Maria hanna priscillas where fun and fantasy meet

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maria hanna priscillas where fun and fantasy meet

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She rereads the altered adventures after correcting the sentences. In this, two naive children, Scot and Dot, place themselves in harm's way. An intelligent chicken named Chicken Jane spells out an obvious solution to the problem.

maria hanna priscillas where fun and fantasy meet

At the last moment, the children get out of the way and Chicken Jane gets hurt instead. The theme song is a parody of the old Alka Seltzer jingle. When the skit starts, Scot, Dot, and Chicken Jane come skipping down a dirt road to the jingle that goes "Look, look, see, see, coming down the lane.

maria hanna priscillas where fun and fantasy meet

Here comes Scot, here comes Dot, here comes Chicken Jane! There goes Scot, there goes Dot, there goes Chicken Jane! Chicken Jane once fell out of one of the books and ended up in several other books which are Colonial America, Sleeping Beauty, and a cookbook written by Molly Stewpot a reference to Martha Stewart. The very demanding chef Molly sees Chicken Jane, and wants to use her in one of her recipes, while ignoring what Chicken Jane is saying.

The book is then swatted at in an attempt for Chicken Jane to Come to life while jelly is spilled onto Molly in a defeat, and Leona succeeds in getting Chicken Jane back in her book. The Adventures of Cliff Hanger — A cartoon lantern-jawed outdoorsman usually featured hanging off the side of a cliffholding onto a branch. Each episode presents Cliff with a preposterous situation of some kind, which he attempts to use to his advantage by reaching into his backpackpulling out what he calls his "trusty survival manual", and following the instructions provided there.

maria hanna priscillas where fun and fantasy meet

The instructions, though often highly unorthodox, usually prove successful, and Cliff briefly escapes from the cliff. But, inevitably, another highly unlikely incident occurs that leaves Cliff back where he started, hanging onto his branch once again. The cartoon then ends with Cliff's baleful catchphrase: Coyote and Road Runnerthese cartoon clips follow along the same storyline; although Cliff never gives up on trying to get off the cliff, he never succeeds.

Each segment begins and usually ends with a theme song sung by a formally dressed group of singers that flies by in a helicoptersinging "Cliff Hanger, hanging from a cliff!

And that's why he's called Cliff Hanger! In one episode, he apparently succeeds at drawing their attention, and they rescue him, but it turns out he is simply dreaming. He once got off the cliff when he jumped on a whale's blowhole and washed up on a beach in "The Last Cliff Hanger" and Lionel is upset about the last book, but he got tired and, through a series of bizarre events thanks to the writer, Livingston Dangerouslygot himself back onto it.

In another episode, Lionel's friend Lenny, a lizardintroduces a similarly styled series of books called Justin Time, about a stereotypical explorer named Justin Time who relaxes in a hammock until an absurd scenario like those of Cliff Hanger occurs, forcing him to intervene to restore the calm, boasting, "Couldn't be more comfortable.

And that is why he is called Justin Time! Only one Justin Time segment was ever shown as it only appeared in one episode. In the series, the character Lionel is a fan of Cliff Hanger books, which his sister Leona thinks are pointless.

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Gawain's Word — A Wayne's World spoof featuring two jousting knights charging at each other, each touting a speech balloon with half of a word which then became their respective names, then demonstrating the word.

For example, one skit featured "Sir Sh" dressed in silver armor and "Sir Ark". When Sir sh bumped into Sir ark, their speech balloons melded together to form the word " shark. Tiger Words — A pun of golfer Tiger Woods. Tiger is always seen participating in a spelling competition modeled off a golf tournamentwhere he will misspell a word. While the crowd and announcer are surprised and dismayed at his error, Tiger corrects his mistake by using another tool in his pencil bag using an eraser to fix mistakes in pencil, or paint to fix mistakes in pen, for example.

Tiger correctly spells the word and wins the championship. Sam Spud — A spoof of the Sam Spade detective stories, this segment portrays a par-boiled potato who types out the voice-over narration typical of film noir on a late night, making and correcting typographical errors that demonstrate word sounds. This segment makes heavy use of sight gags based on wordplay such as the narrator referring to the entrance of a "tomato"—s slang for an attractive woman—who is revealed to be a real tomato wearing a costume; or a neon sign that blinks the words "Flicker Flicker" or "On" and "Off".

