since the whole board was covered with all the goodies the parchment paper was not visible.

Alternatively, you can use food-safe finish to paint the board. What is the best portion per serving?

meet and cheese appetizer

My rule of thumb when it comes to cheese and charcuterie tray is 2 ounces of meat and 2 ounces of cheese per person. Since it is usually served as an appetizer and other accompaniments like fruit, nuts, bread, crackers, etc. How far in advance it is best to set up the cheese and meat platter?

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The answer to this question depends on the weather if you are serving it outside or the temperature of the room you are serving it in. However, if you are serving it in room temperature or not-so hot outdoor temps, I recommend setting it up minutes before your guests arrive. Alternatively, if your fridge has enough space to accommodate a big cheese board, you can arrange the meat and cheese and cover it tightly with stretch film a few hours before serving.

meet and cheese appetizer

This way, right before you are ready to serve you can add all the other goodies onto your board. What is the best way to serve cheese?