In most cases, the segments would end with a live-action African-American boy or girl watching Sam Spud on television and calling out to his or her mother that "there's a talking potato with a hat on and no mouth!

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On one occasion, it ends with the mother telling it is not nice to say "dumb", after a girl was describing a pickle with a zipper. The Re-People — This cartoon is aimed at teaching kids their prefixes. The main character is "young" Monica Maxwella girl about 8 years old who seems to have an inordinate amount of trouble with a group of rambunctious rhinos.

The segment always begins with the rhinos running amok, usually in Monica's house. The clever, resourceful girl somehow manages to subdue or round up the rhinos, for example, putting them in a zippered bag. All of a sudden, the evil Un-People come along and "un-zip" the bag, causing the rhinos to run free again and resume their rampage of destruction.

But when the crime-fighting Re-People appear, they "re-zip" the bag and the destruction of the charging rhinos stops.

This segment may be considered a parody of common superhero -themed cartoons such as the Justice League. Silent E — A sly criminal, Silent E, has the ability to make the vowel sounds say their names and changes the words without a silent e into words with a silent e, for example: In each segment, Silent E is carted off to jail by a policeman. I would love to get a closer look! I don't see any harm in that! Either way, after that, the policeman shouts, "Well, Silent E, you may have slipped out of my grasp this time, but mark my words: I'll get you YET!!!!

The Lone Rearranger Rewrites Again — A spoof of The Lone Rangerthis animated segment features an intelligent, banana nose cowboy named The Lone Rerranger, or Lone for shortwith his horse Hiho, and his sidekick whose name is Russell-Upsome Grub, and a sentence which needs to be rearranged. For example, "Horses must ride cowboys into the corral" needs to be rearranged to say "Cowboys must ride horses into the corral".

After Lone fixes the sentence with his whip, he, Hiho, and Russell leave and the people who did what the original sign said for them to do never get a chance to thank him or Russell, or something loosely related to the subject. Afterwards, the segment would end with Lone on top of Hiho yelling, "Hi-yo, Hiho!

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The first is Captain Starbuck, the second Captain Ahab. Starbuck looks through a telescope and sees a white animal and yells, "Wait, Cap'n! Moby, the great white duck! That not be Moby, the great white duck! The two admit defeat before continuing their search.

A running gag is the fact that they never look behind them, which is exactly where Moby is. It is similar to Gawain's Word and Blend Mart but with a football setting. Opposite Bunny — A superhero bunny who saves the day by turning bad things happening in the neighborhood back into good things.

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The segment ends with the neighbors reviewing the opposites. How does that bunny do it!

maria hanna priscillas where fun and fantasy meet

Yet the hiccupping syncopation and funny, vital nihilism of his monologues remind me more of Beckett. His political polemics descend from Shaw and Brecht, but his scatterbrain lacks their logic: The way his talkers are carried off on a runaway train of thought has a giddy Preston Sturges air.

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Alas, the air gets thinner. After the Homebody part, the play famously goes to hell for three more hoursthat is, to Kabul. In place of the vanished, irresistible matron teasingly spinning her narrative dance of the seven veils, we meet her blunt, punkish, repulsively braying daughter Priscilla Ceiling Kristin Flanders and blubbering techno-nerd businessman husband Milton Ceiling Laurence Ballard.

To soar past the Ceilings who kept her down, the Homebody has flown to Afghanistan for a new life. Possibly a new death: A gruff Afghan doctor Shanga Parker tells the Ceilings their homebody has been torn limb from limb.

They encounter the land-mined grave of Cain, the biblical alleged founder of Afghanistan, and smuggle a polyglot librarian Jacqueline Antaramian past the border.

maria hanna priscillas where fun and fantasy meet

Despite intermittently inspired scenes and lovely lines performed by first-rate actors especially Ballardno character or event intelligibly connects with any other.